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Quite impressed to see how things are changing in general... drink menus, food menus almost everywhere having healthier options for those who would like to still be health-ish whenever out! Went to Amaya Restaurant last night as well where we had plenty of healthy vegetarian options there!! #joy that girl that will do WITs - Whatever It Takes (not lie, kill, steal, be nasty - got it?) to carry on no matter what! Be that girl that believes is doing good and having a positive impact on people's lives! That is part of the change... thank you girls, you know who you are! Thank you for being in my life... #girlboss 💚💋

Filled with joy to catch with @kasiabosne and her husband last night, I met Kasia in Feb 2014 when I went to @hippocratesinst to do The Life Transformation Program (12weeks). Incredible experience! Kasia is a born entrepreneur, has an amazing personality and it's very creative! She has been growing a beautiful business in the USA, RawMantic Chocolate 🍫 all handcrafted made with a lot of love! All organic, vegan, gluten free, with plant based protein and fibre! And so after becoming a best selling raw chocolate bar in the US, she is now taking over Europe, we are starting with London, more details will be coming soon! #rawmantic #rawmanticchocolate #rawchocolate

💚Blackberries are nutritionally packed with vitamins C, E, A, & K, minerals magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, and antioxidants such as ellagic acid. 💚Blackberries contain powerful anti-carcinogenic agents making them one of the top ORAC fruits available and one of the best fruits to eat to help prevent cancer. 💚The anthocyanins in blackberries (which give them their dark color) have the ability to significantly reduce inflammation which benefits autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The phytoestrogens in blackberries aid in the prevention of breast and cervical cancer and can relieve estrogen related symptoms such as PMS, bloating, food cravings, & hot flashes. 💚They also contain salicylic acid which can inhibit atherosclerosis and protect against heart disease similarly to the way aspirin does. 💚Blackberries can help improve eyesight and help prevent macular degeneration. The high vitamin c content in blackberries greatly support the immune system, aids in the ability to fight infection, and provides powerful anti-aging benefits. 💚Blackberries high fiber content promotes healthy digestion and assimilation and aids in maintaining bowel regularity which decreases the risk of colon cancer. Try making a simple breakfast or desert of a bowl of blackberries, drizzled with a little raw honey, and a sprinkle of shredded coconut. This delicious and antioxidant packed treat will both energize and nourish your mind and body. Source: @medicalmedium ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC BERRIES as in general they are highly sprayed, and the last thing you want is to be eating poison ☠️ #organic

...We are a Sum of the 5 people that we spend most time with! I'm sure that you have heard this before! The choices that you are doing it now, the books you read, the information, mindset you are exposing yourself now... will have an effect on your next 5 years! Why to have an average relationship when you could have an extraordinary relationship? And that is for anything is life (Carrier, work, personal life, financial, spiritual) . You are too special to play small in this life! #awareness

Creating life memories with some amazing people.
Birth Place: Earth 🌏
Race : Human
Religion : Love ❤️ Politics : Freedom 💚I belong everywhere, Earth is my physical home 🏡, I love my neighbours ( Humans, Trees, Animals, Stones - if you study a little about the golden ratio, tree of life, you will realise the maths says that, biology says that, spirituality says that) - you will only be able to feel that if you connect with your inner god, your heart, the universe that lives inside you, and your alter world will transform, you will feel connected with everything outside you, you are NOT above the web of life, you are PART of the web of life, respect your body, respect nature, respect animals, respect the elements, the cosmos. Study if you really want to evolve and become a better person, the system in place DOES everything to keep you away from the truth, the job of the system is to keep you in sleeping mode, so you can still buy into the bullshit they tell you, so you can keep eating crap 💩, taking drugs ( including sugars, processed, refined, GMO, pesticides, and of course Pharmaceuticals), so then you keep feeling like shit, lost and unhappy, and You will keep on chasing your so desired "happiness" by consuming, competing, putting yourself into shitty relationships, playing small. The beauty is that just like me, you also can change your reality and ANY time in your life! And then REALLY start your real journey here on Earth 🌏

💚Absolutely love raw plant based foods 🌱from my trip to Bali visiting a friend @mariraidal @greenschoolbali give the meaning to everything in life differently... for some monday is a challenge, others an opportunity. For some eating clean foods are a challenge, for others the best thing ever!!! How is the lens that you see the your world? .... a positive one? Negative? Do you face the challenges in your life as a bless or a curse? #awareness

💚Our Green Smooth Recipe: Coconut Water, 1/2 Bag of Organic Spinach, 2 scoops Vegan Vanilla Protein Arbonne, 1 Scoop of Fibre Boost Arbonne, 2 frozen organic bananas. 💫💚

🍅One of the most delicious parts of summer is the abundance of heirloom tomatoes that are available at that time of year. 🍅These nutrient-rich tomatoes have a wonderful sweet and salty flavor, and make an excellent addition to any meal or snacks.
🍅Heirloom tomatoes are are rich in vitamins C, K, A, and B-complex, as well as potassium, chromium, biotin, and beta carotene. This amazing array of nutrition makes heirloom tomatoes excellent for helping to nourish the adrenal glands, reduce stress damage, build the immune system, lower blood pressure, protect against skin damage, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen bones. 🍅Help prevent cancer
Heirloom tomatoes are also an excellent source of lycopene, a super-antioxidant, which is known to help prevent breast, pancreatic, intestinal, bladder, cervical, colorectal, lung, skin, endometrial, and prostate cancers. 🍅Support digestion
Heirloom tomatoes are also known to aid in the digestion of dense proteins, assist in dissolving gallstones, and purify the blood making them highly beneficial for your digestive tract and lymphatic system. 🍅During the summer, heirloom tomatoes can be found abundantly at your local farmers markets, some grocery stores, or grown in your garden. 🍅The basil in this dish not only adds a burst of flavor that pairs wonderfully with the heirloom tomatoes, but it offers its unique health benefits as well. The magnesium found in basil can help reduce the chance of experiencing irregular heart rhythms and spasms, making this herb a great option for helping support cardiovascular health. One of the most delicious parts of summer is the abundance of heirloom tomatoes that are available at that time of year.
Image @healthy.flavia Source @medicalmedium

Hoje recebi uma ligação da taróloga Eneida Abreu que me entusiasmou com as respostas de seu taro! O universo sempre da um jeito que manifestar aquilo que nos cremos. Obrigada @eneidaabreuespirita 😘🎶

Had the pleasure of being in the presence of the wonderful Patch Adams 🤡some years ago in Byron Bay - Australia 🇦🇺. He is a physician, comedian, social activist and author. He travels the world, going to refuse camps and the saddest places on the planet to bring humor, love and happiness... I love his message and mission here! He is dedicating his life to make the world a better place for all of us. And yes, he does not take "normal" pictures.... but what is normal after all? 🤔 normal =joy 🙃 #patchadams #uplift #upliftconnect

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