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"Love is the unaltered aspect of any transformation" ~ Michael Stone [Michael was cremated yesterday morning. This Saturday July 29th, while his family holds a sacred gathering on the west coast, The Toronto Centre of Gravity (and all who feel called) are coming together for a ceremony in Trinity Bellwoods Park (in Toronto) at 8pm. Enter through the park gates at Queen/Strachan and walk north on Trinity Drive. We'll meet at the circle path. Please wear dark clothing and bring a tapered candle with you.] #itsallmedicine #cometogether #remembertoremember #heartsutra #loveistheunalteredaspectifanytransformation #prayermatters

Sitting, breathing, letting go and letting love. Dreaming, forgiving. Pacienca, pacienca. Good things are coming, I can see them waving from where I sit. Good things are right here, nestled in beside me, breathing as I breathe. Chop wood, carry water. Until practice becomes breath, until it all becomes the same, same, but incandescent. Sit, breathe, write. Let the tangles fall away. Follow the finest thread of thought, the one that is almost invisible to the eye of my heart. Stay. Be here. One breath to one breath. Being human is a miracle. The art of attention. Feeling all the feels. Allowing space for them to mirror the murmurmation of the ocean. This being human, tho. #wednesdayblessings #livingmedicinematrix #itsallmedicine #onebreathtoonebreath #sendingoutamajorlove

Life happens and we can always cultivate ways to be kinder with ourselves (this is key) and kinder with each other (this is also key). [And, we can laugh to the point of tears, which always helps.] So come let's open up the channels? I'll see you later this evening @kulaannex for our weekly 8:30pm #levelone #slowheartjam and tomorrow (Wednesday!) I be subbin' 1pm #levelonetwo @octopusgardenyoga so that's an option for us to gather together, too ... okay? Okay. #tuesdayblessings #remembertoremember #laughterissomegoodmedicine #weallwingingit #thatswhatangelsdo #sendingoutamajorlove

Repeat after me: Death is my companion from the moment of my birth. Through my life, through the deepest depth of my sorrow and highest reach of my joy, death stands there in the quiet, in the wings, reminding me of the impermanence of this moment. I will lose people I will never be ready to say goodbye to before I am ready and all I can do when they leave this dimension is sit for as long as I need to in the space that remains. I must cry a river (an ocean) and I must be angry and I must feel my feelings and I must, I must take the teachings of their life and their death and go on. Death is my companion, with each in-breath and each out-breath, and sometime before I know it yet, I will be able to look at the trees and the bees and the feel the breeze and know that the ones I am not ready to lose become everything that surrounds me, the stardust in my eyes, the moon and sun, so high in the sky. Death is my companion and all my life I keep running, thinking that I will somehow be the one that gets way, that outruns this old friend of mine, this angel that keeps watch rather than inviting death in to sit down and tell me everything he-she-they know over a proper cup of tea. [You can support Carina + the kiddos + Michael's memory here: https://www.gofundme.com/carina-stone-family-fund.] #remembertoremember #deeproars #heartbows #thankyouthankyouthankyou #natureisthebestmedicine #prayermatters

"Michael lived with bipolar disorder his whole life. Bipolar disorder is characterized by a fluctuation between normalcy, mania and depression. This manifested in visible and invisible ways ... On Thursday July 13, Michael left his Gulf Island home for a routine trip to Victoria. On the way into town, he called a substance abuse and addictions pharmacy, likely to ask for a safe, controlled drug to self-medicate. He was not a candidate. He got a haircut, exercised, ran household errands and finally acquired a street drug. Initial toxicology tests suggest inconclusively that he had opioids, including fentanyl, in his system ... When he didn't come home, Carina initiated a missing persons search with the RCMP and he was found around midnight on Thursday. He was unresponsive and found to have no brain function upon arrival at the hospital. He was declared brain dead on July 14th and was kept on life support for the purposes of being an organ donor on Sunday, July 16th. Within hours of the operation, three people received new life through his organs. His lungs, and kidneys. His time in hospital was beautiful and peaceful, full of love and gratitude. Carina was by his side night and day until the last moment. He was surrounded by his family, his children and dear friends. It may be hard to put one’s mind into his, to imagine how he could take such a risk with a young family, baby on the way, with such a full life and such fortune. It could be easy to shake one’s head and think, what a shame. Culturally we don’t have enough language to talk about this. Rather than feel the shame and tragedy of it, can we find questions? What was he feeling? How was he coping? What am I uncomfortable hearing? What can we do for ourselves and others who have impulses or behaviors we cannot understand? Impulses that scare us and silence us? How can we take care of each other? Michael did amazing work in the world and changed the lives of so many. He was a beautiful father and loving husband. He loved his life, his work and his students. He was loved immeasurably. He continues." ~ @michaelstoneteaching #sendingoutamajorlove #weareallwingingit #thatswhatangelsdo #heartsutra

Early, just before the sun, I swear I saw the sky turn orange and pink unless it was a dream I had of you and I long ago, back when we were a glimmer, a sparkle, kinder to ourselves and each other, a hope to come ... stardust, breathing through the life of the trees and the bees and the sea, deciding on what form to land here on this beautiful earth with to try our hand at loving again. [SURPRISE!!! I'm subbin' $9 10am LEVEL II @kulaannex for @serahruth so maybe I'll meet you there?!] #thursdayblessings #thisguytho #ultimatenapchampion #tenderisthenewtough #weallwingingit #thatswhatangelsdo #sendingoutamajorlove

"Grief is love with nowhere to go. Love which has lost its object, wishing to go somewhere, flows with urgent haste to the gates of grief. We arrive at grief through love; it is our love that carries us there." ~ Michael Stone [Come move and breathe and be this evening @kulaannex ... I'm subbin' 5:30pm LEVEL 1 + 7pm LEVEL 2 for @brittany_themindfullife, wrapping it up with our weekly 8:30pm #tuesdayevening #slowheartjam ... and if movement isn't what you need to hold you right now, there is a gathering of stillness, breath and prayer in honor of @michaelstoneteaching @downwarddogyoga at 7:30pm and all are welcome.] #tuesdayblessings #cometogether #remembertoremember #heartsutra #onebreathtoonebreath #practiceradicaltenderness #sendingoutamajorlove

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