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👽🔮💫💀  depression. anxiety. emotional. selfharm. // check out my blog❤️

guys check out my tumblr and maybe follow it as well: suffocatinginbreath.tumblr.com // open to everyone n anyone who needs me or just smeone to talk to❤️

baby don't hurt yourself eventhough its worth a while);

you need to know that i'll always listen to you, your worries, insecurities and pain. (:

telling yourself its gonna be okay hurts, saying its gonna be fine hurts. i know that feeling, its like you need to feel okay so badly that its driving you emotionally in pain. it hurts so bad, but have you ever thought that all pain are mostly created in mind?

there's this guy who knew me from the third day that there was something wrong, he can see it from my eyes when i walked in. and it was terrifying bcause the truth is there is smtg wrong & i can't help it myself. i'm scared. & i can listen to every hum and breathe of everyone around me. i can smell the bitterness/ sourness around me. the moving pace of walking & i'm terrified.

i can feel the pain in my chest. but today i stood infront of 50 people and spoke, and i felt happy inside. i have this "i deserve to be happy, & i can actually do it" feeling:)

this is the best one i've seen, made me cry a little.


and we all learn to accept beauty. not seen by the naked eye, but by the beauty & flaws in us;

"i'm letting my scars breath, from the war i'm battling, the empty promises that are breaking, and myself i'm saving." -m.d

"i'll pour water to my daisies and sunlight to the heart. and i hope you're breathing once more" -m.d

"i will leave you my petals that had fell, and i hope you'll find a way so you can replant a part of me again. and maybe then you can see my beauty. but that's not possible, you can't plant petals. the only way is to replant my seeds that has died in me." -m.d

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