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Bryonie Wise 


We're just talkin' bout how grateful we are ... ya know, like we do. [And also! SURPRISE! I subbin' 10am #alllevels @octopusgardenyoga this morning for @jessejenright so come drink in some sunshine?] #thursdayblessings #lightwork #thisguytho #fancymcpawsalert #sendingoutamajorlove #summerjam

Oh, Summer Solstice ... you are one of my most favorite days of the year, cause everyone be comin' outta their shells and the parks are full and it feels like Christmas, but warm enough for naked legs and naked arms and naked hearts. And even though the world at large and in the middle and at small is not okay, for a moment, we are here, thankful for the longest light-stuffed day. I promise that I will be good to you and to myself and to the world. I promise to eat my weight in watermelon and cherries and I promise to get outside so often that inside starts to miss me. I promise to cry when the tears come and see if I can catch enough sun beams to make rainbows that spill around a room. I promise to laugh loudly and deeply, until my belly aches, especially at my own silly human antics. I promise to put words to page and let them spring from my lips as we adventure along the water and into the woods so that they can know the power of sound. I promise to remind the people that I love so dearly that I love them truly, madly, deeply and I promise to make some space in my heart to invite in a few more. I promise to make art and make change and make hope and make peace and be kind and gentle and move slowly and make my living all about love, just as much as you invite me to remember. #solsticeblessings #remembertoremember #lightwork #wearethefutureofnow #summerbabe #allheartsondeck #youareabreathingthing #ahometoalife #alwaysbecoming

"The Sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us. Journey wisely." ~ Alexandra Elle #solsticeblessings #wearethefutureofnow #summerlove #allthelightwecannotsee #remembertoremember

I mean ... this guy tho ... SWOON 😍. [Two chances to practice together today ... I'm subbin' 1pm Level 1-2 @octopusgardenyoga and then later (6:30pm!) come grab a cushion with @thequietco and yours truly @gladstonehotel and dip into some #modernquiet ... okay? Okay.] #mondayblessings #sunshinecity #onebreathtoonebreath #sendingoutamajorlove

I am ever grateful for the circle of masculine love I am held by. I am ever grateful for the see-feeling and for the fumbling and for the explorations and for the laughter. I am ever grateful for the remembering and the softening and the singing and for tears that tumble down cheeks like small rivers. I am ever grateful to witness my own brother become a brave and mighty father. I am ever grateful for my unicorn Daddo and his legendary expressions of love and tenderness. I am ever grateful for my uncles and my grandfathers and their fathers, the ones who walked this earth before them, and before them, too. I am ever grateful for the men who do not shy away from tears and truth and feeling and dedication to working it all through. I am ever grateful for the learning and the grieving and the loving I've been gifted through this life by the men who held me and who let me go. Nayyirah Waheed has this quote that says: "there have been so many times I have seen a man wanting to weep but instead beat his heart until it was unconscious." My Dad cried openly and without shame from the time we were young. I grew up knowing men were sensitive creatures and for that, I am grateful, because I have known the other side, too. May we create safe places and spaces for men to weep. May we encourage opening and more opening and masculine hearts that stay awake. May we support each other in our efforts to forgive what it is past time to forgive and may we move on from here together, all beings united and lifted by our ability to love. #forthepapas #inallshapesandforms #ofgrowinglovebigger #thankyouthankyouthankyou #itsallmedicine

Nothing makes sense today and so I tenderly step from one breath to one breath, bright as a dark night. #humaniswhatweare #sendingoutamajorlove #tenderisthenewtough #thisisaprayerforallbeings

πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰ It's the most wonderful time of the year πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰!!! [PS: I subbin' 1pm Level 1-2 @octopusgardenyoga so come get yer sunshine groove on?] #friyayblessings #ihavethisthingwithwatermelons #magichappens #sunshinecity #sendingoutamajorlove

This amazing thing happens on Thursday evenings where people we love and adore (and sometimes don't know but are delighted to finally meet so we can love and adore them in human form) come to our house to practice the fine art of being human. We move and we breathe and sometimes, we still. Pen hits paper as breath spills through the slats of ribs and a whooshing fills the room; imagination expands above, beyond and within and we soften into the sing-song of evening birds as our hard-working hearts do the same. It's a miracle, this life and how we choose to live it, even when the days and nights feel like they are taking us too far out to sea. That's what we have each other for: to remember. To remember when we forget and can't find the oxygen mask we were sure was here somewhere. To remember when all that will come is tears. To be in our state of feeling and let it be okay if we are messy and not okay and show up anyway. Rumi told us that this being human is a guest house and we are so deeply grateful for every visitor that appears at our door. #wearethefutureofnow #allheartsondeck #thisbeinghumantho #onebreathtoonebreath #winstonthewizard #itsallmedicine #thankyouthankyouthankyou

May we be tender and may we be guided and may we be held and may we be kind and may we be truth and may we be prayer-full and may we be thoughtful and may we be brave and may we be love, as much as we can muster. #thursdayblessings #tenderisthenewtough #sendingoutamajorlove #onebreathtoonebreath #wearethefutureofnow #itsallmedicine

"So come to the pond, or the river of your imagination, or the harbor of your longing, and put your lips to the world. And live your life." ~ Mary Oliver #wednesdayblessings #allthelightwecannotsee #loveisthemarker #tenderisthenewtough #youareabreathingthing #ahometoalife

Restless, dragon filled dreams require the tenderest of slowly we grow into the day mornings. [And also? I'll see you later this evening @kulaannex for our weekly 8:30pm #levelone #slowheartjam? Oh, let's make it so.] #tuesdayblessings #tenderisthenewtough #alwaysbecoming #loveisthemarker #morningmeditation

Whether the words or the breath or the movement or the inspiration or the stillness or the clarity or the remembering ever comes, the foundation of every practice is actually showing up. [Join @thequietco + yours truly next Monday (June 19th) evening (6:30pm) @gladstonehotel for a tender dose of #mindfulmusings. We'll sit and breathe and check in on our human things to see what needs some #modernquiet.] #mondayblessings #alwaysbecoming #ohana #sendingoutamajorlove

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