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Megan Murray  Think free-spirit Think Megan Father God. Family. Friends. Fete...F

May Pen heat nuh normal !!! 😕😐😭😥

My sentiments exactly @jasonbaptiste !!! Let's go MY TEAM!!!!! TEAMwhosoever !! 😂😅😂😅
#Teamwinning #NotBrasilthough #any1except1#passion #worldcup2018⚽️

Me though!
100% ME!
Ask @gabby_eg @jhinnyct @yanalecia

And the in my towel part.. is very important. Me all day everyday

And you thought carnival was big.. Weh carnival a guh??!?! VIVA CUBA!!! ・・・
The Labor Day parade in Havana on May 1, led by Communist Party head Raul Castro and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, marked the first joint appearance by both leaders since Diaz-Canel was chosen to lead the island’s government. The parade drew hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom carried posters with the face of former President #FidelCastro, the Associated Press reports. #Cuba's government recently selected 58-year-old Diaz-Canel as the sole candidate to succeed Raul Castro in a transition aimed at ensuring the continuity of the country’s single-party system. It's not yet clear how much power Castro, 86, will wield. Photograph by Alejandro Ernesto—@afpphoto/@gettyimages #Repost @time (@get_repost)

Wanted to say Happy Monday but that missed me... So Happy 1st of May!!! 🤔 In Cuba I wouldn't be going to work today. Ah well no holiday in JA today.

Photo credit @ms_laydie 😛

This must be a joke...

Happy Birthday Megan!
Today would have been your 27th birthday and over these last few days I skipped through hundreds of pictures trying to choose the PERFECT one but really they were all perfect. You were perfect. I didn't dream of having to be a doctor without you, didn't dream of having to live a life without you. There isn't a moment that goes by. And though I will forever feel incomplete. I will forever carry you in my heart.
#Icarryyourheart #Wecarryyourheart
xoxo #TheMegans #Megzdem

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Long captions aren't my thing but this deserves a paragraph or two...or 3 👀. A few months after starting @musetheagency , I was at @oh_henry house doing what we've been doing since @munrocollege_1856, talking about what great stories we'd end up telling and as usual I asked what @s.adjani was doing. He got really excited and showed me the first teaser for @dreamingwhilstblack on his phone because he couldn't WhatsApp it to me then. I finally got the trailer to send around and I started asking a few people how they could help. Eventually, after people just straight up ignoring my emails, I decided that we could do it ourselves. I reached out to my business partner @mannishwata, my mentor @kimmisuerll and my bredren Dem, @shidi_t and @damionlion to raise some money to invest in marketing to achieve our ultimate goal of getting DWB to a global platform like @bbcthree and @netflixuk. We started talking to @william.shelton.john.senior about where we could host a viewing party for friends and supporters. In the middle of it, @eishungry suggested that we reach out to @lindseylodenquai and partner with @newwaveja since their mandate was showcasing the best in Jamaican creativity. Next was to reach out to @sharpesolomon to ask if @maineventja could give us a few screens and some sound and as usual he was more than happy to support some trying yute. After that, we showed @alykhat_moss an episode and asked if @appletonestateja would be interested in partnering with us. @redbullja through @ian_richards1 pledged their support and we booked a venue, asked @dpublicist to help us with what she does best and started to get to work. I'm inviting all of you guys to come check it out on Sunday, March 18 and if you like it, check out the rest on @youtube and share it. We're on the verge of something great and I'd like to thank everyone who has posted a flyer or even dropped a like on any content.
Let's #getdwbtonetflix
One love
P.S let's all pressure @dobizja and @tristyalley into giving us lots of grants and waivers and stuff to shoot a few episodes of Season 2 in Jamaica 😬
#attackingteam #wakandaforever #museinspires #dwbseries

Welcome to the #iLoveSocaFETELAND!
On Carnival Wednesday April 4th 2018, KINGSTON CITY comes alive at @ilovesocajamaica’ COOLER FESTIVAL on the Lawns of Sabina Park.
WORST BEHAVIOUR from 7pm to 2am with Wild Performances by
+ Many Surprises!
@lordhype & @thehypeman_pa
@djrichieras & @coppercyclone
@lurbzie & @djaswaad
@bloodlinefranco & @chinatown868
Hosted by @trini_jw
Early Birds are Sold Out however REGULAR TICKETS are still available online at www.ilovesocajamaica.com or from An Ambassador or at an Outlet - The Pub, Pita Grill, Ribbiz, Liquor Warehouse and Xaymaca Band House.

Dedicating this one to my favourite woman!
Happy International Women's Day to :
The visionary
The creative
The unorthodox
The game changer
The most eloquent
The vibrant
The teacher
The principal
The friend
The mother
The wife

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