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I Am Jack's Wasted Life  White chocolate velouté


I am in my hermit phase again. Don't call me or text me trying to make plans and then get mad when I flake. Also try not to be offended and even if you are, try not to tell me. 🌸🌺🌼

I think I live on tofu.

Send 🍵 recommendations my way.

You are the roots

Yes, I make art. Yes, it takes time and effort and a lot of supplies and no, I won't do it for free because we're friends or used to fuck. I won't "draw you" because I don't draw. And while we're at it, stop asking me to do commissions that I clearly don't do. Stop asking for portraits. Look at the kind of art I make before requesting something. Stop wasting my time.

I haven't made art in weeks but hey, at least my hair's behaving.

First time //

When you post a selfie and boys you haven't spoken to in ages hit you up with that "how you been, long time" text. Boo, it's only been a long time cause you a twat. Leave.

✨ stop trying to tell people how their bodies should look ✨

I gave up smoking and straighteners this year. Only one of them stuck.

I can’t believe Nicky’s gone.
I can’t believe we’ll never hear that drawl again or have him be a super sub the next time a rider does something ridiculous and gets injured.
It's gonna be a long week.
Ride on Kentucky Kid.

Not nineteen forever

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