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stunned by the news of marcia hafif’s passing. here’s a current work in progress in my studio that assembles social media references and other traces of marcia’s paintings’ impact on visual culture. at a point that misogyny and violence against women is so starkly visible, i’ve wanted to be close to the women who have shaped me and my practice. thank you for what you taught me about surface, presence, eroticism, meditation, containment, expanse, and a willingness to participate in something perpetual in painting. #marciahafif

in 2011, my pals @becoming_anti_work @lady_thunder_maker @lullabiesforbatzzz @ericruschman and i had the great honor of bringing a suite of marcia hafif’s paintings to cincinnati, just a few months before eric + i moved to chicago. we produced a small catalogue for ‘glaze paintings,’ w a phenomenal essay by @walkinginthecitymh. a brief passage: ‘with these paintings of hafif’s, unquestionably time stops as there is no diachronic temporality to this work, no sequence of one after another... the stillness that is the world of the paintings s the present held still so that it is also the paintings’ future.’ goodbye, marcia. #marciahafif

few other painters have been as formative for my work as marcia hafif. conceptually considerate and sensuous, charging monochrome surfaces and the spaces in which they’re displayed. color, mark, interval, operation of a medium. this is one of my favorites, in the collection of @sueravitz and al ravitz. today’s loss is palpable. #marciahafif

excerpts from @albert0aguilar lecture at @haroldwashingtoncollege last night, with songs by the artist’s daughter madeleine. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

a print on satin moment from the studio #wip #baton #psylockeisgayforladyfantomex

this little piggy went to work but is remembering dim sum this weekend and fantasizing about the end of the semester #piggiebuns #custard

this birthday boy @ericruschman is back from dallas wearing his new shirt by @sparklezilla one of the best friends, coolest artists, and most talented designers i’ve had the pleasure of knowing. soooo much piecework and detail. i’m in love with a cartoon, and our best friends are enablers. (seen here w works by @michelleagrabner and @katy_kirbach) #ifeellikeitscouture #fashion #lqqks #sparklezilla #lindseywhittle #birthdayboy

loving how weird early kirby fourth world/new gods gets sometimes #normals #stepups #aliens #jackkirby #newgods #fourthworld #mistermiracle

{sound on} ‘madame web’ has gallery hours 12–5 today at @addsdonna here’s one of *many* video walkthroughs i’ve been making with covers of wellknown pop songs playing, which feels v v v apropos. also the inimitable @hollyyyyyyvette will be there today so hang w her and these humble paintings.

detail + full view of @zappafan2 ‘documenting my coworker’s hands covered in bug bites,’ 2018, acrylic rug on panel. looking forward to sharing this exhibition with my students next week!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼📱🙌🏼

@rihull ‘mirror: ardor,’ 2018, oil on cnc-routed mdf at @westernexhibitions among a stellar set of shows at @1709wchicago

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