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phase one complete. i will never lay a patio stone again.

we are both completely over doing yard work.

the demolition.

if i turn the volume up loud enough and close my eyes hard enough i can't feel the difference between my bedroom and all of the venues i followed them into. about time, @watchmenband.

oh no you didn't..

i really dig flamingos.

don't think i could ever grow tired of this pantone. 🏝

waterfront breakfast with a map. she doesn't get much happier.

lost and found. ..i clearly have no idea who i am.. if i did, i would take my socks off before crawling into bed.

from the cradle to the grave. happy birthday, sista sista. #heygirlhey 👯❤

my little perro caliente. #nationalpuppyday #meximutt

if she had turned around after i took this photo and told me to jump i would have. a very happy birthday to this dream weaver, @lo_kerr. where she goes, i go. ❤

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