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raphael  give yourself a chance.


don't forget me

My friends always say 
That all wounds are the same.
That they heal, that they fade,
They might just cause a little pain.
But what happens when the wound
Isn’t a scratch or a bruise?
When your heart is the object
That’s beaten and blue?
My limbs are all tired,
My body is numb,
But my heart is the part of me
Coming undone.
I’m sick and I’m tired
Of this tedious game
That has left me alone
With my demons again.

I have no idea what im doing with this account or my life in general

we all have that one person we wasted too much time on.

"When did it all become a blur
Like I’m supposed to choose a side
Like I’m supposed to always keep apologizing when I did nothing wrong
Or to end the argument 
When did I don’t care become the words to mask my inner thoughts 
When did I fear my reflection and who I became because I found myself spitting sorrys I didn’t mean or sorrys I shouldn’t have to say
When did I become a monster at least to the eyes of some 
I ask myself when did I get called out for my writing
My inner thoughts 
I say this because I feel watched 
I feel scared
I feel like tomorrow is on it’s way and sometimes I wish I’d die in my sleep
But other days I feel like it’s good to be alive
And others I feel like people wake up hoping I stay away
I need to remind myself I’m not toxic
I need to remind myself I’m good
I need to remind myself that I can fall asleep crying and you not being there is okay
I need to remind myself to live for myself 
And to stop giving parts of me to some who cannot return the favour 
My life is like a game I never know what’s coming next why do I let others dictate my faith 
I hate that I put so much of me in other people’s palm"
(bubbly. on tumblr)

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should i start posting pictures of me again?

my mind is hazy

i know you guys dont like the pictures of me, but here's another one

i've been thinking too much

be kind to eachother.

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