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i give all the credit to @jyamatcha for perfecting this book cover, beginning from our first illustrated draft. jiayi, you have spoilt me 🙆🏻

back at winter conference, hong kong, where i'll be hanging out with six cool kids, learning about God and getting our hands dirty making cool stuff. all the craft activities i prepped this year are type-related, so hopefully by the end of the conference i'd have made six very cool typographers for Jesus hehe. miss you so much, @eunyoungskim, i'll see you next year, perhaps? :D

for several years i've had to deal with your demise alone, and when i ate cake on your birthday it was mostly for myself. i found it hard to imagine that anything would change. you were, after all, dead as a log, and i was, and still am, trying to move on
so when i bumped into her late last year it didn't feel like real life. she was funny and eloquent and so much like you: always full of praises for people, and so good at making conversation. i never liked the idea of replacements, and so i never knew i longed for one until i met her. it was like God knew i was miserable, and that i needed so much a second chance to right my wrongs, to be the kind of friend i never was to you
on your birthday this year as i sit by the window at teakha with this osmanthus black sugar chiffon cake, i'm filled with hope for a better ending: one that does not end with intense pain and regret, and one i will learn to treasure for as long as i am allowed to
"this time, we'll be more careful. this time we will learn from our mistakes."

in the past year, i had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented, patient and hardworking illustrators to produce these picture books for @epigrambooks. every part of producing a picture book is my favourite part. i can't choose. i love being surprised by initial sketches. i love the moment when i'm just sitting in front of my mac waiting for the zip file to unzip, eager to see the tight sketches in full color. i love seeing the color proofs on my desk, and i absolutely love holding the printed book in my hands. above all, i love the celebratory meals i have with my illustrators, whom i'm now SO PROUD to call my friends
i know these are hardly my books (seriously, these people are so talented they could do whatever they want without me), but i guess what i'm tryna say is, making a book is seriously, extremely rewarding. i'll be making several books this year: indonesian, indian, tibet, vietnamese and cambodian folklores (one of them has a yeti inside I'M SO EXCITED), so if you're a local illustrator who's always wanted to make something but never got round to doing it, and if you can produce good work within reasonable deadlines, please write to me at qinyi@epigram.com.sg with your portfolio this week/early next week. students are welcome too
this is an abrupt ending but I'M SO EXCITED
please tag ur cool illustrator frens thx u!!!

1/3: some of you might not know this, but some time in june i broke my ankle parasailing in penang. it was bad. like foot turned the other way, had to undergo surgery, cannot leave the bed for daysss kinda bad. on the way to the hospital i texted @shernario and she replied most assuredly: i'll take care of you.

2/3: little did she know the sh*t she got herself in, that is: a horrible patient—too little time to exercise, too much time to whine—who screams every time she exerts a bit more force, an absolutely blunt friend, and an ankle that's stiff as hell. fun fact: every time she says lunges i only think of lunches
despite all our differences, shern believed in me and gave me the opportunity to work on the @workliftbalance identity; she respected and valued my work, and always spoke kindly of whatever i presented to her. and though she says at times "if you can send me this tonight i'll love you very much," to which i reply "wlao ur love so conditional one," i know she genuinely loves and cares for me, a lot.

3/3: and so yesterday when i had to describe my relationship with shern to a new friend, i found saying she's 'my physio' and a 'friend' seriously lacking. shern and i go waaay back, and though so many things change—her ever-changing interests, the digits on our weighing scales, and our love for AK-47—our friendship has only blossomed and grown stronger with each tribulation God put in our lives to have us walk through together with Him. and though we no longer address each other as Best Friend like we did when we were 13, you know you occupy a huge space in my heart, and i know that if any part of me is in pieces, you will try to fix me.

so i put my life motto on a tote this week and hid it amongst 600 other gifts prepared for guests at church this sunday #advent #coffee #alldayerrday #typographyinspired

me: i'm very sad you're selling all your books ): edmund: i'm also very sad ))):
the boss is selling ALL his books in his personal library to raise funds for Epigram Books and LocalBooks.sg (and to feed his poor designer THAT IS ME). there are thousands of titles in practically all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children's books, cookbooks, art, photography, architecture, design, reference, religion, and poetry (there's even an 1855 edition of walt whitman's Leaves of Grass)
friends, you're welcome to join us on the 18th of nov (this friday!), 7pm, for a preview night where you can get dibs on rare editions including letterpress Shakespearean tragedies, the five-volume Modernist Cuisine, leather bound classics, a Lady Chatterley's Lover wrapped in embroidered cloth, and more
i'll be updating my insta stories over the next few days to show y'all a bit of what we have in store for you. so get ready your cash, credit card or cheque books—and help save SingLit this friday (:


my biggest baby of the year is finally in labor #9monthspreggers #yaaaaaas

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