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✨🔥Don't wish for it, work for it.✨🔥 Feels good to get back on the fitness routine, after no workouts for over a week.
I did chisel balance today to switch it up!
Even though I didn't workout, I still kept my nutrition good while in hospital, and had my shakeology daily too as always.
I had pizza too, as it's all about balance and moderation in my world. I used to deprive myself of not healthy eats, and my body was not in good shape due to that. Now I enjoy not so healthy in moderation, and healthiest I've been ever. I sometimes even enjoy unhealthy a little more than typical, but I don't feel guilt. Guilt is what can kill ya and break you down.

Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand.

No size determines your worth, I'm size healthy and happy.
If you are struggling with your health and fitness game, know you can do it. Be stronger than your excuses 🔥

My husband got me this mug last week while I was in the hospital, and he was at home playing mr. mom to Rocco!
I think he got a taste of how hard it is to take care of kids, lol! That's why he got me this mug 😆

He's never had Rocco solo that long and I know he surely thinks I'm super mom! And, he realizes how much coffee I really need 😂

Elisabetta agrees, as she's pointing to my mug! Us moms, we rock!

Good morning! Hope everyone has a beautiful day. Dont forget that God is greater than our struggles we face in life.
If you are facing one now, don't forget you will get through it. This too shall pass as I always say. ❤✨ am I 11 weeks old already? 😳 I know baby girl, mama can't believe it either 😢💕 Happy 11 weeks Elisabetta Rose! Don't blink, your kids will grow up so fast! 💗

These last few weeks have been the hardest weeks. Let me even take that back further , since July when we found the babies lung mass, it's been non stop stress. BUT, since January bad things have been happening one after one, and it's been hard. This last bad thing, my daughter in the hospital for second time in a month, just broke me. I am human, I can only take so much, and all these things just kept happening, and I couldn't recover from one thing, before another thing happened. I finally have broke, I'm not myself and slowly trying to pick up the pieces. I'm a strong woman, but things just got to be too much and it's understandable. I'm proud of myself though, for still standing, staying positive, and taking care of myself. One day at a time, God is good. I got out today to get my hair done and it felt so good, I needed that. ✨ Don't forget to take care of yourself, and that this too shall pass. Tough times don't last, tough people do!

🦄🦄Peace Out Lower Fix 🦄🦄 Baby was up at 5, fed her, and she went back to sleep. NOW....I could of went back to sleep as well, but I chose to kick some unicorn ass!

Got my workout in, even though it took me 15 minutes to convince myself to not go back to bed 😂

I always know I will feel good getting my workout in, so I get it done and feel the workout high after 😍

And, I did workout in my unicorn slippers. I mean, I feel like they helped me kick ass even more on those lunges and calf raises 🦄😆 Happy Wednesday! Wacky Wednesday over here! Who got their workout in?

Yup! It's that kind of day! Well, every day is this kind of day for me 😆

Happy Wednesday! Time to wake up, workout, and kick ass all around today!
Coffee is how I survive 😀 #coffee #truth

Snacks on snacks. Another snack favorite of mine lately 👉🏻 @lesserevil_healthybrands sweet and salty Buddha pop + @kashi heart to heart cereal. I love mixing popcorn with cereal or trail mix, too! My snack attacks are out of control lately, so trying to at least snack healthy 😉 What was a snack you had today? Gimme some new snack ideas 😀 #snacktime #healthyeating

Everything else can wait. I have an angel sleeping on me ❤ #elisabettarose #angel

Might have a @babyblingbows obsession, and hoping my daughter loves headbands forever 😆💕 having a girl is dangerous and so pretty 😍


I got 4 hours of sleep, thanks to miss diva and a growth spurt going on.

I could of went back to sleep after her 5am feed.

But, I make my health and happiness a priority.
I know how good I feel after a workout, and I drank some energize, and pressed play.

30 minutes done, happy mom, and happy day 😀

Don't judge my workout apparel 😆

I might be on a coffee IV today, but at least I got my workout done bright and early!

Happy Tuesday! Make yourself a priority 🦄

This is what my life needs right now. There's been so many dark and scary days, too much bad at once lately. Time to rest and reset. ❤️