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Liv Jorunn 

March 8 - CONGRATULATIONS ALL AMAZING WOMEN OUT THERE 💕. We have come far, but not far enough. Want to say that I am highly disappointed in Australia. Australia is so far the only country in the "western world" (dislike that expression. Anyways) where inequality has gotten bigger and the difference in salary and rights for males and females has gotten bigger. Even the US is better and has improved heaps. So embarrassing. I hope the government in Australia one day will consist of a group of people who is not predominantly white, middle-class, middle-aged males. But rather a group of people who gives everyone the same opportunities and fights to generate a change where equality exists. I am going to celebrate this fantastic day by eduction and lots of coffee. #empowerment #womensday #australia #shameonyouaustralia #femalepower

Bella got fixed and pimped by @get.ya.fix she looks amazing and rides smoothly- so stoked 😁 #getyafix #perth

Took a photo of this beautiful Mosque on my way home from church this evening ✌🏼. Wish we lived in a world where all religious and non-religious people respected each other, showed love to each other and were less focused on who is "right" and who is "wrong". #icandream #perth

Perth is sometimes trendy. Had a little work session in this pop-up office today ✌🏼💕#140perth

Liam cuddles old mates at Uni ✌🏼🐠🐟

🎈Work party 🎈

☀️☀️Therapy - Reading research and writing poems at the beach while I eat my "niste" (Norwegian word for home-made lunch). Norwegians very rarely eat lunch out, but always bring their bread with them. Norwegians 💕

These feet are back at Curtin University. They are excited to nail this year and they are extremely happy with their Supervisor🎈He is an amazing researcher specialized in culture psychology. I feel honored and excited to work with a man that intelligent...

☕️🍫Eating chocolate and watching Norwegian tv = fav afternoons ☕️🍫 #perth

💍Setting up for Liam and Natalie💍

☝🏼he is my 💕


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