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qinyi  all we ever do is say goodbye

jac was accurate when she told everyone i was dreaming about this book launch even before the book started taking shape @thefingersmithletterpress @eldes @epigrambooks #meesiammaihum

sweet as whole.

can you believe we made this book?! well i can't either. mee siam party on the 14th of july, 7.30pm, to celebrate our courage and to see jac and i for the last time before we get OITNB-ed. holler if you wanna come.

K for a Kanasai week. every day wanto Kri. but also K for oK and Koolio @Karylan who always saves the day with Kek
tgif guys. hope u're having the friday of ur dreams

24/6: rabak typography for the most rabak experience in my life. too many people to thank for walking this journey with me so i guess i'm just gonna thank God for all the blessings he's given to me on top of a broken ankle. one does not fully understand the grace and mercy of our Father until one breaks a leg. i would tell u more but that would ruin the surprise. u gotta experience it for urself (-: also like, dude the things u can escape by pointing to ur ankle and giving a sad face. reminds me of a cool song i learnt from a musical some time back: if u wanna shake leg then u hafta break leg 🎶 #deep #wise #breakaleg #onehourcaption

church camp be like: qinyi u gotta stop being so abstract w camp posters

new book i made with @muhdnoh_illustration under the Asia's Lost Legends series is out. his illustrations are so dramatic and compelling i supa luv them hehe

also, i gave a slice of mille crepe to our intern and she was like "aww i feel so blessed, thank you Jesus!!!" that's exactly what i'm feeling this morning. thank you so much Jesus, and my one in a million fbl @amosthj ☺️

"i will be very careful the next time i fall in love, she told herself. also, she had made a promise to herself that she intended on keeping. she was never going to go out with another writer: no matter how charming, sensitive, inventive or fun they could be. they weren't worth it in the long run. they were emotionally too expensive and the upkeep was too complicated. they were like having a vacuum cleaner around that broke all the time and only Einstein could fix it. she wanted her next lover to be a broom." —sombrero fallout, richard brautigan
three years from the time i read this quote and made this poster is a terrible sunday night: a result of yet another complicated vacuum cleaner. i really, really, really just want a broom
(copy credits: abccopywriting.com)
#yousuck #typographyinspired #copywriting #iamacopywriter

3 of us
2nd print run
1...... 0000$??? 😂
the second print run of Grandma and the Things That Stay the Same is out! written by eve aw, illustrated by yunroo, and—if i may be so presumptuous to add—designed/handwritten by yours truly (lol die also wanto squeeze myself inside with eve and roo though they did all the hard work). i'll be selling books with Epigram Books at the AFCC at NLB tomorrow, 9am–6pm. come say hi and buy some books :D

my swimming instructor, museum buddy, cake-sharer, and fellow drawing enthusiast has recently also become my therapist (haha). oh dory, what would i do without you ♡

up, and up, and up
#coldplay #typographyinspired

a most delightful chiffon cake for a most delightful human (-:
shoutout to @karylan from @51fiveonedegrees for being a constant in times of joy, sadness, heat, last-min-no-present-panic, and periods <3

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