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Bryonie Wise 


"every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. and, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. it really is the most poetic thing i know about physics: you are all stardust." ~ Lawrence M. Krauss
#humaniswhatweare #stardustiswhatwearemadeof #daughterofnature #itsallmedicine #thealchemyofautumn #thankyouthankyouthankyou

Somewhere deep inside the cathedral of my heart there are always trails of luminosity, opening. [See you later, later @kulaannex for our weekly 8:30pm #sacredsundayevening #hotflowritual? I hope so.] #sundayblessings #itsallmedicine #tenderisthenewtough #naturealwaysknows #sendingoutamajorlove

๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ”ฎโšก๏ธ#saturdayblessings #truestory #youbeyouandillbeme #livingmedicinematrix #sendingoutamajorlove

H.I.W.W.A.*: 30 days to begin again. Ten minutes a day. To press pen to page. To invite ideas to unfold. To track the incredible beauty of our over-stressed minds and deeply feeling hearts. To let it go. To breathe it out. To build a relationship to a safe space of containment. To process, to distil, to transmute the impossible events of the world into something like gold. To feel our feelings. To listen beyond the hearing. To reveal shame. And judgement. And any other unkind things the inner critics want us to believe. To consider forgiveness. To embrace imperfection. To embody truth. To discover a language you did not know you knew. To refine integrity. To tap into the inter-galactic cosmos of the heart. To take responsibility. To shape a new tool, a new practice; to discover a fresh pathway to clearing channels and brightening imagination. To explore. To build bridges. To surrender. To repair the pieces to restore the peace. To be held, supported and encouraged, every single step of the way. To come together. To return home. *Human is what we are. 30 days to begin again. $30. November 1st to 30th. Heart-inspired prompts + content delivered into your inbox, daily. Join us? ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ www.bryoniewise.com/events + ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ heartsandbonesyoga@gmail.com. #saturdaylovebeams #alltheblessings #humaniswhatweare #30daystobeginagain #allheartsondeck #sendingoutamajorhug

Simple morning things, like: witnessing a quiet sky open, downloading ideas on a swimming sleepless state, gratitude offerings for a New Moon rising and this, care of @chaninicholas: "May I remember to release those that cannot hold my heart with kindness." [PS: Just in case I catch you while I can, see you @kulaannex for 10am $9 Level 2 + 5:30pm Level 1 + 7pm Hot Core, and in the middle of this sacred day, let's meet @the_rock_store for 12pm Slow Yin Flow? We have a whole lot of loving to do.] #thursdayblessings #livingmedicinematrix #weallwingingit #thatswhatangelsdo #newmooninlibra #sendingoutamajorlove

Autumn sunlight. Transcribing dreams. Breathing breath to breath. Gratitude + goodbye prayers for a great Canadian music man. Waiting for toast. Heart open, see-feeling every human complexity. Turkish coffee. A deep, calm holding. Celebrating six years of this sentient being coming home to his forever home. [PS: Join @thequietco + yours truly for a little in-city quiet with @woodfield.life tonight at 7:30pm? It's free and there will be magic and here is the place to do the thing: https://woodfield.life/woodfieldinthecity.] #wednesdayblessings #livingmedicinematrix #adoptdontshop #thisguytho #myinfiniteheart #lifeisbetterwithyou #thankyougorddownie #everythingisonelongthankyouprayer #loveistheunalteredaspectifanytransformation

My heart fluctuates between a deep sadness and bursts of an emotion I don't quite yet have a word for but tastes like liberation. In the bath tonight, tears merging into the water womb holding ancient bones, I thought of all the times we are too afraid to speak and the time that I was too afraid to speak the truth about one particular charming wounded dragon, I knew once, sometime ago. And I thought of all the ones that followed me, even after the trail of me ran cold, right into the mouth of the dragon because I could not find the words to warn them. I waved flags and tried to signal with secret code that they would not be safe there, but it was impossible to say everything that needed to be said because I did not feel safe to be the one to say it. I spent much of that time period wondering if I was going crazy. I thought I was losing my mind and my heart. I worked day and night and night and day until I forgot to eat and sleep and that wasn't enough. I spent much of the time trying to decipher what was truth and what was fiction and what was fair in the love of work that seemingly allowed the letting loose of untrained and unattended rage. I wanted to come from a place of love and so I taught myself to write in another star code to speak the truth of what was happening to myself so I would remember and I grew better at staring the dragon down, until eventually, my tired heart won the right to choose the right to walk away. Walking away was also an extraordinarily difficult thing to do. There is a subtly and intelligence encased in emotional abuse that makes it difficult to put a finger on and even harder to express. There are so many layers to this 'me too' and the silent ones, too. I am sorry for what happened to you and please forgive me for not being able to do everything I could to stand up for you and thank you for choosing to be here, still and I love you, wherever you are and I believe you. #vulnerabilityisasuperpower #livingmedicinematrix #allheartsondeck #weinthistogether

My Facebook feed is a chorus of 'me too,' of all the ones who have experienced sexual harassment or assault, and I can hear the silent whispers of the ones who stand quietly with us, so know you are here with us, too. This both breaks my heart and brings me hope. With our voices, we are co-creating a wave of awareness and change that will shift the course for all the ones to come after us. With our love and truth, we are smashing a system. Together.
#wemaketheworldsaferwhenwespeakup #mondayblessings #weallinthistogether #metoo #livingmedicinematrix #sendingoutamajorlove

Stay here, with me, okay? One breath to one breath is how we'll be. We can do the thing of being even when life is as turbulent as the roughest, most vivacious sea. #morningpractice #livingmedicinematrix #vulnerabilityisasuperpower #saturdayblessings #sendingoutamajorlove

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