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Identity for comedy nights happening at @ourgoldenage soon.

A jar of spirits.

Ghost Gum

True loveliness from photographer Petros Koublis. I recommend seeking out his articles on landscape and beauty in The Huffington Post - which I am slowly making my way though. Between this and some Weird Wave directors like Yorgos Lanthimos, I feel like there are some very interesting voices exploring nature and being that are coming out of Greece at the moment. A lot of it feels connected to the work of Andrei Tarkovsky too โ€” soft, rustic, philosophical, melancholic, but with the Greeks adding in a bit of absurdism and doubling down on the darkness.

Highly recommend visiting @bluemountainsculturalcentre for the @kaldorpublicart Landmarks exhibition โ€” a collection of new and late 20th century work that has helped push the boundaries of landscape art. Deeply into this 1983 Richard Long piece 'A Moved line in Japan', which maps the artists journey across a 35 mile stretch of the Japanese coastline. Long moved and replaced a sequence of objects found on his walk including seaweed, charcoal, a pine cone, and a dog skeleton.

Behaving, an album by Keaton Henson, came out in 2015 and continues to be widely under appreciated. It sounds a little like something Erik Satie would have made if he had been given a copy of Kid A. A favourite. Take a listen to Henson's previous "bedroom classical" album Romantic Works too, for something completely different but also exquisite.

๐Ÿœ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒž Endless golden summer II

A favourite from Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Museum. This sculpture is one of over 100 created in the fifteen years leading up to Purifoy's death, made and installed on his Joshua Tree estate from salvaged materials. The word inspiration gets thrown around a lot, but as an act of passion, endurance, and generosity (not to mention how beautiful these things are) it's hard to top this. Personally, I strongly identify with Purifoy's process โ€” for him it was all about starting with an object and letting that guide the outcome, developing meaning through the act of doing. I hope to visit this special place some day.

Desert Dreams & High Seas. Summer continues at @ourgoldenage this week.

In putting together the next edition of @inwildair (which is excellent, thanks @peacheyandmosig) I was reminded of acoustic mirrors. These large concrete structures were used between the wars with microphones to create a primitive form of radar. Many still stand across the coast of England, such as the one in this photo fenced off on a hill somewhere. I would never divorce an invention like this from its historical context, which is key to understanding not only why something looks a certain way, but what it actually means. At the same time I can't help but be fascinated by it in its present context, as an object of power and poetry in the landscape, inviting the creation of new meaning that doesn't replace the original but coexists with it.

Isamu Noguchi, Cloud Mountain. (1982 โ€” 1983)

Otegami-Sama (God of hands), a handmade folk god figure for artists made from glass and wooden Japanese dolls by @jintahas