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Hannah Dubner  Actor || Yoga Teacher || Proponent of green juice and martinis ||Lover of Lucille Ball || Dreams of owning goats and olive trees🐐


This lunch though! ✔️Saturday Farmer's Market Salad 😍

Romaine, baby swiss chard, broccoli sprouts, cucumbers, olives, grilled peppers, goat cheese, kraut, sprouted sunflower seeds, and grilled chicken thigh with some @tessemaes zesty ranch!
All local and fresh! I am in heaven.
#livingofftheland #fresh #gowithyourgut #bestlife #paleoplay

When you're 10 again learning dances off the videos in the garage @andrewgarretkarl @korywithak_18 #steamboatsprings #actorlife #thatcontractlife #bdwaydancer #posers #creatingfun

And she's up!!! 😳❤️💃 Five months post shoulder surgery and this is my first, well, second headstand. The first one took place right before this video... i then proceeded to cry with joy and then took this video. 😁

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd see my shoulder injury as a blessing. I wouldn't say every moment I feel that way, but most of the time, now I do.
If it wasn't for my injury, I wouldn't have had to rediscover my body, it's wisdom, and its strength. My mind has grown too-- I've had to see my anxiety and be with it. I've had to believe that I could heal before I actually could. That was a practice too.. I have become a better teacher and a permanent student of my own inner wisdom. This body and mind are 👏❤️🙏 When babies are learning to walk, they fall down, obviously. It is the strength they build pushing themselves back up that allows them to ultimately walk.
I'm just saying... today, I pushed myself up and took some steps. And damn, if feels gooooood!!! 😍

#headstand #shouldersurgery #mindfulness #bodywisdom #believetocreate #dreamnow #yogarecovery #kickass

You deserve to be who you are ❤️#beyou #nevergiveup #spreadlove #youarealwaysenough

First outdoor rock climb! Climbed, belayed, and rappelled! 😍 Huge thank you to my amazing teacher, Chris who was patient, clear, and beyond supportive.
I have a story about how my shoulder is weak and how I'm always at risk to get hurt. But five months post surgery and it's time to start challenging what I think is possible. Gotta imagine the impossible... possible and then start climbing. ⛰

#firstclimb #steamboatsprings #evolveyourmind #stepupyourbadass #livemessy

Just two flowers dancing in the wind together 🌸🌸#sundayhike #steamboatsprings #naturalislove #cantstopwontstop

Me and Papa!!! Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad. @monktrane99
This photo was taken last year at the Grand Canyon along our road trip. It was a drive I'll never forget... the stories and laughs were truly magical.
Papa, you make me laugh, you support me, you cook for me, you teach me, you're real with me, and you love me.. I can't ask for anything more. ❤️🎉 #bestpapa #roadtripofalifetime #fathersday2017

Naughty-looking and delicious dinner! Got me like 💃 ❤️🎉 Turkey- Grass Fed Beef Enchilada inspired by @addicted_to_lovely (who does an awesome IG about how to make these puppies)

Super easy... Grab some collard greens, steam them, dry and then stuff em with whatever ya like! Boooom💣! I did a mix of grass fed beef, organic ground turkey, turmeric-paprika cauliflower rice and mushroom. Topped it with some @kitehillfoods unsweetened plain yogurt, @traderjoes chunky salas, organic romaine and of course, 🥑🥑🥑 #enchiladasparty #keto #paleo #cantstopwontstop #leftovers!

Gorgeous day celebrating love 🌸and that I finally washed my hair🎉 #cornybutreal #tooreal #staunton

Actually stopped to smell the roses #nofilter #brooklynbeauty #artistdate #aintrushin

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