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Heather Lindsey  Christian | Wife to @thisiscornelius | Mommy 👫 | Speaker | Founder of Pinky Promise | Author | TV Host | Atlanta | Vegan 🌱 | Surrendered | 🎀


The realities of the after church photo. ❤️ I love them. What an amazing Sunday service. 😭😩✨ #LoganWilliam #TaylorMilan

Ahh! 🔥 I'm so excited for church tomorrow at @thegatheringoasischurch!! I am preaching & the Word that the Lord gave me convicted and wrecked my whole life. I can't wait to share! 🔥
There will be teen church + children's church as well.

I'm convinced that my vegan nachos are the best nachos on the planet. (Including vegan/meat nachos) the end. Hahah! #NotBiased #TheyreJustThatGood #AllVegan {Recipe is on the Heather & Cornelius Lindsey App!}

At times, you may feel like you need a "hookup" or to be "connected" to someone in order to be successful. And you're right. But there's only One person that owns a cattle on a thousand hills. He holds the earth in the palm of His hands. He created every person out of nothing. I'm thankful that God didn't make us to chase down people made of dust. I'm thankful that He gave us Jesus. I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit. When you realize that your identity is in the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, you care less about trying to get people to like you & more about pleasing the Father in heaven. Everything else is secondary.

"Taylor. You're on my arm. The arm that I need." #EveryManProbs #TaylorMilan #LoganWilliam

Be patient my love. It's all worth the wait.

What??! ✨Today turned into giving FRIDAY! After I purchased a giftcard about 5-6 other people did the same thing. Then, some people were filling up empty gift cards. 😱😱😱I even received DM's like this of people wanting to give. Thank you to everyone who was a part of loving on someone else. You never know how a small act of kindness could encourage someone's day. I pray that even if you don't have finances to give, find a way to help someone. Maybe clean a single mamas house. Maybe watch her kids so she can rest. Cook for a family in need. Buy presents for them. Go to a soup kitchen. Give your time. Give your attention. Do something. ❤️

He's definitely not the man I married 7 1/2 years ago. He's so, so, so much better. ❤️ @thisiscornelius #WeMatch #HisIdea #Marriage #WeWorkedHardForThisMarriage #SoWorthItAll #TheLindseysTV

✨Date day today includes @pinkypromisemovement's new crushed velvet Kimono & Faux fur scarf. ✨🎀 find it via @pinkypromisemovement's link in bio!

✨Just wanted to thank so many of ya'll that always encourage my family, pray for us, support us & love us. I wanted to do something & I thought it would be cool to get a hot chocolate or coffee on me from Starbucks!
✨ PLEASE be mindful of others and only get 1 item. ✨ When it's time to pay, simply ask the cashier to scan this barcode. ✨Again, there's only $50, so please only get one item. And, only if you can't afford it. If you can - please leave it to someone who wants a treat! ❤️ #NotAnAd #IPaidForThisGiftcard #ILoveYall #MerryChristmas [ after being refilled a few times, the card is now at 0. If you want to see if there's money on it, be sure to check the balance first! ✨]

Lagosssss, have you registered for this FREE event?! We are headed back to Nigeria 🇳🇬 in February & we would love to meet you! Join us for a powerful two days of just being poured out before Jesus. I cannot wait! ❤️ @ignitegla

I've always just loved people. 💞I've always wanted ALL of us to have great motives, a pure heart & to skip off in the wind together forever, holding hands. I never want there to be drama, conflict or division. I love peace. ✨
As I began to mature in my relationship with Jesus, I would get crushed when relationships went in different directions. I thought WHAT?! We are supposed to be friends forever! Then I realized that even if the person is a good person (Hey, I'm sure Abraham's nephew, Lot was a good person) - I have to trust God when He is separating me from someone. I don't always understand it. I can't always figure it out. But deep in my spirit there is this check that says a simple .. "no." So, instead of arguing with that beautiful still small voice, I rock with it. I trust it. I know that my Father knows best. He's my Daddy! Of course He knows what's best for me. And, He knows what's best for you. Trust Him, especially when it doesn't make sense. {And I'm posting about this a lot because I'm working on a new chapter in my book about this area. ✨ yay!}

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