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Bethany  Youth Pastor who loves to laugh, dabble in photography, and live life to the fullest. Shooting on iPhone 6 and Canon 6D

Short version: I’m MOVING across the country!
Longer version: It is a joyous occasion as I re-enter full-time ministry in the state of NJ, however, there is also sadness to leave the incredible family and friends I have in the PNW. If you’re here, shoot me a message and let’s grab a coffee before I go! If you’re there, let’s grab coffee and say hello. ☺ (unrelated caption) #postmoreportraits

Dreaming of waterfalls on this dreary morning. #chasingwaterfalls

The Wilderness--it is where the Spirit meets me quite often. It sings to the soul, centers and roots us within ourselves, and brings the genuine to the surface. The pretense fades and is dismantled, confrontation of oneself occurs with each passing challenge faced, and the exploration breeds growth and discovery of the forest--and of oneself. To go the woods is both an act of courage and an act of joy.

Excited to head out to the woods today to play. I should be organizing and cleaning up my living space, but it's been too long since I've played in the wild and holy creation that surrounds me. I'm choosing soul care today. What are you doing to care for yourself lately?

I return to the promises, the tension of the Already-Not Yet. Time marches on, yet l am certain, "I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living." (Ps. 27) And some days that is all I can cling to as my soul longs for assurances, redemption, and abiding justice. I join in that cloud of witnesses that have held patient hope: the faith of Abraham and Sarah, of relatives and friends throughout the world who have whispered this faith in word and deed. #livefolk

Snowy portraits might be some of my favs. ❄️❤❄️ #collectingportraits

Today's activities included digging out my car that couldn't make it up the hill, cozy reading by the fire, and staying warm without power. It was a magical winter wonderland that was lovely to gaze at all day. ❤

After 13.5 years, a reunion with this wonderfully hilarious friend has finally happened! For his dramatic flair that only karaoke-ing 90's pop songs by a frozen lake can capture, for his Southern charm and adorable phrases as he rants, for his way of telling it like it is, and for his endless love, joy, hope, and compassion that have remained through some brutal twists and turns: for this and so much more, I am so very grateful.
The many facial expressions and ESP conversations through van windows in NZ, Donald Duck voices, endless letters written in scented gel pens, laughter & tears, Tim Tams, your skit that made me pee my pants and mud rugby that made me rip my pants while you laughed at me and pointed, hours long phone calls in college, being able to always pick up where we left off, and so much more--you will always have a place in my heart. You are so very loved. Here's to you, Dan, Danny, Daniel! ❤ #collectingportraits

Wild wonder. That's how I feel when I watch dance, drawn in with wonder and awe. At bodies, at their incredible power and movement, at the joy of how it works together. #postthepeople

Had the honor and joy of taking this incredible teen's Senior Photos. She is a delight and one of the most genuine people I know. She has a spark that nothing can dull and a dependable work ethic at a young age. I also hear she is an amazing baker. I can't wait to see the mark she will continue to leave on the world! Love to you, dear @kkenziejudd17 #postthepeople

"The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices." #collectingportraits

Unrelated caption: Colds are the worst. My sinuses are going haywire! What are your tips and tricks for a speedy recovery, friends?

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