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Flavia Castro💚 🇧🇷👻loveofhealth  Holistic Nutritional & Lifestyle Coach • Coaching People To Create a Life of Their Dreams • Be the Change •

Missing my little girl🐶 #goingbackhome

💚Felling like eating organic raw food. #art #plantbased #organic

💚O segredo para a MUDANÇA e focar toda a sua ENERGIA e não "lutar" ou "mudar" o passado MAS Sim focar em Construir um NOVO Futuro ⭐️🙌🏽#mood #vibes ... exatamente como me sinto🙏🏻#grateful

💚Huge inspiration to be here at #gtc2017 and have the privilege to meet amazing inspirational woman that has had such a positive impact in my life. @debbie_neal #grateful #onfire #arbonne

Happy Day!!! Could not help myself but to post this image, it says: Benefits of the Coca Cola : To clean up coins, to polish pans, to clean up burned cookware, chromed objects, to clean up window, to clean up bathrooms tiles 😂😂😂😂😂😂Absolutely loved whoever wrote this 🤢💀 In honer of my coca-cola friends!!! Besides of the fact that they are supporting such a wrong cause but buying these horrible products 😩 #toxic

Are you really??? #idareyou #bebrave

🙌🏽Just under 5 months at Arbonne, with a clear mind and a vision that the future looks promising and up to ME and the energy I hold to create a legacy that will have a positive impact on people's lives, environment, animal welfare, poverty... My first #gtc2017 -Global Training Conference at the MGM Las Vegas with over 18.000 people from 7 Countries where our business is located and many nationalities🌏Feeling so grateful to meet leaders that are a true inspiration, today we had the great pleasure to met Cecilia Stool @cecilia_stoll , Brazilian, 26 years of Arbonne, philanthropist, huge leader, number one incomer at Arbonne, beautiful heart on a mission to empower people to achieve anything they want ⭐️ Belief and Discipline are key to Success. #leadership #purejoy

We have evolved on earth eating foods that came from Mother 🌏. A Whole foods plant based "diet" is a Lifestyle, it's not a "thing" or a temporary diet! #microbiome #eatdirt #organic #happygut #lifestyle

🙌🏽☀️👙My top tips while going on a long flight are: drink plenty of water 💦 I mean plenty, seat on a aisle so you won't bother anyone 💦😂, eat light ( got a ginger shot, fruits, a salad and a big bottle of water with me from Pret ), lots of Chlorella to help with the radiation, a nice face, hand and foot cream to keep your skin moisture, a cool pair of headphones @beatsbydre, an eye mask to have a nap after a movie 🎥 #travelessentials #gtc2017 #birthdaygirl #crueltyfree #crueltyfreecosmetics

💚What an amazing experience I had today! Finally have managed to visit the beautiful colourist/artist Fernanda Nabuco @fernabuco ...I mean the experience goes so far behold having my hair done, there is a lot of care, understanding on what I wanted, really personalised art work (hair colour), her studio is lovely, peaceful, the atmosphere is chilled. Highly recommend paying a visit to her! Fer you are a Star ⭐️ Feeling like a doll #mybirthdaytreat ... Warming up for our Vegas trip #gtc2017 #arbonne #brazilianstakingoverarbonne

💚Love story with Matcha 🍵 #antioxidants .... Life is all about moments, we are here collecting memories! Happy Easter 🐣

...and the celebrations may began!!!Life is a real gift, I feel so fortunate and grateful for ALL that life has brought into my life! Thank Universe for all the blesses in my life. 🥂💚🙏🏻🐶🎉#my38thbirthday #fellingbetterthanever #happybirthday

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