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Heather + Bryant Goodman β˜€οΈ  Travel + Lifestyle β–½ Arizona Sharing light and creating art along the way✌🏽✨ Purchase our presets for Lightroom + ACR ⬇️


While I am away, I ache. It's constantly on my mind and I miss this little island in the middle of the sea. I'll see you soon Hawaii, but for now, it's time to explore some other oceans πŸ’™πŸ’¦ #LiveGoodDoGood

Salty kisses with my beach bum. Can't believe we've been married 2 years now! We met in college in Arizona, were separated for two years only writing letters, got married in the middle of the summer, and moved to Hawaii. I love our love, and I'm grateful for how our story was written πŸ’¦ πŸ“Έ @roxface #LiveGoodDoGood

Taking a little break from editing tips to remind every single one of you that you are more than this world of little squares. You're value isn't determined by your follower count. Your life is fantastic and beautiful even if the lighting isn't always good. Just because your moments aren't "Instagram worthy" doesn't mean they aren't worthy. There's this big beautiful world out there when you realize that social media is just a means to an end. It can be a great way to connect, share art, and make a living. But it isn't life. Relationships are life. Adventures are life (especially the ones you can't get good photos of because nothing will do it justice). Emotions and moments you share are life. Gathering around a table is life. Being brave is life. Creativity for the sake of creating is life. Standing up for others is life. Spending time with God is life. Life is just so much more than this app and I get so many messages every day about how they wish they had my life, or lived how I live, and it's been making me think about how I've been contributing to this social media mess. It makes me sad, because something that was more about sharing art with others has turned into this weird competition of who has the best of everything. So next time you feel the comparison itch or find yourself ignoring the people around you because of this app, step back, write a gratitude list, give someone you love a hug, and remember how good you've got it. Life is beautiful, you just have to keep your eyes open. #LiveGoodDoGood

Today's editing tip is based more on my own personal preference than what's right or wrong! When given a high contrast image such as this waterfall pic, my first instinct is to increase the contrast for a more "dramatic" look. However, there is more than one way to create contrast in Lightroom! So next time you're tempted to increase the contrast using the contrast button (which deepens colors like orange skin + loses detail) try making the contrast lower and using other tools to make that dramatic look. I personally will lower blacks, lower the shadows just a bit, and increase whites. Then I use the tone curve to bring back detail in both the whites and blacks! The tone curve is something I'll go over in detail in my editing class, but just know that experimenting is key! Hope this tip helped you with approaching contrast images + maybe opened your mind to thinking outside the box to editing solutions! ✨ have a great day! #LiveGoodDoGood #hbgoodiephototips

I've said it before and I'll say it again - mostly because I've seen even the most professional photographers make this mistake! Keep your horizon lines straight! I've noticed especially when photographers who don't normally photograph near the ocean suddenly come to Hawaii, this is the major thing that sticks out to me. There are definitely circumstances where it totally works to have it not be straight but it's a good rule of thumb for 99% of pictures. Nail that line down as much as you can while shooting and it will not only save you time while editing but make your work look clean and finished. Bonus tip: in Lightroom, the horizon line straightener has an auto button. Sometimes you get lucky with one click!! Happy Monday everyone!! ✨ #LiveGoodDoGood #hbgoodiephototips

Shooting underwater is both challenging and addicting. I'm still learning but there are some things I wish I knew before I started! For one, everything becomes magnified under the surface. So your 35mm works more like a 50mm underwater. Which wouldn't be a problem except that when you're zoomed in, every little particle becomes magnified and you're left with a faded and hazy image. This is why wide angle and fish eye lens are generally used! Something 24mm or under is recommended, and to extend your surface area you can use a dome port on your lens! This also enables you to create that over-under effect like you see in this shark image. Although every picture is different, my go-to editing technique for underwater images is high contrast (by pushing the whites and blacks), desaturated blues, and overall decreased vibrancy. There are a few different brands of underwater housing but I've been using @spl_waterhousing and have loved my experience! However if you don't live by water that you can shoot in, I would recommend getting either a go pro with RAW capabilities or temporarily renting a Housing for your DSLR! Have you ever thought about shooting underwater? What's your biggest reservation that's holding you back? πŸ’™ #LiveGoodDoGood #hbgoodiephototips

Today's tips are for sunset photos! One of the biggest mistakes I see with silhouettes is making an image too cool + green and trying to save the shadows too much. Embrace the silhouette and let your blacks be black! For natural and vibrant color, the temperature sliders in Lightroom can be your life saver. For sunsets, I like to bump up the warmth and give a slight pink tint so it looks how I remember it ✌🏽✨ stay tuned for more tips and keep your eye out for when I release my online editing course! 😘 #LiveGoodDoGood #hbgoodiephototips

If you saw my story the other day about my dad's old photos in Molokai.. you might recognize this waterfall!! 😘 in honor of my up and coming online editing course, I'm going to use my next several posts to give out little mini tips on how I edited that specific photo! For this photo I'd like to share a little tip for creating a consistent feed on Instagram. Sometimes photos will look a little faded when you transfer them to your phone, so I always like to give it an extra pop before I post. I usually load it into the VSCO app and up the contrast and even sharpness a little bit! This makes it so when you look at my feed everything is relatively the same amount of lights + darks and it looks consistent. Hope you enjoyed this little tip of mine and keep your eyes open for more tips + my online editing course coming out soon! ✨ #LiveGoodDoGood #hbgoodiephototips

Happy girls are the prettiest ✨ @shelby.kleiman @albionfit #LiveGoodDoGood

For the three years while we were dating, Bryant and I always told each other we wanted to live our lives both by the mountains and the sea. It still blows my mind we get the best of both worlds here in Hawaii ✨😍 #LiveGoodDoGood

Dedicated to being a fish this weekend πŸ‘€πŸŸπŸ πŸ’¦ #LiveGoodDoGood

I missed sharing for #WorldOceanDay because I was too busy soaking it up!! Dear ocean, I πŸ’™you. Also in case you're wondering.. the water was actually that color 😍#LiveGoodDoGood #iphonephoto

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