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Heartlyn Rae  Official IG account of Heartlyn Rae We sing together 🎤 Bff since 1st grade 💕 Julia 👧🏻 Alexis 👱🏻‍♀️

What are your “would you rather” questions? Go!

My 💕 goes BOOM BOOM BOOM for you! #weloveyou

We thought we’d change it up and use Julia’s rug as a backdrop. Who else does this? Because we think this is pretty normal... what we don’t think is normal...is the amount of work that went into holding this damn rug up. Never again. Unless someone wants to come over and hold it for us.

We both have blue eyes 👀... what color are yours?

#arizonacardinals we believe in you! As most of you know.... we are from Arizona! So obviously we have to root for our home team. Who are you rooting for today?

Apparently I don’t have enough storage in my phone to take anymore pictures or videos. Can someone tell me why #Apple (iPhone) makes you buy more storage. Don’t they know im too cheap to purchase extra storage for 99cents a month 🤣😩... anyways, I have to delete some videos for more space... I happen to find this old but good one! Hope you enjoy. PS I really do like Julia (well sometimes 😉)

On Monday’s we match 👯‍♂️

Julia: Eminem dropped a new record, someone thought I worked at Target because I wore a red shirt, and I finished the entire new season of Orange is the new Black. Alexis: There were a ton of police chases online for me to watch, I hid Julia’s espresso machine from her this morning, and I went to the dog park. What are 3 things that made your weekend so far?

You never know what you have until you have cleaned your house. I forgot about this black shirt that has always been my favorite. Maybe it’s a sign I need to clean more 🙄

Try to guess what we were thinking in this picture 💘😜

Netflix>downtown✌🏼What’s your favorite show?

Who’s the nicer one? Julia or Alexis.............. oh and if you want to see an embarrassing singing video... check out our story... #postmalone

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