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hazymind hazymind

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hazy  give yourself a chance.


what time is it for you? 🌹

what's your zodiac sign? 🌹
mine's virgo

hope you had a good start to the week (:

"Believing in someone." That's a weird phrase, isn't it? After all, if you truly believed in a person, you wouldn't need to say, "I believe in you." It's like saying, "I believe in air." I don't mean to say that "believing in something" is like a lie. "Believing" is really a term of hope of wanting to believe

and in that moment
it was you
only you

i try not to give a shit about anything but i just really do

i adore you

love yourself 🥀

who is your favourite artist/band? 🌹

..and love the world like i should

i found peace in your arms

do you prefer night or day?

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