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nee!  i’ll make this feel like home. 🏡


guys i got a boyfriend (i think? not sure if i can call him that, but we are definitely a thing) and he’s literally the sweetest thing and i am so content right now

uh. a cute boy may or may not have flirted with me today. not sure if he WAS flirting if he play flirts with everyone and he was just being nice? idk i’m probably overthinking, santa pls don’t let me catch feelings and get fucked over

how many of you have a job? i work at a grocery store and my back & feet hurt so bad ):

‘tis the season

hi, i’m courtney and i love zoe. she is so genuine and has kept in contact with me even though i’m not here that much anymore, and that means the world me. she makes me feel so loved i love her 💗❤️💙💜 thank you baby, you deserve the world

i never post on here, but i love everyone here. anyone who has ever cared about me, i love you.

hi, guys. my day was awful. how was yours?

i want you. i want you in the simplest of ways. i want to take you on dates and see the smile on your face because i remember the little things about you. i want to know the scent of your perfume better than i know my own and i want to hold you from behind and run my fingers lazily up and down your arm while we watch our favorite movies. i want to wake up next to you, and even though your hair is a mess and you haven’t brushed your teeth, i’ll still think you look like an angel. i want to be the person you take cute pictures in your underwear for. i want to be the person you post cute quotes on snapchat for. but most importantly, i want to be the reason your sad quotes become happy ones and your sad, lonely nights become filled with the sound of our laughter and lips colliding.

i’m at my friend’s house and i’m trying to not be a baby but i’m also like out of place and getting sad and i don’t know if it’s going to get better i am scared

she doesn’t follow me on here, so i’m just going to post this and be sad about it and hopefully someone likes it idk

happy friday the 13th y’all

if you want be a right wing republican and say everyone else is stupid and won’t admit they’re wrong, that’s fine, but admit when your side does wrong too.


y’all this is so important i’m so happy i love him so much. yes, baby, YOU DID THAT. (all photo credit to @hoeforlarries)


hello guys how was your day how is everyone

two ghosts explains me and my crush to a tee. literally every lyric can relate to us. we dated but it didn’t work out and then we had a period where we weren’t friends and now we are again, but now i have feelings for her again and she has feelings for someone else. and the other night she used two ghosts lyrics referring to the person she likes and i’m just sad and i can’t make her realize it hurt me because she doesn’t know or maybe she does idek i’m a mess

do not EVER tell me that it is a “struggle” for people who aren’t gay to understand it. that is the biggest fucking joke i’ve heard in my life. do NOT tell me it’s hard for straight people to get along with gay people. the lgbtq community struggles every god damn day to get jobs, to get married, to see their spouse in the hospital. some can’t see their parents anymore because they disowned them. some are dead because their families told them they were disgusting. some harm themselves and cry themselves to sleep every night because they hate who they are. because they just want to be “normal.” because some asshole like you, stuck in 1942, told them that something is wrong with them. it is not a struggle for you. you have no struggle. you do not have to sit in thought and self-loathing everyday over who you love. fuck you. don’t ever tell me straight people “struggle” to understand. don’t.

i had a dream i was dating this guy in my government class and now i’m going to look at him differently forever

guys guys guys hi it is me nee and i missed you guys a lot and i know i’ve already left twice but i miss you guys!! i get frustrated with the fandom but my lil family here shouldn’t suffer. so i’m back if you guys will have me 💕 also i’ll finish cleaning up my acc tomorrow i’m super tired

i am so beyond proud of him right now i could actually start crying. i don't even know how to put it into words? just when you think he can't be even better, he is. he never stops stunning us with his talent. he is a fucking star. he's going to kill it. he ALREADY killed it. he took on the role so well he didn't even sound like himself. it's insane. he put himself into the shoes of the role and made it happen. i can't believe his ass is still shocking me 5 years later. i am so proud to say i've been your fan for so long. thank you for being the best person to look up to and love. there is not a word in the english language strong enough to describe what i feel right now. proud doesn't even begin to cover it. 💗💞
(tag him please!)

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