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The eye area may be one of the first to show the signs of aging; however, quick action can reduce and prevent signs of aging. Add effective eye treatments to your spa procedure and make sure you are maintaining your eye care with proper at-home eye products.
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The area framing the eyes, the periorbital area, is one of the most expressive and important facial areas.
1 It is the first facial area on which another rests their gaze when meeting someone for the first time. The periorbital area is also among the first on the body to show the signs of aging (see Eye Area Anatomy).
2 Skin here is thinner than other areas of the body, and blood vessels are near the surface. In addition, to the sun’s rays is high, and protective mechanisms are less robust.

Findings associated with periorbital aging include dark under-eye circles, “bagging” or loss of elasticity, shadowing in the tear trough, crows’ feet or wrinkling lateral to the eye, and loss of opacity (increased translucency) of the under-eye skin.
3 Thus, the periorbital area mandates earlier and more aggressive protection to avoid early aging.

Ethnic Differences in Periorbital Aging
Some notable differences among ethnic groups relate to aging in the periorbital area.
4 African Americans often report early drooping of the lateral canthal area compared to others. The lateral canthal area is the line of cartilage support from the inner eyelid rims nearest the temples. When structural integrity of cartilage is lost, the lateral canthal angle narrows causing a “drooping” appearance of the outer eye to give a more aged appearance.5 Dark under-eye circles are termed periorbital hyperchromia. Some ethnic groups, including Middle Eastern and Indian, are more prone to this. Photodamage and inflammation produce more intense hyperpig­mentation in those with darker skin and more melanocytes.
6 People of Asian descent tend to develop hyperpig­mentation prior to wrinkling as aging occurs. They will be concerned with increasing pigmentation first and with wrinkling in later years compared to Caucasians.

Although the manifest­ations of periorbital aging

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Microder­mabrasion, one of the most sought after esthetics treatments, involves a trained technician mechanically exfoliating the skin through a hand piece. The devices most commonly use abrasive particles such as aluminum oxide crystals, sodium bicarbonate salts, silicone-derived particles, or a micronized diamond-tip as the method of exfoliation. As the hand piece is gently glided over the skin, the particles or diamond-tip are directed on the outermost layers of the skin. At the same time, the crystals and detached keratinized cells are drawn into a waste container of the machine through suction. This combination of exfoliation and suction creates a mild stimulating response in the skin, similar to that of superficial chemical peeling methods.
While results vary among individuals, microder­mabrasion has been reported to improve the appearance of the skin by softening fine lines, reducing superficial skin discolor­ation, evening the texture of the skin and providing the skin with a healthy glow. Microder­mabrasion should not be promoted to remove deep wrinkles, acne scars or dermal pigmentation, as it is not intended to reach the dermis. Although some clients do see improvement in these conditions with multiple treatments, it should not be over-stated. Additionally, microder­mabrasion should never be used for inflamed skin conditions including grades III and IV acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

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