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Artist @dillon.marsh visualizes how much copper was produced in now dormant mines in South Africa ⚪️ rg @shopkickpleat

"As it turns out, a lot of people are baking with protein powder,” writes @alexandrabeggs. "Blame the recent craze in protein bars, food replacement shakes (shout out to the vintage boxes of Slim Fast in my dad’s pantry), and #fitspiration Instagram marketing. There are hundreds of gloppy Pinterest recipes—key lime, cannoli, strawberry swirl, and something called 'Aunt Chubby’s Protein Cheesecake.' Aunt Chubby=me?” Head to the link in our profile to hear about Alex's misguided adventures with protein cheesecake. 🎨: @karl_joel_larsson

You know what your weeknight salmon could use? A kicky chile-lime vinaigrette. Head to the link in our profile to get @moroccochris’ recipe. 📷: @yungbludlau

As we all know, the real point of going to the movies is the snacks. But sometimes you don’t want too-salty, fake butter–flavored popcorn and offensively overpriced sweets. That’s why we put together this guide to eating healthyish at the theater. Find it through the link in our profile. 📷: @yungbludlau

When @maggie.lange is surrounded by ingredients but can’t be hassled to prepare a full-blown meal, she turns to weird toast. "Weird toast involves zero forethought. Weird toast needs to be inspired. It’s an odd-times food. It’s a late afternoon affair or a midnight snack. Weird toasts are for when you have fashionable dinner reservations at 9, but you’re a hungry person and it’s 6 p.m.” writes Lange. "Weird toast is there for me. It’s there for you too.” Head to the link in our profile for Lange’s ode to weird toast, and some of her favorite weird toppings. 🎨: @karl_joel_larsson

This is the recipe that @moroccochris will be making all summer summer long. It’s got charred green beans, crispy snapper, and a punchy chili vinegar. And it nails that whole "weeknight grilling" thing. Head to the link in our profile to make it yourself. 📷: @pedenmunk

"Even the name of this recipe makes the pleasure sensors in my brain go haywire,” writes @ashapiro009 about this Udon with Chicken and Garlicky Peanut Dressing. "Udon, chicken, garlic, and peanut butter? I don't want to change a thing.” Head to the link in our profile for three new chicken recipes we actually can’t stop talking about. 📷: @yungbludlau

"Pouring that drink for myself was just something I did out of habit, like brushing my teeth or taking out the trash,” says Jenny Rosenstrach about having a nightly cocktail. Head to the link in our profile to find out why she decided to break that ritual and cut back without going dry. 🎨: @igorbastidas

What would happen if @rapo4 had a private chef at work? He’d eat healthyish lunches (like this stir-fried black rice!) every day, to help power him through afternoons of meetings and brainstorming sessions. Head to the link in our profile to see his dream week of lunch recipes. 📷: @pedenmunk

On our last day we swam in the morning, went back up to our rooms to pack up, and then had one last lunch (pad Thai!) on the restaurant patio complete with a bottle of rosé on ice before heading to the airport. Thanks to Healthyish for having me, and thanks for following along this weekend. - @nikoleherriott

I love when you feel at home enough to fall into a routine. This was the start of our breakfast, no matter what—eggs were to follow, along with an iced Vietnamese coffee. The restaurant was open air and on the ocean, and we had a table we considered our own. It was perfect. - @nikoleherriott

"Weekend uniform during my trip to Vietnam—black full piece, olive green bikini, oversized white shirt and my favourite straw hat." - @nikoleherriott

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