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heather clark  Product Strategist @ Google Brand Lab// NYC // Art and travel lover⚡️ 👻 @heathersedit

City bouquet 💐 #nyc #goodmorning #beauty #blooms

Celebrating an incredible first week at my new job with my favorite Friday night activity: a visit to the Whitney 🙌 #nyc #ootd #wiw2google

Shopping in #soho 🤗 #ootd #nyc

Perfect Saturday morning with Porter + pancakes 🍴 #homesweethome

This month marks my 6 year anniversary at Google and today my last day on the retail team where I’ve spent my entire time here; my last day in sales, where I've spent my entire career ahhhh... Starting next week, I tackle a new challenge as a Product Strategist within Google’s NYC Brand Lab where I’ll be focused on solving brand challenges from our top partners through media & technology strategy, mixing art with science. I’m going to be standing in front of the best marketing executives in the world and telling them what I think they should do - yikes the bar feels quite high, but ready to rise to the occasion.  I always thought Brand Lab would be my first choice if I wasn’t in sales, but roles are so limited I don’t know that I ever really thought I would get there, but here I am! I vividly remember being in awe when I visited our first space in San Bruno years ago and now we've opened them in NYC, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Paris so I’m stoked to be joining a global team. Obviously will need to build a business case to visit each of them as part of my development ;) This is a definite lane change, but I see how all of my experience helped me get here and that now is the right time to make a move, take a chance on something new. When I was in India last week, we talked about change and how sometimes your path might not make total sense at a given time, but that there is always a through line you will see eventually. I very clearly see my through line. I was reading my old reviews and years ago one line a manager wrote stuck out: “Heather brings a sense of art to the team.” It was the first of many versions of this comment I’d hear from many different colleagues over the years. I’m really excited to try my hand in a more creative environment, likely where I’ve always belonged.

It's been emotional as I loved my job even if it made me crazy sometimes. I was joining a video conference titled “transition” yesterday to pass on my responsibilities and as I typed the word I unexpectedly burst into tears. I’m going to blame all those heart opening yoga poses in India. Thanks to everyone who has supported me! 😘 #micdrop #byefelicia

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Slim Aarons vibes, Delhi #style 💘 #India #delhi #design #inspiration

Happy Valentine's Day 💐 #mykindaflowers #tajmajal #marble #detail

They don't make 'em like they used to 💫 More on my Instagram stories #tajmahal #bucketlist #dreamcometrue #agra

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Awaiting the start of my Indian cooking class 🏵️ #ootd #India #vintage

Before it turned grey 💕 #sunrise #hardiwar #magic #India