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Hanna Watson Nutritionist  Clinical Nutritionist: BHSc (Nutritional Medicine) 🍍health & cooking 🍷🍫it's all about balance Nutrition consultations available in Surry Hills

Tonight's dinner! So quick and easy and healthy and delicious!! Oven baked salmon, potato salad made with cherry tomatoes, 2 cloves finely chopped garlic, capers, lemon zest, fresh parsley and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Served with some cavolo nero (Tuscan kale)! Trying to include some brassicas in my daily meal plan (oh so nutritious). Husband loved it 😍 oh, and we've got leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
Being healthy doesn't need to be complicated πŸ€—

Nourishing and wholesome goodness in a big bowl (a little bowl was just ridiculous). Now this is what I consider healthy!
This soup has been feeding and nourishing me since Monday! I have frozen 2 serves to have whenever I need an emergency fix πŸ‘Œ it's like a big warm hug for my guts and soul πŸ€—
I added some steamed cauliflower and chopped parsley to up the veggie and nutrient profile if course!

Homemade Polish style chicken soup! My mum has been making this ever since I was a baby.
I bought an organic chicken (totally worth the extra $$) and covered it with water in a large pot and simmered it for approx 1.5hrs, skimming the impurities off the surface from time to time).
I then added an onion (which I had browned for flavour), celery, parsley stalks, 1 bay leaf, a few pimentos & black peppercorns and continued to cook it for 30 mins. I then added my carrots and cooked it until the carrots were tender.
I removed the chicken from the pot onto a plate and removed the flesh from the bones...it just fell apart... gorgeous!
I strained the soup to get a beautiful clear broth!
Sure, I may not have cooked it for 12 hrs to get the maximum nutrition out of the bones however, I know it's nutritious as the soup was like jelly when I removed it from the fridge the following day. That's all the gelatin which is so beneficial for the health of our gut. The fat had settled on top of the soup and I was able to scrape it off.
In addition to the gelatin, chicken broth contains lots of minerals that can be easily absorbed.
As soon as it was ready, I poured it into a large mug and drank it for afternoon tea.

Fresh figs! I picked these up from Woolies today for $3.90 ( these cost less than a large flat white) and I've already enjoyed them as a snack this afternoon. I can't wait to add them to my morning oats tomorrow. Hmm, I could even add them to a salad?
Figs are a fantastic source of fibre and rich in minerals including magnesium, potassium and calcium! Enjoy these fresh beauties whilst they're in abundance πŸ€—

Eggs and veg for breakfast! Winning!
I popped the tomatoes and asparagus into the oven on a baking tray with a bit of EVOO and sea salt and baked it until the tomatoes just started to blister.
I scrambled 4 eggs with a 60g bag of baby spinach.
It was that easy. Serves 2.

I've always got a smile on my face when I get to talk to people about nutrition. Yesterday I was at We Work George St doing one on one consultations. Thank you @meandmywellness for the opportunity!

Lunch time!! Sardines on buckwheat crackers with hummus, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice and pepper. My favourite flavour combo & oh so easy to prepare 😁

A dessert which is actually healthy enough to eat for breakfast!
I made this healthy dessert the other night & it was so easy to make.
I stewed green apples with cinnamon and put them in a oven safe dish. Topped with about 1 cup of blueberries.
The crumble contained walnuts, oats, a bit of vanilla essence and a small drizzle of maple syrup. All the crumble ingredients were placed in the food processor and processed until it resembled a crumb. I baked this until the crumble was a nice golden colour.
So, what's so great about this dish? Well, it contains no added sugar (just a small amount of maple syrup) and the apples are rich in pectin, a type of soluble fibre which is great at lowering cholesterol. The oats also contain soluble fibre! Blueberries we love for their antioxidant properties and walnuts are a beautiful source of anti-inflammatory omega 3's!! Served cold this morning with 2 tablespoons of organic natural yoghurt. I'll definitely be making this again 🍎🍎🍎

Happy Friday everyone!

What a gorgeous bunch of protective polyphenols! Picked straight from my mums garden. The aroma is amazing. Using herbs when cooking is a great way to not only add flavour to food but also increase the nutritional value. What herbs are you going to add to your evening meal tonight?

A bit of birthday fun for my burger loving husband! πŸ”
His reaction was well worth the effort! πŸ€—
(the colourful fondant was all for show & I removed it as soon as the candles were blown out...#waytooartificialbuteffective)
Birthdays are so much fun! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚
I chose to make a homemade cake which contained gluten, sugar (50% less than the recipe called for) and dairy as it's what I'm comfortable with using (I'm not a very good raw desert maker). Also, I believe it's not the occasional homemade birthday cake that will cause chronic disease but the EVERYDAY lifestyle and diet choices that are the major influence over our health! Unfortunately, a lot of us are making DAILY choices that are not conducive to good health.

Homemade pavlova. Perfectly imperfect and utterly delicious. One of my favorite desserts πŸ“

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