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Kaiti Fink  >>> --- I'm going to chase the sky forever. -----> NOLA-BAY AREA-THE ROAD


So I'm leaving town for the month of August, and I think one of the things I'm going to miss most is my morning routine of training my passionflower and moonflower vines on the trellis outside my bedroom door. It's maybe the most meditative/silent/genuinely content part of my day, finding tendrils to guide and wrap around metal. They are both just about to start reaching over the top, and I can't wait to see what this looks like when it all finally fills in and is in bloom 😍🌿✨

Filling drawers with talismans of growth, transformation, rebirth, and letting go of what no longer serves you. Thank you serpents for being the most powerful, silent, representative beings of life and death, you mean everything to me πŸ™πŸβœ¨

Staining shelves on a Saturday night 🍻🍻🍻

Two years ago my life changed forever. The house next door, also owned by my landlords, collapsed into mine and it spiraled into a whole web of bullshit. I'd JUST committed (all of my savings) to following my self employment dream, and due to the six brothers and sisters wanting to just be done with everything it forced my hand into committing to something I wasn't planning on just to protect that dream and the space me and my friends had cultivated, by becoming a homeowner. Man is it the biggest headache I have ever inflicted onto myself, getting super negative surprises daily (very much today included) that all land on me while I am just trying to keep my head above water, failing mostly, but I know the sacrifices now ensure a more stable tomorrow for me and mines..... so....... cheers to feeling like I am the house next door but knowing deep down I'm actually those vines I'm still failing to pull down. 🌿✨

I love the time of year when the vines really start taking off (in the oasis, not everywhere else so much ha), the end of summer is when I start hiding out back there the most. This year I trained the vines to fill the floor too and I am really happy about how it's turning out. It's always such a challenge to remember how much everything back here changes throughout the year, but when it starts getting back to "purposeful jungle" level I get a bit more relaxed and satisfied about everything 🌿✨

Pretty into today 😍

Tomorrow's project aesthetic is golden πŸ•°βœ¨ #spoileralert #SpaceCadaver #clockhoarder

I only took one picture yesterday but at least it was of two of my favorite most beautiful ladies!

Unpopular vegetarian opinion::: I don't really like eggplant. In fact I didn't even mean to grow one this year, it was misplaced in the jalapeΓ±o section and i didn't notice like an idiot with too many plants in her hands. Anyways, there's way too many of them (easily over 20 currently) on my one measly plant all trying to come in at once and because i forget to pretend to care about it they've weighed all the limbs down and so they're growing in looking so damn weird... does anyone care? I'll try and get it back in shape if there's anyone out there who wants to eat them or cook them for me and prove me an idiot... but so far, meh. /// I also do this really cool thing where I plant like literally at least thirty plants at once and most are always something new to me so I kinda fail a lot but also surprise myself sometimes... if anyone ever wants to come over and be like hey, I'll prune stuff with you and tell you which Shit you should water more or less or trim here or whatever I will pay you in veggies herbs beer admiration or whatever... ((THIS MESSAGE SHARED FROM MY FACEBOOK BECAUSE MY WHOLE LIFE IS MOVING MY STUDIO AND BEING AN OVERWHELMED AMATEUR GARDENER SO WHATEVER...))

Good morning, have some art entitled "Why is Reeder Punching Himself?" πŸ˜‚ BYB. Jacksonville, Fl. May 2011. #finksfilmflashbacks #zbbc

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