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Hani D.  I savour the world and all its flavours #haniaroundtheworld 📍Currently in: 🛌

Walked for 30 minutes in my pajamas at 3°C out to catch the sunrise. Orang lain chill kat rumah. #balikkampung

One of my favourite cities in 2018, and probably ever. #haniaroundtheworld #THEHILLSAREALIVE #WITHTHESOUNDOFMUSIC

11.10.2018 #haniaroundtheworld

July 2018: after much contemplation, I decided to take the long train ride to Koyasan on our last day since we had the Kansai Thru Pass anyway. So glad I did; the place was so serene and tranquil, lined with lush greenery – away from the city heat (it was 39°). Worth the journey! Plus I found out the cable car is going to be closed from Nov-Feb so when else? #haniaroundtheworld

A latergram kind of girl. Photo by Maryam E.
#haniaroundtheworld #vscocam

Our 4th trip together, and even though each time we vowed never to hike again, in the end we just do. Hope to be back here when it’s warmer and sunnier! Thanks for having us @aqilaharhar! 🇳🇿 #haniaroundtheworld

Winter came, unexpectedly. #haniaroundtheworld

Roasted hazelnut + salted caramel 🍦
Second scoop is just an extra $1.40, how could I not!? It’s worth the tummyache and toilet trips. #haniaroundtheworld #iscream

Kalau tak minta buat benda bukan bukan, bukan Una namanya. Kita layankan walaupun ink pun tak cukup weiii @annapendek

In the middle of nowhere, we found blueberry ice cream shaped like poop 💩
#haniaroundtheworld #nz

Sailing the Cook Strait to South Island – with dolphins! #haniaroundtheworld

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