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Today marked my last day with this girl and it is so rewarding yet so sad.

Hannah, you're gonna rock that Flying Pig. You're going to get that sub four. You just have to believe in yourself. Thank you for being who you are. You should be so proud of what you accomplished in our 2 months together. I know I'm proud of you.

In the meantime I may be calling you up soon for a marathon training program for @judy_robb19 and I 💪🏻💪🏻 #motherdaughtermarathon

My GIRL!!!! @goodhannah7 was my very first client as a CPT and I couldn't have asked for anyone better than her. She has pushed ME in my own training, knowledge and just in life and I was supposed to be the one training her.
Hannah was motivated with a goal in mind. She is disciplined and determined and is the type of person I would want on my team any day of the week. Training her gave me an escape from the stress of life and has shown me just how much I love seeing numbers jump, progress made and people becoming happier, healthier, stronger versions of themselves.

Hannah started out relearning how to do a body weight squat, she couldn't perform a sit-up on her own without her feet being held down and came to me just wanting to gain power and speed in order to be able meet her goal of running a sub-four marathon. Which means she wants to run 26.2 miles in under 4 hours...INSANE. But she will do it.

Hannah is now squatting 50lbs, can perform 10 sit-ups on her own without being grounded down and has gained confidence in herself in a gym setting.

I can't explain how blown away I am by this girl and as sad as I am to see our time together end, I'm so excited to see what she does in the 20th annual @runflyingpig marathon.

Good luck to you Hannah, you are strong and creative and beautiful and amazing. Thank you for 19 AWESOME sessions, you're a boss!!! We ain't done yet...one more to go. I'll see you Thursday morning bright and early to go out with a bang 💥

Taking on this week like I took on this cliff...just trynna stay grounded...
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday, let's start this work week out strong!!!! 💪🏻

Attended my first KIRSA event and fell even more in love with campus recreation.

As a journalism major, interested in a lot of different things ranging from writing to design to photography to training to fitness and all things in between. I didn't think there was a place to combine all of these things into either a Master's program or career, in general.

However, these past two days proved me completely wrong. This ideal job description that I have in my head will become a reality one day and I am so excited for the journey in order to get there.

Here's to the connections made in the process, the networking, the friendships made and the many many conferences chasing after my dreams.

Can't wait to broaden my horizons and explore new opportunities.

Thank you to @moreheadstate for hosting such a great conference this year. Thank you to @wkuimrecsports. And thank you to my support, I couldn't have made it to this point without all of my Preston family and my own family. Thanks to all, @nirsaregion2 conference is up next! @nirsalive @msurecwellness #msurec

Been meaning to post this for awhile now. But life got busy, I'm sure you all know about that.

I've also been meaning to announce my next big fitness challenge with the one and only @bnp_x. We signed up for our first #spartanrace in Mulberry, Florida on my birthday! What's a better birthday present than pushing your body to new mental and physical limits?

With new positions and new passions and even more on my plate with classes, I've had to sacrifice some of my own training time. I've had to take advantage of every free moment I get and "30-4-30s" have aided me in that.

Got the template from @bnp_x but this one was customized to my style. Try it out & tell me if you're as crazy about it as I am.
Duration: 23 minute killer
4 rounds

30 seconds - 1 exercise (my choice: battle ropes)
4 minutes - cardio (my choice: rower)
30 seconds - 1 exercise (my choice: push-up burpees over the rower)

Tried something new this past weekend...looked at a lot of things with new perspectives
What's stopping you from looking at something in a new light?
Nature makes people deep...you think I'm lying...go take a hike. Literally.

This has been floating around in the camera roll for a couple days now...but here is my newest deadlift max: 280lbs.
It is definitely not the prettiest pull I've had but it's not too shabby to be a one rep max either. I thought for sure as I was grinding this up that my shoulders were completely rounding and to my surprise it wasn't what I was picturing in my head. Shout out to @jadierrivera_44 for the vid and his own big pulls!
This was my last week of a training program I started right as I officially got my PT certification. After 8 weeks of training, I can say that I successfully met 4/4 of my goals.
✔️ be able to do 5 consecutive pull-ups
✔️bench press 135lbs
✔️regain some knee mobility, which is still in the works but definitely improving along with my squat. Heck, I ran 8 miles 2 days ago without any pain or swelling afterwards!!!
✔️ deadlift 280-285lbs as I continue my journey to 300lbs.
What this means to me is that I am learning and I am applying what I learn to produce a given outcome. And I am getting those results. This gives me confidence in myself and so much more trust in what I'm doing for my clients, my class and in my overall fitness journey. It further solidified that I am where I am supposed doing what I should be doing.
I still have so much more to learn but seeing these little improvements in my own training regimen shows me that I am on the right track. I am moving forward.

As time goes on and I get older, I get more and more nostalgic. I get busier. I get sappier. I get more romantic and sentimental. I appreciate any little glimpse of free time that I have and take advantage of it in the best way that I can.

Life is crazy. Life is hard. It's fluctuating and ever changing. But life is also good.

I have found that I hold onto the littlest of things. I hold onto memories, maybe normal people would forget as soon as they pass. My memory hardly fades. Places remind me of moments. Scents remind me of certain people. Certain cars remind me of those window down, throwback jam sessions on a summer night. These memories are what make life so good.

And it's runs like today's that let me just think. They let me reminisce and relive it all. After a busy, stressful, jam-packed first week of school...I needed today's run almost as much as I need Friday and the weekend to hit.

Sooo...Here's to nostalgia. Because it's okay to find life in a memory.

Today was hike number....52 for @danny3402!!!
Loved being able to end the challenge with something so special to her and to her dad. Today was an awesome day full of physical activity too. It used to take a lot to convince me that anything besides running, being in the gym lifting weights and/or sports was exercise and beneficial for your body but today definitely kicked my ass.
We hiked up the side of mountains, hundreds of feet high and burned 1,000+ cals all before 2pm. Ended up being about an 8.5 mile hike. It was a beautiful day for some mindless wandering, adventure and elevation.
However...my knee is now hating me for the trek downhill...#wonkykneeprobs #girlsthathike @girls_that_hike @52hikechallenge

Yes, the shakiness in this vid is REAL.
Tried a new little stability exercise with @danny3402 last night and it burned soooo gooood.

I've been programming OH press and a DB OH press variation every week and it's just gotten to point where it's old - needed change. This exercise was exactly what I needed to wake my muscles up 👍🏻

The instability that the bands create, forces your body to use different muscles that wouldn't typically be used during this exercise. To avoid putting too much stress on the body, It shouldn't be trained every week but it was definitely awesome to get out of routine.

Thanks to @belite_strengthcoach for the inspo. Really was a great lift!!!

In my happy place just playin' around tonight.

This is super cool to me because a year or two ago, there's no way I would've been able to climb that rope. Tonight, I just hopped up there and surprised myself.

After long days, this is exactly what I need just to relax, destress and stay sane.

My message to you all today: Surprise yourself. You ARE stronger than you know.

Also, shout out to @bg_powerhouse @belite_strengthcoach for the amazing workouts this week. What an awesome facility with even better and smarter people training there day in and day out. So much to see, so much to learn in that gym.

Sometimes all you need is a little Vitamin D.

Chased after Mr. Sun tonight, cleared my head and counted all the things I'm incredibly thankful to have in my life.

I'm so excited to announce that I will be the new marketing manager for @opfitnessky. Thrilled to expand the brand and watch OpFitness change the fitness industry.

I'm 19 years old and doing everything I've ever dreamed about doing while still getting my college degree. Life is good but it's about to be busy.

Yes, there will be stress. Yes, there will always be bad days but everyday will be a day I'm doing what I love. This is exactly where I want to be - with who I want by my side. 🌞

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