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H E E R N 💎 I K  A clumsy brown girl trying to entertain y'all 😛 Spread love Snapchat: heer5414 Musical.ly star #HeerArmy Backup account: @heernaikk ✨ YouTube👇🏻

Happy Independence Day India 🇮🇳.
The love for my country is endless 💕.

Here’s my first ever self written monologue ♥️.
The full video is available on YouTube.
I hope you guys like it, if you genuinely like my work please tag your friend.

Best revenge is living a good life ❤️.

ગુજ્જુ (Gujju) Girl ❤️
What state are you from? Comment below 👀

Bit first... selfieeee 🤳🏼

Self confidence is the best outfit,
Rock it & own it 💕.

To all the “friends” who left when they got what they wanted,
To all the “friends” who left when they found someone who can give them “more,”
You all taught me a real good lesson,
I am a better & a stronger person now,
Hope you are happy in your life as well 🙏🏻.

Faithful & fearless 💪🏻.

We seem to forget the hundred good,
In front of one bad,
Ignore the hate & focus the love 💕.
~Heer Naik

Girl like me 😛
#Transformation #TikTok 🤧

The girl your parents will love 👸🏻.

I’m on a seafood diet,
I see food and I eat it 😋.
PC: @shreya.nepali 😏
Makeup: @fatima_beezy dii ❤️.

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