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Heather Waxman  Amazon best-selling author. Word artist. Singer-songwriter. It's all heart art. Download "This Time" from my album #SacredDisruptor out 5/7 👇🏼


You placed a socket in my heart
and plugged yours right on in.
And now I can't forget about it.
With you, I always win.
I win.
You've won.
We'll never, ever loose.
We never have to think it twice.
We never have to choose.

My heart used to roam in circles,
a search always going nowhere.
My soul held out patiently
for a love that could be shared.
An interplay of soul and mind,
blended with laughter
and poetry rhyme.
Now, that fantasy is gone.
Because now, you are here.
My heart is home.
My soul can hear.
My soul can breathe
a deep sigh of relief.
It has the space to go so deep
in every way its ever longed to.
It has the freedom to openly express
in every way its ever longed to.

My love,
when our energies collide,
a collision of healing and bliss arise,
and we're taken on
a time-stands-still kind of ride.

My love,
I'm most excited
to watch you shine.
To watch you soar.
To watch you laugh.
To watch you roar.
To hold you while you cry.
To be with you in celebration
To be with you in suffering.
To be with you in elation.
The spectrum, the spectrum,
I hope you can see,
is where we will find the healing ecstasy.

I love you,
I love you,
I love you.
I see you,
I see you,
I see you.

"A woman has to learn the fundamental truth that she is she and she has her own design, her own consent, her own self, her own life, her own projection, and her own beauty.” - Yogi Bhajan
Thank you @eyeofhorusmpls for a beautiful auric experience today.

Y O U , M E , H O M E
Maybe I'm secure.
Maybe I'm not.
Maybe I'm obscure;
or just think obscurely a lot.
Me, you.
You, me.
It makes my heartbeat dizzy.
They say, "Hold out for the right one."
It's you, and I'll hold.
To savor.
To favor.
To love.
I won't fold.
I will open
and open
and open w i d e.
I will brace myself
for our sacredly disruptive ride.
A passion and intensity
I've never known before.
A real, sustainable ecstasy
I've never known before.
Don't let me down.
You couldn't if you tried.
And so my heartbeat remains dizzy
while joyful tears fill my eyes.
I whisper, "I feel at home,
and you're the reason why."

The sign is within me,
dire and serene
Fire and water.
Deep love and deep fear.
The unknown is unknown,
and always will be.
But one thing is certain:
you'll always have me.
Heart on the line,
raw and exposed,
the impending question is
"What do we do?"
And we both know it's true:
We need not do, but be.
To revel in what we've created.
In pure ecstasy.
To savor the moment,
blessed and true.
To pull the reins on impulse.
To hold loose + close what's new.
Electric peace.
Electric peace.
When chaos will surround us,
peace will feed our souls.

The sun - it rises in my heart
Beckoning, beckoning
It's time for a fresh start.
A new beginning.
Instigated by mystically-orchestrated
planets in the sky,
I just accept what I feel.
I don't ask why.
I say, "YES!" to what's clear
and a careful "NO" to what's not.
Maybe shelf it for next month,
just wait it out.
Hold out for the "right" one.
Hold out, hold out.
Impulsivity is not always
a call for adventure.
More often than not,
a full-on disaster.
So, wait dear one.
Hold it loose in your heart.
Be excited for the impending;
a true new start.
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Intentions aren't as always
as pure as they seem.
Boundary unbroken
is the one who has spoken.
My heart.
It rumbles
over and over and over again.
A clear sign to back off,
to reflect and realign.
To resist the need to act.
To persist with making life art.
And embracing the art of life.
Both and.
The divine ache,
It never lies.
The divine ache,
it never lies.

Stop preaching to me
and "teaching" to me
things you aren't ready
to dig your heels into.
Your subconscious lies
can only stay subconscious
for so long.
Unearth them. For you.
Reveal them. For you.
You know exactly
what to do.
Your heart is art.
Heart art.
And sometimes,
what's on your heart
is really fucking dark.
Don't suppress her.
She's not bad.
Don't repress her.
She's not wrong.
She's like every other part of you.
She belongs.
She needs to be expressed.
That's it.
So, let her.
Let her scream and cry
and roar and wail
or she'll cave in on you
in addictive ways;
without fail.
This week, I have been living and breathing THIS. Dark heart art. Letting her come out in the form of a fever, crying, screaming, napping, dreaming, writing. The great chaotic contraction before the massive creative expansion (the release of Sacred Disruptor!)
Something that frustrates me about our world is our lack of sacred relationship to the darkness. Dark is not bad. We all have dark parts. Dark, shadowy parts that need to be honored and expressed. And they don't need to be shamed or hidden. We have dark, sneaky parts of us that subtly sabotage ourselves every day. And it's okay. It's OKAY!
Dark = chaos (inner and outer). Dark = contraction (self-sabotage, stagnancy). We can't have the creative expansion without the precursor of dark, chaotic contraction within. A dark crisis of the heart. Dark heart art. A mysterious truth that has always been true. When are we going to stop pretending it isn't true?

I'm armed.
I'm ready.
I'm protected.

I'm sure.
I'm steady.
I'm directed.
And that's what's different about this time.

I'll cut to the chase: I have no music for you today. I'm explaining everything in an email to you going out to you soon. Because we're doing this thing together. And because the creative process is messy and throws curveballs. We're catching them and pivoting. We're warriors. We're seeing this from a higher perspective. We're admitting where we went wrong and honoring the beauty that has come from it.
If you're not part of our email tribe, just click the link in my bio or go to HeatherWaxman.com and sign up there. We have some chatting to do, lessons to absorb, and music to listen to. ;) Yes - although you can't get "This Time" on iTunes yet I'm sharing it with you guys today via email. Because we're doing this thing together.

The winds of change and transition are upon us. Can you feel it?
Over the past week, I have been experiencing a lot of inner death and taking time to go deeply inward, exploring parts of myself that have been in hiding that I'm ready to allow to come out + getting deeply honest with myself about what needs to die within and around me.
The path of the spiritual warrior can be challenging, but we can do hard things.
I'm in the third trimester. It's just over a month until my second album Sacred Disruptor is birthed into the world and team Fierce Feminine Leadership (that's our doTERRA team name) is going for some big goals for the month of April.
Before we birth anything, we must prepare and we must contemplate + reflect, so we can create space for what needs to come forth. And - let me tell you, friend - what has been releasing from me has not been pretty. She has been coming out in big roars, deep cries, and 8-page-long journaling sessions on the beach.
What does this have to do with our precious oils? In a word, EVERYTHING.
The often overlooked and equally important aspect of these sacred gifts of the earth we are so blessed to have in our lives (seriously - how incredibly privileged are we? I'm getting chills as I write this) is how incredibly supportive they are for emotional challenges you might be experiencing.
Today, I'd love to share with you the three oils and one blend I've been leaning on this past week to support me through this immense change and transition I've been navigating. They have been my go-to diffuser buddies and I've slathered them all over me before my daily journaling practice. I hope they can serve you as much as they've been serving me.
If you're feeling called to learn more about how these sacred gifts from Mother Earth can support you through massive change + transition, just click the link in my bio and learn allll about it in this week's blog!

"It takes courage to roar ... and to rest." My beautiful mentor @madeline_giles shared these words with me today. In our session today, I roared. LOUD. I cried. A L O T. An intense, beautiful, painful, healing release.
Something is dying within me. And she is dying loudly and intensely. And I am fiercely honoring her ... with roars and with rests (the resting part is something I'm constantly checking in with).
The parts of us that need to die are just as important to cherish and honor as the parts of us that revel in expansion and growth. Neither is more important. Both are sacred. Both are essential.
In our session, Goddess Kali came to me. She placed a shield of protective fire around me and told me about the aspect of my inner life that is dying. The fire turned to ashes and then a waterfall rushed over me, cleansing and purifying and clearing away all that is ready to go. Clearing space. Making room for all that is ready to roar through me.
We are a mix of light and dark. Animal and angel. We must honor the polarity of our existence and our experiences. And, especially as women, we must honor our ROAR and channel her in the direction of intentional healing and creative expression. I love this part of me just as much as any other. I really do. I mean, it's fucking challenging. But DAMN does it show me how powerFULL I am.
I'm not the girl I used to be. I like this new look on me.
Thank you, Madeline, for the gift of you. For being a most brilliant space-holder for me to expand, rise, and express. I cherish you so much.

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