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Hey! That's us! Yep, the @healthy_ish issue of @bonappetitmag is here. In it you'll find meals we dream of waking up to (mixed grain and coconut porridge!), @andybaraghani's guide to modern Middle Eastern cooking, @xtinem on the all-day cafés that are dominating the restaurant industry these days, comforting stews that won't induce a post-meal nap, and more. Find it on newsstands now, and head to the link in our profile to subscribe. Cover photo: @yungbludlau Food styling: @rebeccajurkevich Prop styling: @emilyeisen Collage: @johnzabawa

"I’d never thought much about cruise ships until last year, when I noticed that wellness had become a serious focus for an industry better known for all-you-can-eat buffets," writes @ashapiro009. "As the editor of Bon Appétit’s sister brand Healthyish, I spend a lot of time thinking about the lifestyle these cruise lines promise—filled with vegan grain bowls and therapeutic massages—but embarrassingly little time actually living it. In other words: I’m stressed. And the idea of spending a week on a floating health spa started sounding pretty good." So last fall she boarded Oceania’s Riviera for a Mediterranean “wellness tour”. She kept a journal along the way so she could remember what true relaxation felt like when she returned to her landlocked desk in NYC. Head to the link in our profile for her experience. 📷: @laurashoots

This lamb and winter squash soup is warming, spicy, sweet, and straight-up delicious. Head to the link in our profile for @andybaraghani's recipe. 📷: @yungbludlau Food styling: @rebeccajurkevich Prop styling: @emilyeisen Collage: @johnzabawa

"At the Rapoport household in the 1970s, you got salad every night with dinner. The same salad. Iceberg lettuce, some underripe tomatoes, and a few cucumber coins. 'Eat your salad or you don’t get dessert.' That was the refrain," writes @rapo4 in this month's editor's letter. "I don’t mean to throw my mom under the bus. She was a top-notch home cook, and still is. But back in the day in Washington, D.C., let’s just say that she wasn’t exactly, to borrow a current restaurantism, -'vegetable forward.' A native Wisconsinite, she had a repertoire of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, brisket, breaded veal chops for my dad’s birthday. As kids, my brother and sister would fight over the crispy bacon strips affixed atop the weekly meatloaf. They were good days." Fast-forward to 2018 and, yeah, things are a little different now. Head to the link in our profile for how "vegetable-forward" just became the way Rapoport eats now. 🎨: @onlyjoke

Yeah, this chicken and tomato stew with caramelized lemon is prettttttty magical ✨. Grab @andybaraghani's recipe through the link in our profile. 📷: @yungbludlau Collage: @johnzabawa Food styling: @rebeccajurkevich Prop styling: @emilyeisen

How did airy, stylish, veg-centric natural wine–pouring cafés become the iconic restaurant genre of 2018? @xtinem digs in. "Part café, part restaurant, part workspace, part community center, this is the fabled 'third place' between work and home that so many café owners strive to achieve. In the past, you went to diners or bars, Starbucks or coffee shops with single-origin pour-over menus. Now it’s one big happy hashtag, garnished with a watermelon radish—and it’s influencing how we eat, cook, decorate, work, and socialize." Head to the link in our profile for more on how all day cafes (like @camillebecerra's @demarianyc, pictured above) are changing the way we eat out. 📷: @yungbludlau

Brothy beans. Farro. Eggs. Mushrooms. Yep, you should add this stew to your winter lineup. Grab @andybaraghani's recipe through the link in our profile. 📷: @yungbludlau Food styling: @rebeccajurkevich Prop styling: @emilyeisen Collage: @johnzabawa

"There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love winter, and people who think those people are lying," writes @mjnblack. "For that second group, cold isn't the half of it. From chapped lips to seasonal depression, vitamin D deficiency to unwanted weight gain... it can be enough to make you wonder why we don't just all move to Hawaii and be done with it. Of course, winter also has its upsides, and, with a bit of proactive planning, you can do away with most—if not all—of the downsides." We spoke with some of our favorite chefs, nutritionists, and wellness experts who've taken on bitter winters across multiple continents to gather up the best tips and tricks for the chilliest, darkest months of the year. Story through the link in our profile. 📷: @karl_steinegger

Turmeric fried egg kind of morning. With some kale. And yogurt. And bacon 🙃. Grab @moroccochris' recipe through the link in our profile. 📷: @yungbludlau

Ready for some weekend travels ✈️. rg @diegocabezas00 in Catalonia, Spain

We really don't want to say this, but this is the last recipe of the 2018 #FeelGoodFoodPlan. We've loved cooking with you guys these last two weeks. Like, can we start all over again? Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves, we've got celery soup to make. This recipe from @andybaraghani is comforting, flavorful, and exactly what we want on a Friday night in the depths of January. And, yes, you should double the chile-garlic oil in it. Recipe is through the link in our profile. 📷: @yungbludlau Food styling: @rebeccajurkevich Prop styling: @emilyeisen

Suuuuper understated.📍 Tiruvannamalai, South India 📷: Vincent Leroux via @tictail

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