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Jen Bishop  Health minded mama driven by my desire to live life to the fullest without toxic chemicals. Young Living Essential Oils💧 Organic Food 🍎Nature🏕.

Making some rollers for friends this morning. Love these lazy summer mornings with my boys.

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You guys, the Young Living mascara released at Convention is so so good! One coat my friends. 👆🏻 And absolutely nothing harmful. Infused with lavender oil, this mascara conditions and nourishes lashes without:
🚫synthetic colorants
🚫synthetic fragrances
No compromises! 🙌🏻

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Did you know blue corn is nutritionally superior to white and yellow varieties? It has less starch and 20% more protein than white corn. Starch raises blood sugar and eating too much starch has the same effect on the body as eating too much sugar. 😬 Becker muscle tested poorly for corn last year, but we were told blue corn would be an acceptable alternative. So many gluten free products we had been buying just substitute corn starch (mostly GMO) for wheat which doesn’t fix the problem at all and causes more gut inflammation. So when we went to eliminate as much corn as possible from our diet I was happy we could include organic blue corn chips, (I mean chips and salsa is basically a meal around here sometimes) and blue popping corn for our Friday night movie. 🙌🏻
Popping it on the stovetop is fun for everyone and is just as fast as a microwave without the radiation, loss of nutritional value and increase in cancerous cells in the body. 😳🚫#aintnobodygottimeforthat
For real, you don’t have time for that cancerous cocktail.
What do you like on your popcorn?
We like melted butter and a few of Trader Joe’s seasonings like garlic salt and 21 Seasoning Salute.

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Yay! Daddy is home!

They’re baaaaaaack.....🍇💚
But do they do that? 🤔

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Some days the kids get slap happy 🤪and hyper inside and my heart races with anxiety from all the energy and noise. It can be so hard to just leave the house once I’ve missed my window. And then we finally get outside into nature and the peace falls into place. 🙏🏻✌🏻

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The new products released at Convention came!
Bodi is super interested in all the fun. Who wants to come over and play with them? Stay tuned for a little new product party!

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Anyone else on the unpapertowel bandwagon with us? 🙋🏻‍♀️
When my first son was born I went from kinda mostly trying to be healthy to passionate about learning all the things and making choices that were smart for our body and the planet my children will inherit. Cloth diapers came first, and the next logical step was unpapertowels. “WHAT?!” You may say, but hear me out. I didn’t go so far as getting rid of toilet paper, don’t worry. I was spending money monthly buying the big package of paper towels. We used them and threw them out, but it was so wasteful! So many trees! 😰🌳🌲So I decided to let myself run out of paper towels and give cloth kitchen towels a shot. I mean Costco is like 1 mile away if I hated it....I haven’t bought paper towels in 7 years. 🙌🏻 These little flannel squares are the size of a paper towel and way more versatile. I have refreshed my cloth stash a couple times over the years but man have we saved trees and money living this way.
All you need is a kitchen wet bag and a pile of cotton squares and you are set to go. There’s tons of cute color combos on Etsy. If you’ve been pondering the idea, I say go for it. Even if you think I’m crazy I think you should give it a shot. You never know, you might be hook d like we are. ✌🏻

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So my cherubs who were supposedly missing me while I was gone literally lost their marbles and decided to draw on their brand new beds while I was on the phone with Home Depot about a brand new toilet I bought that is garbage. They are too old for this....they know that. They seemed to think they could erase it and that failed. All methods failed. And then while I took a break for a quick cry in the closet it hit me to try 🍋lemon oil. Thankfully the lemon oil saved us and they won’t be working hard to pay me back for those beds this summer.
But for real can we get a little impulse control up in here?? 🤯

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🙃Clarifying Clay Mask 🙃
After airplanes, dry heat, late nights and tons of recirculated air I’m treating my skin to a mask.
I got this recipe from @lindseyelmore and if you aren’t following her, hop on that bandwagon! She’s the go-to for all the science behind oils and supplements and I got to meet her at convention. #fangirl moment! She interviewed me and my heart was beating out of my chest. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ I made this recipe with my son. Kids like to stir and pour so it seemed like a no brainer to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Clarifying green Clay Mask
- 1/4 cup green clay (I used bentonite Clay)
- witch hazel
- 3 drops Eucalyptus Globulous
- 3 drops Eucalyptus Radiata
Slowly blend witch hazel into clay to air a paste. Add oils and stir well. Store in a glass jar.
Apply about 2 tsp to face and smooth out avoiding delicate eye area. Chill out about 10-15 minutes and then wipe clean with a wet wash cloth. 👌🏻
Super easy and effective!

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Let me tell you coming home can be a little overwhelming. For 4 1/2 days I got to take care of myself and only me. It’s not like I got to sleep in or anything, but I didn’t once tell anyone to put on their shoes, be nice to their brother or stop picking their nose. I didn’t hear the word poop once. I didn’t tell anyone to go put release on their liver. I didn’t even have release with me and it certainly wasn’t needed. So much love, joy and positivity. I didn’t wash dishes, fold laundry, buy groceries, cook, vacuum or mop. And after I walked through the door the work ahead of me felt heavy. I was tired and didn’t want to do all those things. We have 3 more days until Daddy gets home so the extremes are even more magnified without help. So here we go Monday. Let’s do this!

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