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Rekha Kalan  Healing hashimotos the MEDICAL MEDIUM way. Found the healing path. Spreading the word in South Africa 🇿🇦

Enjoying my cultivated blueberry smoothie bowl, I’m still on the hunt for wild blueberries. #medicalmedium #medicalmediumsouthafrica #hashimotos #healing

It’s been a long while since I posted about this healing journey, yes I admit I fall off the wagon and get back on, I might not be doing everything 100% correctly but I will get there. Sometimes it just takes going into nature and doing a meditation to find yourself again, to watch the waves take away all impurities. As Anthony @medicalmedium writes in the first book, when you feel purified, let each new wave bring strength and renewal to your spirit and soul. Call upon the Angel of the Ocean🙏 , she will help. Envision every wave as a surge of soul-cleansing energy. This was much needed. Feel more ready to carry on with the protocol and heal. #medicalmedium #hashitmotos #thyroidhealing #ebv #healing #oceanmeditation

Indian Mung sprouts. Yum 😋

When I can’t always buy organic celery, I wash my celery and I call the angel of disarmament to assist me in making this food pure. #celeryjuice #medicalmedium #hashimotos #healing #healinghashimotos

While my little one is away and I have some me time , I’m reading through the book for the second time, I know there’s a lot I missed and need to really concentrate. When Jiya is around she will ask me to read to her too. She thinks I’m reading a fairytale 💛🙏🏼 and I play along. Well this book is soooo much more, it’s the truth , it’s divine information and it’s pure. It’s just magical. 💛💛💛💛🙏🏼

This is the L-Lysine I use. L-lysine: lowers EBV load and acts as a central nervous system anti-inflammatory.

Radish, coriander and onion salad.
Onions and scallions are a fantastic resource for their sulfur content’s ability to confuse and knock down EBV while it nourishes the thyroid gland itself. As with cruciferous vegetables, that pungent quality is exactly what gives them their value. Onions are a big deal for fighting EBV—bottom line, a potent antiviral.
Information taken off medicalmedium.com

Today’s combination , fennel bulb, apple, spinach and cucumber , so refreshing .
💛💛 Fennel is considered both a vegetable and a herb due to its wide ranging nutritional and healing benefits. Fennel is rich in folic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, cobalt, iron, and essentials oils that contain powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is excellent for indigestion and is commonly used as a natural antacid in order to help reduce acidity and inflammation in the digestive tract and to facilitate proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food.
Information taken from medicalmedium.com #healing #medicalmedium #healinghashimotos #healingliver #hashimotos #medicalmediumsouthafrica

Just as I was lost in thought , my way of going into silence and meditating, my angel shows up. Feeling so blessed 🙏🏼 and guided 😊❤️

Since discovering The Medical Medium Via a Facebook article that popped up just at the time I was seeking for answers on healing my hashimotos, I must say I’m so humbled and touched by the Medical Medium Community around the world. Everyone shares with so much love and passion. There’s so much positivity, and just divine love.
It feels like family, everyone is so loving and willing to help and share tips and give some advice. I wake up each day and look forward to the posts on Instagram , the beautiful meals and the healing journeys 🙏🏼❤️🌷😘 Even though some of us are miles apart, and from all parts of the globe we are all connected, thanks to spirit and Anthony @medicalmedium . Thank you to @thehealing_vegan ❤️😘 for all your support😘

After listening to the first Instagram live with Anthony, I went back to bed around 2:30 am South African time and fell asleep, all I could hear was a “beacon light”. Last night I wasn’t aware that Anthony was going to be live, but something woke me up just before 1am and I saw a notification on my phone. I knew it was meant to be. I waited for the live and gained so much from it. I fell asleep after that and got another message , this time it was that there’s a bigger picture to these lives, there’s lots of healing light 💡 during the lives 🙏🏼💓 Feeling blessed for just having the opportunity to tune in and listen.
Thank you Spirit and Anthony 💓🙏🏼

Enjoying sipping on my Thyroid healing tea, listening to the replay of last night’s webinar. Knowledge is incredibly powerful🙏🏼 Thank you Medical Medium 🙏🏼 💓
Thyroid Healing Tea from the amazing Thyroid Healing Book by @medicalmedium.
Thyme: Thyme tea contains potent anti-viral properties and is essential for Epstein Barr. 💓

Lemon balm: kills of Epstein Barr
Fennel: helps heal the thyroid
Raw honey: replenishes and nourishes the thyroid. 💓
#healing #healinghashimotos medicalmediumsouthafrica #herbaltea #healingtea #thyroidhealingtea #grateful

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