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Peace out 2013. You weren't so bad. And this shows off the glory days of being able to actually get likes on my photos 😂

I made a new account! I have to many ghost followers on here, and my account feels really messy now, so I made a new one for a fresh start. I'll leave this account open, but I doubt I'll post on it. Follow my new account, @halcyonfame @halcyonfame @halcyonfame

Let me paint a picture for you then I'll have to teach you to see it.

6 days until Washington DC. WHOOP WHOOP.

I finished the semester and found a picture of Beyoncé and I together. But my concert was terrible. So today was... Different.

Juries AND a science oral final exam tomorrow. I cannot WAIT for Tuesday so I can be FREE.

I cannot WAIT for next week to be over.

It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday.

DC for Christmas this year WOOP WOOP

I barely come on Instagram anymore. That's kind of sad.

The wild Hunter in its natural habitat.

Alexis, your vigil was everything everyone could've hoped for. It was happy, sad, and it taught everyone so much about you and what we can learn from your story. That was your purpose in life, and you did so much with it. See you on the other side.

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