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L. T. Hearthstone ~ Lakin  📍 New England 🌞 ‘Who Set Fire To The Sun?’ 👇🏻 🤣 ‘For Crying Out Loud!’ 🍽 @agadaughter

Happy Full Moon! 🌝 I’m almost finished with the illustrations for my third children’s book. I’ve been dreaming about this book for 6 years! 🌕 I will tell you it’s lunar related. ✨ #whpplanetearth 2nd photo no filter or edit

Our four : ✨🌟💫⭐️ Bench pic # 2 #thebenchpictures

Have a ‘Good Friday’ : our pew a long time ago #thebenchpictures

🧡 That frozen Eastá 🥶 #wildandfreechildren

“I’ll race you to Cali!” - L. T. Hearthstone
Because it’s someone special’s birthday!!❣️ 🌷✨

Step away from my chocolate 🐾 #flashesofdelight

🥚 That hoppy hunt with cool kidos! 🐰 What does your eggs hold inside? Looking for new ideas!?!?!? I did the lego thing on this particular hunt. #runwildmychild #whpvibes
On a current note, who’s running into Monday? And who’s laying on the floor stretching?! 🌿💕

“Haaweee - We Feechie Folk!” On the egg hunt. Who knows the Wilderking Books?! Last winter we discovered the books on Audible and adore the story. We have been quoting the lines all year. I highly recommend, ‘The Way of the Wilderking’ series for families. ✨ #whpvibes #boymom #egghunt

🐰”So a magical bunny leaves me eggs to hunt?🥚🥚🥚 that’s the story And you’re sticking with it? “ - toddler #whpvibes 🌿

What do you put in your #Easter baskets and eggs?! 🧺 Give me ideas! 🙏🏻 We usually get the kidos new sneakers, books & Sjaak’s Organic chocolate. But, I didn’t order the candy this year, I debated it. Bc 🐾 Our dog ate the Sjaak’s Christmas candy and I’m still not ready to splurge. 🙄 #whpvibes

The Hunt 🥚
What makes finding treasure so fun? The Adventure ✨ 🗺 #whpvibes

Ice Egg 🥚 : my boys made this with a water balloon 🎈 #wildandfreechildren Starting this weekend and til Easter 🐰 I will highlight my favorite past Easter photos 📸 Hope you like hopping down memory lane with me 🌷#whpvibes

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