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i put the bi in birch tree  🔸Stacie💞 🔸"I love you guys #hollanders ❤" 🔸Goal: 9.2K 🔸APPRECIATE MY BOO IZZIE RN 🔸Don't be a jackass here ty

I make myself laugh to much and I'm not even funny but anyway we know this has happened hehe
@tomholland2013 @zendaya #zendaya#tomholland#tomdaya

I mean we knew it already but it's funny anyway

Does anyone else have a thing for slightly shorter/same height guys instead of guys that have to break their back to actually see your face or just me -
#tomdaya#tomholland#zendaya @zendaya @tomholland2013

I'd be so conscious of my breathe lmaooo -
#tomholland#infinitywar#peterparker #spiderman @tomholland2013

#tomholland @tomholland2013

PC: @saucyholland -
He's deepthroating a pen again because he's a kinky bitch
#tomholland @tomholland2013 #peterparker #spiderman

Idk if this makes sense but I'm basically saying she's never active ReALlY unless he's gone and we been knew its because they're not messing around and she misses him aheheh -

God I love him so much -
#tomholland @tomholland2013

I'm going to a party and all I wanna do is stay home and watch stupid shit because I hate people and I love @tomholland2013 ugausbjasb

happy one year anniversary to me, I cant believe that ive been in this fandom for an entire year. Ive been noticed by tom and others, made so many amazing friends, met great people, gained over 9k followers which is fucking insane. And ya there's been plenty of bad times within the last 365 days, but I'm still here ament I?
Basically I just want to say thank you to @tomholland2013 for bringing me on this journey with him. I don't know what my life would be like if he hadn't ever become spiderman, I'd definitely have a bit more of a social life, cry a bit less over a video or a picture, but besides all that I think things wouldnt be as good as they are now. Tom, you inspired me in ways others couldn't and you gave me love for myself and the people around me. I love you and I will love you forever, even after the day I leave this page and instagram, I will always remember this amazing fandom.
And I want to say thank you to all 9104 of you for following me, for dming me and supporting me. I love you all so much💕💕 -

I stole this from @_tomaesthetic_ BECAUSE LOOK AT THIS MANNN -
#tomholland @tomholland2013

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