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NicholasVilla(musicmaker)  "L'appel du Vide"



Portland. Miss this guy. Tbt. @csshumakerart pic by @waynelikesbeer I believe ..


Slum Village. Phones broken y'all hmu on here I guess.. pic by @ann_knee

I wrote this song a while ago when we first found out my mother had cancer. I remember the words being so scattered and different from when I first penned it, unknowingly before it had become terminal. I remember never wanting to scrap the song because it held much meaning to me and I wanted a song for my mom on the record. So I recorded one version of it in Mesa that didn't really come out the way we planned but I wasn't gonna give up on it. In Arkansas where this picture was taken outside the vocal booth in the hall is it where it all came together where I was being recorded without knowing. After it was all finished dressed with trumpets and all it became one my favorite songs cause it was driven by the inspiration of my mother and her drive to live a few more years. She told me it was her favorite and I told her it was written for her.. she didn't even really know she just liked the song. Anyways today is really hard and I miss you a lot everyday.

Happy Birthday Mom
I miss and love you very much.

Bringing it back. New music soon keep your ears peeled...


Pic by @slu_da

Playing @thelostleaf with @zcb 8-10 outside in the "beer garden"! Happy first Friday y'all! Be safe and love one another. Afterwards inside @mizltronic and @djents will be rocking the turntables.. Bye

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