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This is our go-to gazpacho, made with nectarines, heirloom tomatoes and basil oil. PS: You can find the recipe in our digital publication,! Sharing is caring, right? So make this gazpacho for someone you love (and/or want to impress). PPS: We have a flower farmer (really). @farmerkelley hooks us up with these gorgeous, flavorful borage and bean blossoms. - @botanicafood

For cooking vegetable-centric food, LA is an absolute fantasy. We source all our produce from local famers (shout outs! @thehfm, @smfms, @kongthao03, @shearrockfarms, @ricksproduce, @coastalfarmssp), and we regularly bite into things and say: “holy s*!t, is this even real?” We’re smitten with the rainbow-hued bounty of SoCal, and our menu is a celebration of it. We sell the produce we’re using in the kitchen in a little market in the front of our space. Here's just a tiny bit of what we've got in house right now. - @botanicafood

Hi! We’re @heathersper & @emilyfiffer from @BotanicaFood, a restaurant in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, and we’re hijacking this feed for the weekend! Fun facts about us: 1) We’re food writers-turned-chefs/owners of a restaurant devoted to vibrant, creative food that happens to be good for you. (Healthyish is actually the perfect term for it. Thanks, Bon Appetit!) 2) We’re big into color and flavor; we’re not into rules. 3) Our food heroes include our grandmothers, Gabrielle Hamilton, @alicelouisewaters, @reneredzepinoma, @ducksoupsoho & @ericwareheim. 4) We want to feed you! Come say hi soon, please. 5) @emilyfiffer's the one with the nice melons (hehe) & @heathersper's the faux cheerleader with a natural wine pompom.

Sliding into the weekend like 🔶🔸 rg @benzank

Soy milk should be more than a consolation prize for people who don't want dairy. But a lot of the options out there are chalky, bland, and nothing like actual milk. No good. That’s why we bought six brands from our nearest grocery store, all organic, unsweetened, and unflavored. Then gathered around a counter in our test kitchen and sipped them (very classy!) to find our favorites. Head to the link in our profile for our official ranking.

What to make this weekend: this grilled halibut with summer squash and pumpkin seeds from @seamusmullen. 📷: @yungbludlau

Yes, this is the best thing to happen to your inbox in a very long time. Head to the link in our profile to sign up for weekly notes from our editor, feel-good recipes, and more. ✨

"This is a story of a dish everyone loved, then everyone hated but hardly anyone stopped eating. It’s a story about love and fashion, of private devotion and public shame. It’s a story of a thing with an unclear past and an evolving present, though it never really changes. It’s about millennial excess to some—a hashtag on more than 400,000 Instagrams,” writes @john_birdsall. "To others it shows the cynicism of restaurants eager to make bank on a dish with the easiest of odds: a vegetal-tasting fruit of supermarket ubiquity, spread onto the world’s most common comfort food. Yes, this is a story about avocado toast.” Head to the link in our profile for more on the dish that signifies everything good, bad, elitist, humble, annoying, and yes, delicious about eating in America right now. 📷: @yungbludlau

Summer market in Tehran, Iran 🍋🥒 📷: @andybaraghani's uncle

If you ask @seamusmullen his favorite protein to make, the answer is simple: fish! "It requires a lot of focus, and I love how that pulls me into the job of cooking,” he writes. "When you’re working with fish, there’s a real moment of reflection and attention; it’s those moments that remind me why I became a cook.” Head to the link in our profile for three super-simple fish recipes. (Oh, want more simple recipes? Meet @basically.) 📷: @yungbludlau

Where we'd rather be right now 💎💧. 📷: @jamagpie at Pamukkale in Turkey

First there was V8. Then there was green juice. Now, there’s bottled gazpacho. "I'm not the biggest gazpacho fan—cold soup seems unnatural to me,” writes @pkgourmet. "But my interest was piqued by those eye-catching bottles and flavors like lime, corn, and roasted poblano." So she set out to try as many varieties as she could. Head to the link in our profile for her chilled soup rundown. 📷: @tedrzz

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