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Heather Dane  Certified Health Coach & 21st Century Medicine Woman, Co-authored 2 books with Louise Hay: Loving Yourself to Great Health and The Bone Broth Secret


TSA, thanks for letting me through with my frozen bone broth. Breakfast tomorrow is going to be very replenishing after a long flight! #healthyliving #flightfood #traveling #collagen #bonebroth #bonebrothnotbotox #weirdfood

Almost two years ago, my great grandmother started coming to me in dreams. A Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) clan mother, she began showing me several ceremonial healing rituals. Shortly thereafter, I would experience several events that included some health challenges, which I realized were directly related to ancestral trauma. The events that occurred from there were more dramatic than I expected. The healing protocols completely out of my previous experience and the journey felt nothing less than epic. Many of you have had the same experience when healing inherited trauma. Or perhaps you have a chronic issue (trauma, health issue or are going through a major, life-challenging transition). Maybe you are even feeling stuck, which is not uncommon.
Tomorrow, on my Loving Yourself to Great Health Hay House Radio show, my special guest is back by popular demand - Energy Therapist, Amy Scher. Together, we will reveal energy therapy and Native American medicine practices to shift your energy and address inherited patterns, generational limiting beliefs, and fear so you can move forward and heal.
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TO CALL IN WITH YOUR QUESTIONS�US + Canada: Dial (866) 254-1579; International: Dial your country code then (760) 918-4300 #lovingyourselftogreathealth #hayhouseradio #amyscher #inheritedtrauma #energymedicine #healingtrauma #nativeamericanmedicine #nativeamericanhealing #energytherapy

August is National Picnic Month! For this evening picnic, we brought a quickly assembled mix of snacks: organic olives, Siete grain-free chips, sprouted hummus, and the piece de resistance: Bone Broth Sidecars! The Sidecar is a 1920s cocktail that has become a thing again now that craft cocktails are all the rage. Louise Hay and I included a healthy sidecar cocktail recipe in our book, The Bone Broth Secret, and it has remained a favorite of mine ever since. You can't taste the bone broth and it protects your gut from the alcohol and keeps it from spiking your blood sugar. Plus, there's a lot of lemon juice and bitters, to make sure the alcohol doesn't slow your digestive system, plus gives your liver a little support. It's perfect for a picnic because it tastes a bit like lemonade! What's your favorite picnic food and drink? #nationalpicnicmonth #bonebroth #bonebrothsecret #thebonebrothsecret #healthyliving #picnicdate #sidecar #healthycocktail @joeldauteuil

If you feel like you don't fit in, maybe there's a good reason! I have many clients who are Generational Pattern Shifters. Generational pattern shifters are typically highly sensitive, intuitive, feel like they don't fit in or don't follow the rules, and have a desire to help others heal, grow, thrive. And, they often show up with a trauma or health issue (many times, a chronic issue) that, as we look at their genetics and ancestry, we realize they showed up to heal generations before and after them...and to heal the Sacred Family, the world.
Now, we are in some powerful planetary energy, between the new moon in Leo (July 23) to the first full coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years, planetary energy is building. Many of you may feel turbulence. This is to invite us urgently to step into our truth, speak our truth, step up as the change agents you are!
Now here’s the thing…as you go through life, you WILL get the odd looks from people. You are a CHANGE AGENT, a high performer, a generational pattern shifter. The very nature of being a change agent is that you don’t do things the same way other people do them. You take your own path, which is how the change happens. For this reason, all the people who are following the rules will give you odd looks or maybe even get mad. Humans inherently resist change. Interestingly, once the change happens and people get used to it, they tend to like it, but before the change, the first reaction is resistance, fear, anger. As a generational pattern shifter, you may sense this. Don't let it stop you from being all of who you are -- this is how the change happens!


Are you a generational pattern shifter?
Are you ready to honor your Sacred Path?
I've gotten flooded with e-mails asking where you can learn more about this. I haven't written about this yet, so I'm teaching my first class covering this material -- Heal Yourself: Clearing Inherited Trauma with Energy Therapy & Native American Medicine. I'll be teaching with my dear friend and wise woman, Amy B. Scher - Energy Therapy For Emotional Healing. Join us and let's all step on the Sacred Path together, releasing what is no longer needed, & healing at DNA level.

Studying medical cannabis with two of my favorite experts! Immunologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits taught us about which strains and terpenes support immunity and the healing process. We also talked about how bone broth heals the immune system and reduces inflammation. Here's an odd thing: just smelling the fresh cannabis plants reset my digestive system, which can slow down for a variety of reasons due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (defective collagen disorder). This was so unexpected for me and Judy explained why it works. I love what Mother Nature provides for our health and healing! #medicalcannabis #cannabiscommunity #cannabisheals #organiccannabis #naturalhealth

For a long time, I was stuck in a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. If you're feeling fatigued, having trouble sleeping, experiencing mood swings, battling cravings and dealing with brain fog, you may be as frustrated as I was when looking for solutions. All I knew back then was that I kept feeling failed by all the research about adrenal fatigue. I was not finding answers.
Until I realized some key things getting in the way. And this is what we'll be talking about tomorrow on my Loving Yourself to Great Health Hay House Radio show.
On tomorrow's show, learn some innovative solutions and call in to get your questions answered!
--Listen online: HayHouseRadio.com
-- After-Show Facebook Live Q&A right here on my Facebook page!
US + Canada: Dial (866) 254-1579; International: Dial your country code then (760) 918-4300 #lovingyourselftogreathealth #hayhouseradio #adrenalfatigue #adrenalinelife #adrenals #healadrenals #adrenalhealth #naturalhealth #healthyliving

Loving the poetry of @beingupile.

For a year and a half, I've been driving in to Hay House and doing my radio show from the studio. Today, I decided to stay home. Everything was going well until...a substation went down in my neighborhood. No substation = no cell, no internet, no WiFi, no electricity...no radio show. Halfway into the show, my guest, the fabulous Liana Werner-Gray took over until my Hay House Radio team got me back on the air through a whiff of cell service (1 bar) that was left at my house.
Today, I learned that a substation is a regulator of energy. It helps things with low energy move higher and with too high energy go lower. In terms that smart electricity people know better than me, it deals with transformation. So today, in the midst of the substation meltdown (and my off air meltdown), there I sat...with no power at all.
While behind the scenes, Liana and the Hay House team did their magic, like a human substation. Getting me reconnected to all of you and back on the air. One bar, but a whole powerhouse of people.
As I sit here trying to figure out how, on this one day I decided to stay home, a whole substation would go down during the hour of my show and then come back up again an hour later...with just enough time to contemplate life without energy, I realized what happened.
Today was about the people. It was about the team. The tribe. The folks who have our backs. The souls sisters and brothers who -- even when you lose energy and lose connection -- are working to bring you back again. This has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with remembering that the power is in your team. Your loved ones. Your friends. Your community. It's the people who make all of this stuff happen. And when it all goes to hell in a handbasket, it's the people who bring you back to life again.
So today, I'd like to honor and thank my human substation...the real powerhouses: Liana Werner-Gray, Rachel Fernandes, Mitch Wilson, Mike Joseph, Steve Morris, Rocky George, Chelsey Larson...thank you to the source of it all, Reid Tracy and Louise Hay. You are the transformers. (PS and pets too. People and pets). @lianawernergray @hayhouseradio_bts @williethemanifestician

Whodunnit? Cat hooked on Broadchurch. @williethemanifestician #broadchurch #movienight #catsagram #bigscreen

What happens when two former junk food junkies who turned their health around get together and chat? Magic! Fun! Recipes! Remedies! On tomorrow's Loving Yourself to Great Health Hay House Radio show, join me and my special guest, Liana Werner-Gray of The Earth Diet as we discuss our favorite tips for getting well after hitting rock bottom. We'll share remedies, recipes, cravings busters, nature tips, and our favorite steps for healing your body and mind naturally.
Join us!
—Listen online: HayHouseRadio.com
—Watch us on Facebook Live 10 minutes before the show: Hay House Radio Facebook page @lianawernergray #hayhouseradio #healthyliving #lovingyourselftogreathealth #theearthdiet #hayhouseradio #lianawernergray #healthyrecipes #natureremedy #nomorecravings #eathealthy

"Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine." ~Macklemore

On tomorrow's Loving Yourself to Great Health Hay House Radio show, we will reveal all the reasons why music and sound therapy are so healing. My guest, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, will also talk about his role in the new film, HEAL Documentary and exciting new advances in sound therapy. You won't want to miss the healing sound therapy on the show as well!
--Listen online: HayHouseRadio.com

TO CALL IN WITH YOUR QUESTIONS�US + Canada: Dial (866) 254-1579; International: Dial your country code then (760) 918-4300

Do you remember a time when music shifted your mood and mindset? Or brought back a memory? @drjeffreythompson #soundtherapy #musictherapy #musicheals #musicforthesoul #lovingyourselftogreathealth #hayhouseradio #healdocumentary #healwithsound

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