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Mr Fred  Adventures in growing and building with a vested interest in all things Lucid and Local. @livelucid @local_by_lucid

Today, it was his turn to crest the 10th summit of Mount Benson in 24 days. 60 km and over 7000 vertical metres total. Just another Dog Day at the office for the Skipper.
#nationaldogday #mountbenson

This was me on February 22nd on top of Mount Benson. I have climbed up there 9 more times since then. 10 summits in 24 days. A total of just over 7000 metres in elevation and 60 km distance during that time. On that day it took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the round trip back to the parking lot. Today, I did it in 90 minutes. That’s nowhere near the fastest known time of 49 minutes. Nevertheless, I feel pretty good about myself right now. Just thought I would share that that with you.
It'll never hurt to push yourself a bit (although my legs might argue that right now). Take on a challenge. Do something you've always wanted to do. You might be surprised at what you are capable of. Find inspiration in others not envy. As those long strands of grey hanging from my chin would indicate, we aren't getting any younger. See what you can do before your dead 🙃

Also, if you are looking for some inspiration follow @jeremyycd and his (almost) daily trips up @mountbenson . It did the trick for me.

I live my life like there’s no tomorrow...
runnin' with the devil.

As per my last post, this is what "desperately trying to keep pace" looks like.
It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll...or so I am told.

"He gets on pretty well with three legs!" they often exclaim. "Indeed." I reply, "I don't think I could keep up if he had all four." Chuckles ensue and we head off on our merry way, me desperately trying to keep pace with the noble beast.

You know those times when your enthusiasm for something fresh makes you drop everything you were doing so as to initiate the transformation? Then it occurs to you that you weren’t actually finished that other thing you were doing. In a flurry, you go back to it for a spell. The two collide in a way you never expected. It is chaotic and precious how the old converges with the new. Rare but perfectly natural. Even Mother Nature does it. Savour those moments when everything is happening at once. Soon it will all melt and not long after that you’ll be anticipating that next renaissance. That next change of season.

Nothing will bring you happiness.
No earthly treasure or heavenly pleasure. Not climbing a mountain, splashing in the sea or standing naked in a forest. Travel the world. You won't find it. Getting that dream job won't do it. Neither will the big juicy salary. Career satisfaction? Hell no. Go ahead buy a fancy car or a luxury house or a killer wardrobe or the latest technology but that ain't gonna do shit either. Late nights. Loud music. Strong drinks. Good drugs. Hot sex. I tried...no dice!! Early mornings. Long runs. Yoga mats. Warm tea. Big hugs. Making the sweet love. You fucking kidding me right now!? Don't put that kinda pressure on your partner, your bestie, your family or your friends. And definitely don't pay anybody who says they can bring you something that sounds to good to be true. Have we learned nothing so far?
Nothing will bring you happiness. All the happiness is in you to bring. You don't always have to bring it. In fact, you aren't supposed to bring it all the time. Just know it's there and only you can flick that switch. The choice to smile is yours. Even that hint of a smirk is all you. Stop chasing it. Own your happiness. It belongs to you.

Head in the clouds.
I've often caught myself lamenting the hole my thoughts and actions have dug me into. The overwhelming feeling that everything I have created in my life is a burden too heavy to bear. Longing for a rift in the spacetime continuum to where the chaos is all acutely managed, the chores are all done and I can sit in peace proudly admiring all that I have accomplished.
But then I give myself a stern thinking to (because just what I need are more thoughts, right?). I remind myself what a privilege it is to have a mind willing to continue exploring ideas and a will minding to the action required to bring them to life. It's a blessing, not a curse, to have an endless stream of possible journeys on which to embark, of my own creation, laid out in front of me everyday. I stand on my mountain of half finished tasks and intended to-do's. Head in the clouds, I close my eyes and breathe deep. It may be a mess but I made it. What a lovely fucking mess it is, indeed.

Communing with nature resolved on day one. **David Attenborough continues narration** He would rather love to tip his hat to 2018...although, justifiably, he has a slight fright it might take flight. A good day for the new year, all the same.

Spent the last few days hustling to get the chimney installed for the new woodstove in my old house. ***Watching the snow flakes fall gently out the window, he proudly proclaims "looks like I timed that perfectly"...after having spent an entire summer (or three) adventurously procrastinating on it.*** Just a little masonry work to go and I will be toasty warm burning all the offcuts I have been saving for the past ten years.
Moral of the story: Embrace your grasshopper. Embrace your ant.
#chimney #woodstove #thisoldhouse #offcuts #grasshopper #ant

🌘 What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it, all the rest are not only useless, but disastrous 🌑Thomas Merton 🌒

#moon #mountbaldy

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we're all doomed.
Each one of us, and everything we know, has an expiry date. Our days in this reality are numbered. Nothing is permanent. But don't be sad. This isn't a fact to be lamented. Quite the contrary. When you consider everything astrophysically that has had to take place to put us here, it's actually such a gift to be alive. Here. In this moment. So don't worry about the little shit. And don't worry about the big shit. Just don't worry. It's all going to work out in the end and even if it doesn't, it's going to end anyway. Eventually. So sit back. Enjoy the ride. Hug your friends. Be nice to people. Call your parents. Treat yourself right. Not for any other reason than because you deserve it. You're a miracle after all. A complicated series of coincidences or, perhaps, a product of some divine intervention. Either way, you're doomed. And it's fuckin' magical, so don't waste a minute of it.

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