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Bethany  Pastor who loves to laugh, dabble in photography, and live life to the fullest. Shooting on iPhone 6 and Canon 6D

My first week in my new Call and I'm unpacking, preparing to preach this weekend, and listening for the faithfulness of God in the stories of the Church throughout the ages.

Today marks my first day in New Jersey. I am excited to see what adventures await and to get out and explore, but first, to get supplies for the new home. Moving truck arrives tomorrow! #postthepeople

My favorite image from hanging out with @amber.kooi in the Cherry Blossoms. #postthepeople

It seems surreal.
This flight is different.
The empty seat beside me is symbolic--I travel with the many emotions and experiences I have had these past 5 years in the PNW.
And yet, these wee hours of the morning whisper again the familiar promise and excitement of adventure. The unknown awaits. It is both a beginning and an end, a departure and an arrival. ✈️👋🏼

In this season of goodbyes, finding quotes like these in lovely Seattle locales before moving away continue to remind me of God's great faithfulness and providence as I say farewell. I am exhausted yet thankful for the space and time for goodbyes with my diverse and beloved communities and affirming times with loved ones. #coffeeandseasons

My car is loaded on a truck, my life here in the PNW is coming to a close. In case I've forgotten to invite any of you and you'd like to say goodbye, my Farewell party is tomorrow night at the Berliner Pub in Renton. I'll be there around 7 onward if you'd like to see me one last time here in the PNW. Let me know if you need more information.

Hello 🌸

Spring, you certainly are lovely. ☔️🌸

Springtime calls for long overdue loveliness. Thankfully checked this off the bucket list before leaving the PNW.

Short version: I’m MOVING across the country!
Longer version: It is a joyous occasion as I re-enter full-time ministry in the state of NJ, however, there is also sadness to leave the incredible family and friends I have in the PNW. If you’re here, shoot me a message and let’s grab a coffee before I go! If you’re there, let’s grab coffee and say hello. ☺ (unrelated caption) #postmoreportraits

Dreaming of waterfalls on this dreary morning. #chasingwaterfalls

The Wilderness--it is where the Spirit meets me quite often. It sings to the soul, centers and roots us within ourselves, and brings the genuine to the surface. The pretense fades and is dismantled, confrontation of oneself occurs with each passing challenge faced, and the exploration breeds growth and discovery of the forest--and of oneself. To go the woods is both an act of courage and an act of joy.

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