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Heather Mcallister  👪 Fit Mom & Wife @FitUnicornApparel 🍎 Nutritionist 👙 5x Top 5 Nat Level 2x Overall Champ ❗️Team EDGE Athlete/Edge Supps 💥Code heather20


I'm 12 weeks out today from #tcm nationals. Back to training my bi's and tri's and it feels soooo good 💪 I stopped directly working them for a couple months since they were getting a bit too big and throwing off my symmetry. Ugh if I could only get my lower half to grow the way my upper half does😩 I've currently got my calories back up to around 1800-2000 per day, slightly cycling my carbs, and doing about 20 mins HIIT cardio 3 days per week. And I'm making sure my strength sessions go no longer than 60-90 mins with 2 rest days. I'm feeling strong, and just going to maintain where I'm at for a few more weeks until I start shredding for #nationals 👊 This WILL be the best physique I bring to that stage yet!!!!!!! @edgesupps #watchmework

#transformationtuesday 👊 Same exact @musclecontest Grand Prix show, 2 years apart. Left was my second show, no team or coach, placed 18th in novice. Right, on @teamedge1 placed 1st in open and overall in masters 35+. Before I knew anything about bodybuilding, I hardly ate, most of my diet consisted of Trader Joe's fiber muffins, low carb tortillas, froyo and rockstars, I taught around 6-8 spin classes per week and strength trained for 30 minutes 5 days per week. Surprisingly I didn't look that bad (my daughter was a actually 18 months when I first competed), but I had no idea the potential I had until I joined #teamedge and started prepping with my coaches. I couldn't believe how much my body changed with proper nutrition and a totally different approach to my training and cardio. I am, and have always been completely natural, I tend to put muscle on fairly quickly but I also lose it just as fast, so it's been a learning experience to try to find what works best for me. I absolutely love everything about fitness, nutrition and competing. I've never had so much drive for something, probably a little on the obsessive side😳I definitely still struggle to find balance, but right now I have a goal and I'm hyper focused on what I want, and I don't plan on stopping until I achieve it... @edgesupps

@edgesupps 🔷Rectify-is an advanced prebiotic, probiotic and plant enzyme formula specifically designed to improve the uptake of amino acids from food and protein. The advanced, custom formulated plant enzyme matrix in Rectify further amplifies the positive effects of pre/probiotics by dissolving protein into free-form amino acids, thus enabling faster and easier absorption. -
🔷Transcend- is a powerful multi-vitamin and mineral formula designed to increase your overall well-being, mood, physical health and mental capacities like memory and focus. Its key ingredients include maximum potency vitamins and minerals, as well as important antioxidants that are ideally suited for both female and male athletes. The carefully selected and researched nutrients in Transcend will allow your body to function optimally by supporting your immune system, metabolism, digestion, muscle recovery and development, as well as blood flow. Aside from a vast number of vital vitamins and minerals, Transcend also contains several other dynamic ingredients that will take your physical well being and performance to its absolute max.
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#happy #monday 💃🏻 It's a new week, a new day, to go after your goals!! 😍💪 #12weeksout @edgesupps @teamedge1 @ingridromerobikinis

#flex #friday 💪💪

#flashbackfriday 😭 How did this happen!!!!???? First time at our river house Whitney was 6 months old...now she's 5 with the longest legs ever!!! 💔 #love #mom #momlife #stopgrowing #daughter #fitmom #Bikini #summer #riverlife #family #loveher #transformation

Seems fitting since everyone is obsessed with this Starbucks Unicorn Crappuccino 🦄
#ibelieve #unicorns
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#humpday #motivation 👈 My last show of 2016 in Sep...👉 First show of 2017 in April, after a 7 month improvement season. Goal is always to create a fuller, rounder, tighter glute with a nice hamstring tie in. I also needed to bring my quads down a little. I feel l'm moving in the right direction, and hopefully I can bring even better to my next show in 13 weeks🤗 #edgebooty #edgesupps #govcup @spectrumfitnessproductions #tcmnationals @teamedge1

#wcw 💕 To all the mamas out there trying to balance everything under the sun. Nobody's perfect, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, sometimes we can do it all, sometimes we can't. I know for me, I am a horrible multi tasker, I have a terrible memory, and get major anxiety because I either forget important things like paying bills or responding to emails, or procrastinate which just adds to my stress🙇🏻‍♀️ But I try my best, even though my best sometimes isn't good enough, I'm always a work in progress. And at the end of the day if my daughter is happy then I'm happy☺️ @edgesupps use heather20 for 20% off www.edgesupps.com

Finally into my routine after being sick and then on vacay and out of the gym for about 3 weeks... So of course I've lost my booty...but I'm getting some fullness back to my upper body. Story of my life😩!!!!!#operationgetmybootyback

This stuff is life😋 @peanutprinciple hands down best nut butters on the planet, and I am a PB snob😬 If you haven't had pistachio butter, you are missing out on the most amazing thing ever!!!! Their "green with envy" has a whipped frosting like consistency with little cranberries mixed in and sweetness from white chocolate🙌 Top picks: Green with Envy, 24 carrot almond butter, coco nutter, honey I roasted the peanut crunchy, jungle a peel, and dashing through the dough... honestly I've tried almost everyone they make, and they're all delicious. Best thing is you can order 4oz sample jars, and their prices are much more reasonable than other gourmet nut butters. I'm not affiliated, just obsessed!!! Go check them out asap!!!!!😍❤ #peanutbutter #nutbutter #peanutbutterlover #nutbutteraddict #pb #pblife #yummy #delicious #glutenfree #sweet #food #foodporn #love #gainz #fit #fitmom #fitspo #gymlife #iifym #iifymgirls #health #nutrition #healthy #fat #igfitness #igfood #instalike

#Bikini season is coming 👙🌞 #springbreak

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