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Liane Arias  PHL | NYC 📍 Postpartum Doula 🤱🏻 Holistic Nutritionist 🍠 “Healing maiden, mother, maga + crone— one [hue]man at a time.”🌱 healingwithahippy@gmail.com 📩

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The journey to motherhood is such a beautiful fusion of the physical + the metaphysical realities. Mother enters delta brainwaves with each surge of energy bringing her baby earth side, while her support team carry on in beta wave consciousness. Mothers are soul deeply misunderstood during this transformative experience, due to their ability to tap into multiple brainwaves throughout their pregnancy + even more so during labor. Making them seem distorted in this reality but a doula knows they’re just moving between realms.

Labor isn’t a medical event like we’ve been made to believe. Labor is closer to a spiritual ceremony— where mom is opening the portal for creation. The closest representation of creator is a mother. This is why supporting this journey is soul deeply needed. Just as we wish to save earth from extortion + pain, the same is necessary for mothers. •
We need to bring all mothers to awareness that this journey is an honor bestowed on us + they should not only be celebrated; but nurtured + supported. Healing our ancestral traumas starts here. Healing the future of our planet starts here. Healing society starts here. Healing society starts here. Asé.

It’s finally time to say to hell with fear + put myself all the way out there. This is the beginning of what I hope to be the rest of my career as a Postpartum Doula, I am currently taking postpartum clients for the months of MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER.🗓

If you or anyone you know is in need of extra support during your postpartum period, shoot me an email + we can discuss some of the packages I am offering. 🍲

Packages include but are not limited to: herbal teas + oils, nourishing foods, womb (yoni) steam, lactation support + much more. 🌱

It can be the difference of having a smooth transition into new motherhood vs postpartum depression, I am an extra pair of hands to help wherever you need it, I remind you (using food + tools) that nourishment + nurturing YOU, is not only helping your healing but the healing of your baby + new family. We have long forgotten the ancient traditions of maternal care + have left it to just a 6 week check up. I want to bring back the ancient practices to modern women bc we need this! Our society’s mental, emotional + physical health, needs this!

Luna has been way more expressive lately, which has been D I F F I C U L T! Yelling + grunting when she’s not given something in immediate fashion has my anxiety, 👏🏽through 👏🏽the roof! 👏🏽 She’s also been avoiding food, only wanting to nurse every few hours. [She’s currently breaking in three molars— my strong little pechunga] I would be lying if I didn’t tell you it’s been taking a toll on my mental, emotional + physical well-being— which has me catching myself being snappier than necessary. It’s been intense navigating this regression along with Michael, Luna + finding time for myself. I’m still figuring out how to balance it all.

It’s nerve wrecking being honest about motherhood sometimes. You run the risk of judgement from those only getting a glimpse of what your life looks like. But I’ve noticed the more open + honest I am about MY reality of motherhood, the more people overstand what I’m growing through. The more people slide into my DMs saying, “I’m feeling this too!” Or my personal favorite, “I thought I was the only one!” What a sigh of relief! I’m not a bad mother— I’m just human + shit sometimes gets hard! 🥴

Let’s stop romanticizing motherhood like its suppose to be glamorous + picture perfect all the time. Let’s openly discuss that breastfeeding is draining. Motherhood; although rewarding in many, many ways —let’s be honest, it doesn’t pay the bills. Life is beautiful yes, but my universe how chaotic it is to maneuver somedays. What helps keep my sanity in check is reminding myself that this isn’t where it will always stay— that things will shift back up soon enough.

I leave you with this, remember to be gentle with yourself friends. You are doing your best. You are enough. + most importantly you are doing a kick ass job! But I gotta ask...

What are some ways you balance it all mamas? Let me know below. 👇🏽 —Love
A very exhausted mother 💚😴

〰️ Happy International Women’s Day 〰️

To all the women past, present + future. I started this work due to a deep calling that I needed to connect with women + that women needed to connect to each other. Since listening to the call I’ve witnessed pure magik happen when women gather together. 👭

Since starting this journey, I’ve met some of the most profound, amazing, beautiful, loving + powerful women on this earth plane. Change makers shifting the paradigm back to balance + abundance. ⚖️

I thank all the women that have helped shape who I am today + have tagged some of my favorite. Those that inspire me, who are speaking uncomfortable truths + are using their gifts to share in spreading awareness. 🗣

I’m a believer that in order to change the world we need to connect to one another. Who are some of your favorite women in your life + in the social realm? Share in the comments.👇🏽

📷 by @maryswcampbell for @wearemoonmountain

It’s funny + a little sad, that I’m aware of the shifts taking place in the cosmos but still fall flat on my face when I’m tested. Mercury tested me on day 1 + I definitely didn’t pass with flying colors. 😦

Instead of beating myself up about how foolishly easy it was to pass the test, I’m reassessing why I let the energy bring me down in the first place. I’m noticing that sometimes even in the tension of distorted technology + miscommunication, we can learn exactly who we are now + how the lesson is illuminating who we are meant to be. We all have missions to complete on this earth plane— some easier than others. Sometimes we complete them quickly + other times we need to repeat that lesson in order to build the proper foundations for self + our village. 👭👬👫

I’m taking this time to learn from this tension + making note that the decision to level up is really only a choice I can make for myself. If you’re seeing repetitious patterns, understand that this is a sign that there’s more wound tending that needs to happen here. 🌱

I’ve been chanting this all rising + felt called to share—I release my insecurities, my fear of failure + the idea that I cannot have everything I desire! I am in direct alignment with the constant flow of love, health, money + all prosperous abundance. Asé 👁

Took it back to my childhood with this Caribbean porridge/farina/cream of wheat. It tasted exactly like my childhood but better + the best part—it’s plant-based! 🍥

Lately I’ve been implementing a lot of dishes from my childhood to my “diet”. The health + wellness industry can get very dogmatic in many cases— with a list of too much sugar here’s, too acidic there’s , not enough vegetables, or have you read the new findings that we’ve been eating too many PUFAs? It’s nuts! 👀

Instead of driving myself crazy with all the info floating around, I’ve been enjoying listening to what my body is asking for. Something I feel we’ve forgotten how to tap into but such a vital gauge on what our body needs. I deeply believe food is the most misunderstood way to healing. Food is meant bring people together bc it helps us to connect with ourselves, each other + our ancestor. But lately it’s become a battle ground for judgement + experts who know what’s best for you. I love superfoods but as a woman that ancestrally comes from the Caribbean islands of Borinken + Quisqueya eating as closely to my ancestors has actually been helping me more than a lot of the foods I recently learned are beneficial. 🏝

As I write this I’m thinking out loud, have any of y’all ever wondered why we eat certain things together. For example this dish calls for cloves + its usually made sweet— why? As I start to think, I know cloves are great for detoxing the body of parasites + their eggs. + parasites are also VERY attracted to foods high in carbs + sugar. It’s no wonder why traditionally we ate our sweets with strong spices like cinnamon + clove. 🍯

What are some ancestral foods that you still eat? Are there any ingredients that make you go, hmm? Let me know in the comments below.👇🏽

I know y’all wondering wth is going on with this new logo I’ve been plastering everywhere! This logo has been just a thought for almost 3 years! ‼️

If you know me IRL, you know I can either go one of two ways—completely spontaneous + impulsive or very thoughtful + planned, there’s no in between. This logo as simple as it may look, had to incorporate a lot. The colors, their placement + this fivefold symbol had to symbolize everything I believed helped us along our journey to our highest self. Bc of this I made sure to be as thoughtful + detail oriented as possible. 🎨

The fivefold symbol native to Celtic traditions but used in various cultures around the world, is a symbol that displays the connection between the elements, our emotions, enlightenment + humanity. Just as I believe our ability to connect with the cycles of nature is a reflection of how well we will heal our mind, body, soul. 🧘🏻‍♀️

The rings/ circles are important as it has no beginning or end. Healing happens sometimes subconsciously not having a true beginning nor a definitive end. We are always evolving + adapting. ⭕️

In numerology the #5 has to do with expansion, change + synchronistic journeying to higher understanding. Y’all know I recently have been having consecutive (Angel) numbers following me. 5 being important as it reflects my TCM background of the five element theory, changing my perspective + in turn changing my reality to be exactly what I think it to be. 🔮👁

I will explain each color in depth in a later post but for now I leave you with my baby. Thank you to my brother for making my idea a reality. If you read this far you’re a real one! Have a beautiful Tuesday loves! ❤️

This week is all about rolling with the punches for this girl. I’ve set myself up to experiment with new ideas— some stuck, others not soul much + my ego has been hit. It’s scary when you hear this instinctually + even scarier when it’s confirmed on not one but two tarot pulls! 🔮

I was chatting with my partner the other day about how in grade school I never really did actual science experiments bc of fear of it failing. I’d always go the “easier” route + wrote a paper instead. I see in hindsight how this led me to a colorless science project + half lived memories. 🥉

I’ve been tending to this ego jab with extra love + gentle reminders of my accomplishments. As with everything— good + bad, I’m glad I went outside my comfort zone to try something new bc I learned a lot about myself, my tribe + what to focus on in the months to come. 👁

I leave y’all with a short little piece of what Luna + I have been getting into for rising rituals. Word dumps, kundalini meditation + yoga have been helping to keep me grounded, while combating my insecurities. Hope you all have a beautiful week ahead + that it be full of excitement. 🧿

Be weary of Mercury going Retrograde tomorrow, March 5th— we are in for a doozy. 🎇

I love y’all + we will chat soon.


@alexwolf posted an image of chopsticks + a fork recently with a caption that read, “all you have to do to understand the relationship man has with life is to look at the way he designs things.” (Swipe left for the rest) 👈🏽

The comments section of that post were full of insights on Eastern v. Western ideologies— individuality v. community, mindful v. thoughtless eating, etc. but what I love most about chopsticks is how intentional their use is.🥢

Did you know that chopsticks help with digestion?!🤯

When properly used chopsticks have a moving piece and a stationary piece (reflecting the balance of the Chinese theory of yin + yang). The moving chopstick massages the index finger which is where the Large Intestine meridian begins. This allows for better digestion + easy elimination later. 💩

Chopsticks also force you to slowly + mindfully eat, which helps your Stomach Qi. Eating slowly allows you to eat with greater intention, helping you savor + appreciate the food you’re consuming. Each morsel of food receives its due attention, bringing you deeper into the present moment. ☯️

We eat with chopsticks a lot in our home. It’s brought us closer to what I call ‘the art of intentional consumption.’ We aren’t robots scarfing food down our throat, instead we are deliberately joining in the dance of eating. Savoring taste, texture + color, with each dining experience. 🍜

Have you ever used chopsticks? Can you tell a difference in how mindfully you eat with them v. conventional American utensils? Comment below. 👇🏽

I give thanks to birth doulas —you know, the ones actively in the trenches of labor. Universe knows, the way my anxiety + facial expressions are set up, I couldn’t continue along that path.🤨

I wanted to share a little about why I chose to only focus on postpartum care despite losing a big piece of the market. 🤱🏻

The first being how unprepared we are as a society to care for mothers after they’ve left the hospital. Most mothers are left to go back to the swing of life —without being fully educated on what their body is essentially trying to heal. In TCM there are three times in which a woman can rectify her health— that’s during her first moon, after labor + during the “menopause” period. This is a major reason my tag line is; “healing maiden, mother + crone, one woman at a time.” I truly believe that if women were educated + supported in areas modern medicine has lacked, our health as a society would drastically change. The fourth trimester as it’s known to birth workers, is a time for bonding with your baby to increase milk production, a time to be taken cared of soul the body can replenish the necessary fluids it lost, move the organs into place, close anything still needing to close + balancing the hormones. I want to write soul much more but I’ll save it for a blog post. *website coming soon* 🖥

Second, I chose to focus on postpartum care bc of the lack of support hospitals + even birthing centers give mothers. Don’t get me wrong, some places do try but from my personal experience + that of clients I’ve helped —it’s not been the case. I’ve seen doctors bully mothers, disrespect their wishes + even had one doctor rupture the membranes without the mothers knowledge (she was suppose to be checking her dilation). 🌊

I have an army of birth doulas I know + adore, who I sing high praise for. Bc supporting mothers at every stage of her journey is important! I hope that if the time comes you choose to work with a doula. The statistics speak for themselves but if you want to learn more email or DM me, I’d love to discuss this further. 📥

Hi y’all! 👋🏽

I’ve gotten a ton of new friends the last few days, it’s only right I took the time to introduce myself! I’m Liane, the face behind Healing with a Hippy. 🧘🏻‍♀️

I’m a Postpartum Doula + Holistic Nutritionist with a background in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I work one-on-one with clients virtually + IRL, to support your wellness + motherhood journey. ☯️

My family + I recently moved to Philadelphia, PA from NY. Any Philly natives with recommendations for cool places to explore, eat at + discover as a family— please DM me! 📥

We have a 14 month old daughter named Luna Marley. If you want to see all things baby fashion + cute faces follow her page @lunamarl_e

I come from a long line of intuitive (ahem, witchy) women + I’m learning everyday how to hone in + embrace my skills. Simultaneously documenting it through this cyber realm the last 6 years. 💻

I’ve been big on boundary setting lately + have zero tolerance for ignorance. This space is open for sharing all of our highs, lows + in betweens. If not, block parties are my fav! ❌

I love crafting in my kitchen— making elixirs, teas, decoctions + most recently I started selling some of my creations on my Etsy shop. You can find the link in my bio! 🔗

I’m grateful you’re joining our village! This space is for US —to let our hair down, take our shoes off + be supported through our journey. As my dearest friend @highconsciousness says, we are all here walking each other back home. Welcome! 🤲🏽

Combing therapy (known as Shu Fa in tcm), with a wide-toothed wooden comb, has been my saving grace the last few weeks. 🙏🏽

As a stay-at-home mama who’s also an entrepreneur, I have been terrible at keeping up with my health. My hair + nails have been feeling the neglect on a whole new level. I’ve been doing my best to be mindful on consistently drinking nettle infusions + adding more He Shou Wu decoctions to my daily regimen. This has helped to increase my vitality therefore increasing the health + shine of my locs.

Every night before bed I’ve implemented this 100 strokes scalp massage. This helps stimulate the meridians in our scalp allowing the follicle to increase blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. 🔁

Combing therapy helps reduce headaches, increase energy throughout your day due to more restful sleep, improves visual + mental acuity + it helps to calm the body + spirit. Because the comb is wood (an insulator) it does not create static— reducing hair breakage— increasing the shine + bounce of the hair.

This is a self-love tip I learned from @lilychoinaturalhealing years ago + just recently started being more consistent using. What I’ve noticed the most is how relaxed I feel after. I’ve also been using this technique to help put a VERY active Luna to bed on time. 👧🏻

Have you ever tried combing with a wooden comb? Have you seen a difference in your hair health?

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