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Heath Fernance  I'm a full time Dad in Perth. I love my kids, coffee, books and sunshine.

The things we do to make our kids happy! As you can imagine, Nina LOVED doing this today.

I cleaned a bunch of hair out of Nina's brushes this morning, so we took it on our flower hunt bush walk and left it for the birds to put in their nests.

Nina was playing "Robots visit the North Wilds" this morning. They met the wild cats, the colour jump birds and a penguin family. Everyone ate blue "fish" together and had a party. I LOVE this girl's imagination!!!

Learning to walk has been a big challenge for Nicholas, so I'm beyond thrilled to report that he made it all the way around our local lake today! We stopped a lot to talk to and chase the ducks and I had to strip him off for the car ride home because he had completely covered himself with duck poo, but it was so worth the mess! 😊😊😊

I sometimes hide Nick’s favourite book - “Ha Ha Giraffe” - because after 50 million re-reads I just can’t take it anymore. Anyway, his favourite animal is (no surprises) the giraffe so today I decided to take him to the zoo to see one in real life.
I set up this simple hand print giraffe project for Nina to do while I got the boy ready to go this morning and then we headed off to the zoo. Nicky LOVED seeing the giraffes! He thinks they say “ha ha” so he was pointing and calling “ha ha” to them over and over. Too cute!

I spent my weekend with my wonderful friends in Melbourne. I got to relax with an excellent book and consumed oh so much coffee! Thanks again friends!

I wanted to do one of those awesome food dye and shaving foam prints with Nina, but she wouldn't have any of it. She wanted to paint it her way and not make any prints, so here we are - a beautiful original work of art by Nina!

Nina's cupcakes turned out so well! She's pretending to own a cupcake shop right now and is charging me three pleases per cake 😊

Introducing... Midnight and Marmalade! This week's #smockson theme is ANIMALS, so we (and by 'we' I really mean Nina) chose to make Nina's favourite animal in the whole world! CATS!!! These were super quick and easy to make and now we have two new toys to play with! Whoop whoop!!!

I made a tiny batch of spaghetti worms for sensory play this morning and they went EVERYWHERE!!! There were worms in their hair and down their tops, worms wrapped around fingers, arms and legs, and worms ALL over the floor - it was a blast!!! Both kids were super into this one 😁

This mini bush walk did us the world of good this morning. We're all still sick, but staying inside on such a glorious sunny day felt like a crime. Turns out that fresh air and sunshine were just what we needed!

We made avocado boats and gum nut owls and pussycats to accompany one of our favourite books - The Owl and the Pussycat!
Nina wanted to make more than just one pea green boat like they have in the story, so we also have ray of sunshine yellow, bong tree purple and ballerina pink.
These boats were inspired by Shannon from @ohcreativeday (who we love!) and are basically the easiest things ever! We stuck our watercolour sail to a piece of spaghetti and then used a little ball of play-doh to hold it upright.
We sailed these guys at a little local lake this afternoon. Total success!

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