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HealthyIsPretty <3  We are Shannon & Rachel! We are trying to promote healthy and happy. You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful- you just have to be healthy. <3

*not healthy* whoops 🙈 I was wondering if it would be okay if I made this account into my art account? Comments/thoughts?

Here's some inspiration for my inspirational followers. #KeepWorkin #JustDoIt #healthyispretty #healthy #pretty #abs

Shout out to @coralsprinkles because she blew up our notifications, and commented on so many pictures of how motivating we were and it encouraged me to get back into this account! #leggo

Go go go! Lets get motivated everybody! 😜

Honestly, if you go into something scared of not succeeding, then you most likely will talk yourself into failure. So BELIEVE YOU CAN & YOU WILL.

So keep trying because you are lapping every single person on the couch! 😊


*at least once a day!

I will give active followers shoutouts if I think they deserve them- but don't ask; I will say no. But I found @chewgummie and she has some amazing pictures! Personally, i think she deserves some more followers. At least check her out! @chewgummie @chewgummie @chewgummie

Everybody has to start somewhere; so don't judge people now.

Repost and like if you agree.

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