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Proud of this incredible spitfire right here!! She not only cannonballed into her 30 days to healthy living challenge but fell in love with Arbonne’s business plan and growth potential she jumped right into launching her own #networkmarketing business and already blazing a trail helping others!!! Way to go @liza_lou__ !!! Honored to be on this journey with you! 👭🌎❤️✨ I have no doubt you’ll be working your way to the top of leadership with your passion and drive! 💪🏼

When a @target run with the family becomes HILARIOUSLY funny the moment you catch your husband’s reaction to thinking the cart in front belongs to his wife...... 😳🤯🤣😭. #sheerpanic #hilarious #shoptilyoudrop @creating_icons

Here we GO! Who else likes wearing inspirational socks? 😀🤚🏻

When you #aintgottimeforthat this shake on the GO JO is where it’s at! #boom #lovebeingbusy #takingcareofmyself #dontmindtheconstruction

Last week I had the honor of doing makeup tutorials for some pretty amazing ladies ❤️❤️❤️ the BEST part is showing them beautiful options with stunning nontoxic makeup because it matters! One is kicking cancers ass and sharing with her the importance of choosing nontoxic makeup makes me feel more than JOY #healthyandbeautiful #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #makeuptutorials #nontoxicmakeup

Tonight I was too tired to make a gourmet dinner and then we all licked our fingers for more “rice” Not bad for trying for the first time this frozen #cauliflowerrice !! @daiyafoods Quesadillas, steamed frozen 🥦 and 🍟 night 👊🏼 easy breezy healthy comfort food and the girls had no idea it was Cauliflower!! 🤫 ❤️👍🏼 #detoxfriendly #healthyandquick

It’s what’s for lunch and she couldn’t wait for the pic to steal our seasoning from the table. #rosaleejane #arbonnefor30 #cleaneating @creating_icons

Harvest day!!! 🍅🌱 😀
Community gardening is the BEST!!! We took care of our neighbors garden while they were on vacay and when we needed it someone took care of ours because that’s how awesome our community is! 🏡☀️🌱☘️🍉🍓🥦🥒🌽🍆🍅 ❤️. Mint & chard is ours and the others are from neighbors generous hearts and gardens 💕 Now what to do with all of this?! 😮
#chard #kale #tomatoes #oceanside #payitforward #gardening

Happy Monday!! The only thing we can control is our reactions to life. Let’s do this!! #motivationalmonday #createyourfuture #personalgrowth

Josephine and Rosalee Sunday morning vibes ☀️🍪🍪🥛🥛 👧🏼👧🏼 Thank you auntie @lorijohnson11 for sending us these yummy GF chocolate chip cookies with mommy! Josie even wanted to use mommy’s fancy mug you gifted her ☺️❤️ #almondmilk #gfcookies #sundaymorningvibes #sisterlove👭 #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #networkmarketing #tiffanysmug #elvispresley

Oh how we miss you @matthewdhatle 💔 I know you’re dancing in heaven and showing everyone you’re “amazing” dance moves and tearing it up making everyone laugh but we miss them here.. @creating_icons @peppermintandlavender

My hot producer slips me steamy coaching notes while I’m live 💻🎥🌱 This one’s from last weeks show with @drtandacook on Losing your mind and the Keto diet 🔥 @creating_icons #myhubbyrocks #coachinglife #imaworkinprogress #entrepreneurlife #networkmarketing #podcast

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