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Kate  NEW USER @godlybellas this is my backup now

[ #violetrct ]
β—‡ Nikki Bella β—‡
I'm actually really proud of this edit aha
Comment who I should do next

Like goal 35

Ac xvoidwwe
CC meeee

β—‡ John cenaaaa β—‡
This song suits him πŸ˜‚

Ac: deadaudio
Like goal 40
β—‡ #dangerouswomensquad β—‡

β—‡ My bby has the best bella buster β—‡
Lets get this to 35 likes
Ac @wwe.edits.__
ib @bankingsasha
Dt @bankingsasha

Collab w/ @redkser and @toothlessmark
Me Paige
@redkser Becky
@toothlessmark mella
We all did so good omll

Collab with @bankingsasha
Hope ya guys like it, my parts so bad 😫

This looked better on my computer it sucks sorry 😭
Also today's my birthday!! β—‡
Dt: @toothlessmark & @bankingsasha cause they both love Nikki
Ac: I don't remember sorryyyy

[ #violetrct ]
[ #celestialrct ]

Let's Be Honest Everybody wants to be a bella
Okay this is like the only edit of mine that's good πŸ˜…
Ac: kute.audios
Cc: YouTube
Like goal 30

This was just playing around with effects and stuff at 1 am πŸ˜…
Get this to 20 likes!!

Collab with the amazing @bankingsasha !!!😍😍
I love how this turned outtt omlll go follow her!!!

This was my collab part for our collab so yah :)

[ #violetrct ]
The bella twins!!

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