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AD: Healthy Budda bowl with @tastybite rice, turkey, green beans, and spinach! Look for the bright yellow pouch in the International food aisle at your local grocer #tastybite #ad Required

Wishing there was smell-o-vision 💭 Homemade granola over Greek yogurt 😃On stovetop over med-low heat, add coconut oil, a diced apple and cinnamon, let soften- think Apple pie texture. Then add a handful of oats, a few pecans and almonds, chia and hemp seeds and a drizzle of honey. Cook until the oats are toasted and it smells like a cinnamon roll 🤗

Chocolate hummus 🦄✨ It's true! You just gotta try it, trust me- but more so @thenutritiousprincess for she's the mastermind behind the recipe 😉 All you need is: 🔹1 19oz can chickpeas, rinsed
🔹1/4 cup cacao powder
🔹1/4 cup + 2 tbsp maple syrup (feel free to add an extra 2 tbsp if you want it sweeter)
🔹1/4 cup coconut oil
🔹1 tbsp nut butter of choice (today I’m using raw pecan butter)
🔹2-3 tbsp water (optional: only if you need a little help getting it smoother) Yum!

🌈Eat the rainbow! 🦄 I'm about to turn into a skittle with this green smoothie made from spinach, banana, plant-based protein, unsweetened almond milk, and ice✨Added into a hallowed out cantaloupe and topped with white chia seeds, goji berries, unsweetened coconut flakes and mulberries. 🌟Also LOVING these @vimmia_active leggings from @bandier, great for all activities and never see thru 😉

Lunch out on the paddle board 🚣 Sweet potato, roasted chicken with BBQ sauce (❤️), and carrots with @eatnuttzo organic chocolate hazelnut spread. Accompanied by lots of iced @wateravecoffee in a @hydroflask and a full serving of ☀️

Pistachio encrusted chicken with quinoa and a mint tomato salad. Check out my story for how to 🌟

Lunchtime with kale slaw, roasted yams with coconut oil, chicken seasoned with salt&peppa, avocado and a sprinkle of sunshine ☀️

Green pancakes! Yet again 😉 To see how to make my favorite recipe, check out new blog! ✖️Link in Bio✖️ Eat clean. Eat green 🌟

Give up carbs? Over my (br)ead body!
My Insta best friend, the ever encouraging and wildly creative, @thenutritiousprincess is always whipping up the best stuff💕 This one is ricotta, fig, rosemary, and honey pizza 😍 Yes, please! Check out her blog for the recipe 😉

Did you ever eat those Dino nuggets when you were at kid?? 👧And pretend broccoli were trees and race your siblings to peel a tangerine in one piece? 🙋 I remade the classic chicken nugget to replace the fried chicken (maybe?¿ honestly not sure what's in them). Try it out! 🔹1/3 cup almond meal 🔹2 eggs 🔹2 tablespoons of rosemary 🔹Salt and pepper 🔹 1 chicken breast 🔸Bake at 375 degrees for 9-12 minutes *sound* Anyone else think ✖️"Flick of da wrist" ✖️ when they whisk??

Sliced turkey, avocado, roasted sweet potato with cinnamon and cinnamon maca spread, coconut macadamia power bite and cinnamon apples 😋

Sunrise scramble of sautéed brussel sprouts (😉), spinach and baby tomatoes with a runny egg, 2 egg whites and blueberries 🌞

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