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🎩🐾Hedgehogs Wearing Hats🐾🎩  Reporting on the latest trends in hedgehogs hats. Tag us in your pics for a feature! Don’t forget to visit our store πŸ‘‡ We ship Worldwide 🌎 πŸ“¦

Hat: Wizard hat
Model: Pigwidgeon
Is it Halloween yet? Our dear friend @pigthehedgie can’t wait to go trick-or-treating! And neither can’t we!

Go to www.TheHedgie.Store πŸ›’πŸ¦”

Hat: Ribbon
Model: Pricklepants
This girl knows how to rock an elaborate ribbon. Don’t be shy when it comes to accesories! Follow our friend @pricklepantsx πŸ‘‰ Visit www.TheHedgie.Store πŸ‘ˆ

Hat: Vintage 1920s hat
Model: Punxa
This lovely girl is looking for Mr. Right! Any candidates? Follow our girl @punxahedgie πŸ¦”πŸ›’ www.TheHedgie.Store (link in bio)

Hat: Handmade beanie
Model: Kiwi
We love how bulky and round this hat looks! Follow our friend @kiwielhedgehog ⚑️ Visit our Store (link in bio) ⚑️

Hat: Apple hat
Model: Togejiro
This hedgehog looks delicious! Make sure to follow our pal @mocootti for more cuteness. ⚑️ Visit our store (link in bio) ⚑️

Hat: Cone hat
Model: Piggy
There’s no reason you can’t rock a pink cone on a tuesday! Follow our girl @piggy.the.hedgie

Check out www.TheHedgie.Store ⭐️

Hat: Versailles hat
Model: Cuppy
We love this over the top look! This girl is so stylish. Follow @treepaigelife for more cuteness πŸ‘‰ Go to www.thehedgie.store (link in bio)

Hat: Sombrero
Model: Pip
Happy Independence Day! For all our Mexican friends, we know today is a day to celebrate, eat delicious food and party! Easy on the tequila! Follow @pip.thehedgehog


Hat: Trapper hat
Model: Hedgy
Stay warm this fall! 🍁 Follow our friend @theadventuresofhedy ⚑️Check out or online store (link in bio) ⚑️

Hat: Crocheted hat
Model: Hamish
Brr feeling a bit chilly today! Follow our friend @hamishthehedgie

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Hat: Panamanian sombrero
Model: Kipper
This curious hoglet decided hats work better as a snack. Follow this little hedgie @kipperthehedgehog ✨Don’t forget to visit our store (link bio)✨

Hat: Birthday Cone
Model: Finn
Finding the right hat for a perfect birthday party is essential! This hedgie takes his styling duties very seriously. Follow our friend @quilly.quinnstagram ✨www.TheHedgie.Store✨

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