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Heath Fernance  I'm a full time Dad in Perth. I love my kids, coffee, books and sunshine.


We made the most of a break in the rain today and went exploring at the river.

The flying trapeze! This was incredible! My knees were shaking and my heart was exploding out of my chest, but it was so exhilarating!!!

We balanced across the creek, climbed over logs and squelched through a lot of mud as we searched for fairies at the secret garden.

We took our magnifying glass to the beach today and Nina made so many cool discoveries in the sand and seaweed. She made a shell necklace that will turn her into a mermaid if she wears it in the water and, of course, there was plenty of running away from the waves, which is always seriously fun.

Throwback Thursday! A street somewhere in Vienna 😊

Today we made spin art rock monsters to hide in our local park for other kids to find (they're not finished). Nina wanted to keep spin painting, so...

I set up this little painting invitation for Nina today and boy was it a smash hit! Along with being something a bit different to paint on, there are little flowers in the lacework which were extra fun to paint (I had a go too).

Nicholas had his first train ride today (at Nina's request) and boy did he LOVE it!!!

I'd never seen the dunes at Lancelin before so I took myself out for an adventure today! It was heaps of fun! Yes, I sat on my sand board, but only because I'm unco and would have likely broken all of my limbs had I attempted standing. You can't really tell from these pics, but the dunes are massive!

It was cold and rainy today, so I took Nina to see the Bell Tower at Elizabeth Quay. We stopped to look at the love locks and she told me that she plans to fall in love with a little boy in her class at school - so adorable!

We found an ice skating rink set up nearby, so she had her first ever ice skate! We finished up with gelato!

I love days like this!

This is a cat in a box. Nina took me to a cat cafe for my birthday today, which was delightful. While I sat with this big fluff ball, she chased the other cats around in circles for an hour. There was also cake!

I was walking home at midnight and found that the Dohány Street Synagogue (the largest in Europe) was open. I went in to check out the history and the splendor and I wasn't disappointed!

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