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carmela uwu  former oof culter

PSA: go check out larks by whisperhawk!! mike recently released this new album and it's hella boppin! the catchy guitar works perfectly with mike's beautiful voice and honestly the lyrics are amazing too. perhaps i spent too much time editing this photo, but that's ok!! i have no life!! go check out larks!! #whisperhawklarks

so the bad list SLAPS and ryan ross looks hotter than ever

i just finished season two of sherlock and SOBBED my way through the last five minutes of the finale it was terrible

identity theft is not a joke, jack

imagine waking up to this πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

ryan ross fix your profile picture challenge


while misha ran a whole ass marathon all i did was this

neat old buildings and broken glass aesthetic?? helllllllll yeah


that one part in sugar we're going down swinging live

what is wrong with the fucking simulation

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