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Heather EO  I'm a wrogger. That's a writer/blogger. Mother of three, sporadic tweeter @heatheroftheeo Instagrateful. Owner of @flyleafbookshop Talk to me, goose.


I mean, I love him and everything, but this photo makes me stare at the water. I'm pretty sure he wanted me to stare at the fish. The fish is a good one. He's a good one. The lake is a good one.
His shirt says, "I speak fluent movie quotes" because I bought it for him at a thrift shop. Because he does. He'll say the most random things and I'll be all, HUH? And he'll say, Oh that's from Grumpy Old Men, don't you remember?
No. No I don't.
But he has a mind like a steel trap file system in which he can remember childhood phone numbers he rarely called. And birthdays of tons of classmates. And every moment we had together in high school. And all the names of all the kinds of fishies and especially ducks and how each kind sounds. And movie quotes.
We love the lake and watching movies I won't remember but he will. He loves even my feet and especially my fingers. We aren't perfect or perfect together. We are working together on loving well, whatever that may mean at the time. Being together. Space. Redemption. Trying. Over-thinking. Not thinking much at all. Letting go.
Acceptance and unconditional love without sacrificing your own needs. The tough stuff of relationships. We are working on that.

Hiya. See that van back there? It keeps not starting. Oh well. This provides opportunities to sit in the sun on the steps. There's so little time for that. And the sun? Today it was even more than its usual breath-giving self. Thank you, big bright light of grace in the sky.
I'm so weary. Are you? I recommend sitting in the sun every chance you get. And drinking a very big glass of water. And trying not to make assumptions. And listening to your own breathing. Also. Go to bed early. (But not right after you drink the big glass of water. Because you know, bladder. Night. We're old.)

We pulled off another magical Story Show. I'm plum tired and totally enamored with these fine human creatures. 🎙️
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Meet Jack. He belongs to our friends Shelby and her mama, @nickylee73 He's very special. I bet you can tell by his face. And hers.

How she is...

She was in the tub. With a book. And a doll's reading glasses. She is for real the silliest and strangest and most beautiful human.


I promise I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But maybe I wear pajamas a lot. @nickylee73 and why can't I tag Christa?

I came back to New London to stay, he comes back here and there, but still has New London in his heart, like me. He may be that guy that was on The Bachelorette, but mostly he's a hometown Crow river rat with a creative spirit. He writes lyrics and performs and we think he's pretty great. Good to see ya, kid. @bradytoops
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That was...FAAAANTASTIIIIIC!!! (all caps multiple exclamation points fantastic) Thank you, #bradytoops

Head-sized flower

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