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Heather Lindsey  Christian | Wife to @thisiscornelius | Mommy ✨ | Speaker | Founder of Pinky Promise | Author | TV Host | Atlanta | Vegan 🌱 | The GO Church |🎀 PO Box↩️

One of the best parts of attending pastor meet ups is meeting other amazing women! @pastorhopec you are HILARIOUS & I loved you right away! Thanks for sharing your courageous story tonight! ❤️❤️ And we will have to go shopping soon! Haha!

We attended a pastors dinner and meeting tonight in Houston with Joel Osteen & family and it was amazing!!!! There’s nothing like getting in a room with pastors that have been leading for 10, 20, 30 & 40 years! We truly have so much more to learn & I’m thankful for the body of Christ. We all have a position. ❤️

ALL of THIS!! And come ON 2 services at @thegatheringoasischurchstarting in October!! ❤️❤️ #Repost @thisiscornelius with @get_repost
I seriously love our church. We were blessed Sunday by the dynamic duo—Pastor Solomon (@kingofsolomon) & Kirsten (@alexanndrajay). I used to worry about what would happen if I was gone for a Sunday, but I don’t anymore. I’ve been blessed with some amazing leaders and a truly dynamic team. They lead with a “by any means necessary” attitude, and they know our focus is always on reaching the lost. I was told early on that a leader is only as strong as his team. If that’s the case then I’m super strong! So many great things are happening right now. We’re overflowing in our facility, so we’re adding on another service🙌🏾 in October. Our Growth Track class had over 100 people in it😳. These amazing gatherers stayed AFTER SERVICE to learn about what it means to be a leader at The GO. We’ve been praying for vulnerable areas in the church to be filled with those who are willing and capable of filling those positions and producing results. Well, we’re on our way. God has been good to us. And, guess what????? There’s room for YOU! We’d love to have you. We love you already. cc: @thegatheringoasischurch I’m one #proudpastor

Preached in Oakland, CA all weekend.
Red eye from SFO this morning.
Landed at 6am.
Rushed home.
Cuddled with our babies for a couple hours.
Nursed Roman for like 2 hours.
Dropped off about 60 oz of milk that I pumped this past weekend.
Gave surprises to the kids.
Napped for an hour.
Re packed.
Convinced the kids to let me leave one more time for 24 hours for an important meeting.
Bribed them with Target gift cards. 😂 🎯
Everyone was happy.
Prepared the kids “surprises” for them when they wake up tomorrow.
Heated up some food.
Rushed out the door for today’s 2pm flight.
Made it.
It’s safe to say that I was in Cali this morning, Atlanta during the day and in Texas tonight. 😂😂 I have officially made the most of 12 hours. 😂

Let God do the picking. ❤️ #GotPeace #StopForcingIt #Rest

Don’t marry someone you can live with. Marry someone that you cannot live without. ❤️Thankful. In & out of every season, we are still rocking out. Love this guy. @thisiscornelius

Can I tell you that we had the most amazing time at @shilohoakland!! ✨ The history and legacy of this church is literally amazing. I thank God for the pastors here, Javiar and Melinda Ramos. I recall in 2012 when we officially started our ministry, we flew to California for a leadership conference. The Lord was healing our hearts from church hurt and people and that conference changed our lives. A man named Moses Vegh preached that night and he prophesied into me and @thisiscornelius. He first asked us where our children were? I began to cry and I told him that we didn’t have any and we just had a miscarriage. He said no, I see multiple children. Soon. Then he said our ministry is going to be like a snowball going down a mountain. It’s going to pick up speed and grow very fast and avalanche. He warned us to stay humbled and focused on the Lord. And, right after that we watched our ministry explode. Then, we got pregnant 5 months later with Logan. A couple years after his, we wanted to send a letter or contact his ministry to thank him but he had passed away. ➡️ Fast forward to today. We found out that Moses Vegh was the Apostle of this church when he passed. He was the best friend to the founding pastor, Pastor David Kiteley. Talk about full circle. I’m amazed at God’s faithfulness. Moses Vegh gave us hope when we had none. The Lord used him in such a great way and what an honor to be able to stand in a place that he preached and prophesied. My heart is renewed and refreshed. I’m so, so thankful. Oakland, you owe me nothing! And it was great to see my old boss from Def Jam, @dejastar1! Also nice to meet @todddulaney1, his band and @qcook323 from the Golden State Warriors. I hear that most of the Golden State Warriors are humbled and love Jesus. Dang it. I’m a Lebron fan. 😩😭😂

What a beautiful day! ✨ I just finished teaching on “Identity Crisis” and here’s a few snippets. Sadly, we misplace our identity & put it in things like degrees, people & our bank account. We find value and worth from temporary things. It’s time to recognize that temporal things are terrible gods. {I’m working on getting the full sermon and uploading it onto my YouTube channel.}

7 to 8 months ago, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a woman who had an abortion planned & I encouraged her to cancel that appointment because God has a plan for her baby. She came forth & cancelled her appointment. Then, we threw her a baby shower on IG & ya’ll bought EVERYTHING on her registry. Now, she’s in labor! Ahhh! Can we pray for this sweet mama?? I’m in tears! She’s in labor!! God is faithful!! Can you stop and pray for her & her sweet baby? I can’t wait to meet this precious gift of God!

What a great session this morning on marriage with my @thisiscornelius! Up next, we are doing a breakout session on “Who you are in Christ.” ❤️😍🔥

I’m so excited about our experiences this weekend! Join us at either, or both, of our campuses this weekend. We love you already. Service times and addresses are in the flyer. cc: @thegatheringoasischurch @thegodowntown #GodGatherGrowGo

Taylor’s such a big girl! ✨ She didn’t melt down once while getting her hair done today. She just asked for Starbucks when she finished. I’m a proud mom. 😩😭 Shoutout to my BF, @nadradyan for taking her this morning. My village is amazing! She told Nadra: “I want to go to chick fil a. (Hashbrowns), then to the salon and get my hair done and then to the nail place to get my nails done. Then Starbucks.” 😩😭😂 ➡️ Taylor. You’re 3. You don’t have nail or Starbucks money. 😂😂

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