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Listened to my girl @katrintanja talk on a podcast last night about her “whys.”

Why do you do the things you do? In all honesty, I have no idea why I put in the work that I do - besides the fact that it brings me peace, accomplishment and an outlet.

In the wise words of the man, the myth, and the legend - @mic.carr - what’s your why?

📸: @madhamlin13 #hayrobbfitfindseurope

Perfection is a standard I wish I didn’t strive for. It’s nonexistent and inconceivable here in England.

Perfection is impossible to reach but yet I still expect nothing less. And only I suffer from the mindset.

I wish I could explain what exactly running does for me but it’s impossible to describe the feeling when I’m about 4 miles into a run and feeling on top of the world with the sun shining on my skin. Now, amplify that by 100000 being in the London sun. (Which is a rare sight)

I’ve been struggling to cope with British norms and completely stressed out lately. The only thing that has been able to calm me down is my feet. When I’m running, I know that I am the only one in control of what I do. I can go however far I push my body to go and it’s freeing for me. It is the only instance I feel every ounce of pressure lifted and I am always proud of myself.

There are 24 days left in Europe and I am learning more and more about myself everyday. I’m finding new ways to better myself and taking even more things back to the states with me.

I’m looking forward to the many more stress-free runs in London’s royal parks, in my element but I’m also trying to balance the excitement I have to be back on my Kentucky grounds.

📸: my trooper @maddieham13 #hayrobbfitfindseurope

Everyday is a start for someone. And honestly the beginning is the best part—the beginning of anything. It’s where the excitement is, it’s where the nerves in a relationship are, it’s where the optimism is in a goal.

I’m about to embark on yet another start, another adventure. London. I’m trying to keep my self grounded in this idea that the start is the best part but it can also be the hardest part. Adjusting to a new place has never been easy for me but I am excited to take on England before heading back to the states. Here’s to one last hoorah here in Europe and a super sendoff home! @acefitness #hayrobbfitfindseurope #strongnotskinny

I look absolutely hideous between the sweat and crazy smile on my face but this post ain’t about me. It’s about all of the AWESOME PEOPLE I have met while abroad that share the exact same passion as me.

I started going to a group fitness class here in Spain called “Heroes” when I heard most of them were training for a @spartanrace here in Madrid around when my next one will be in Austin, Texas. Since the first class, they have kicked my butt time and time again. From watching trainers in Rome to actually going through the sessions here in Madrid, I have so much inspiration and ideas to take back with me to my clients and classes in Kentucky. And I still have ONE MORE COUNTRY TO GO!!!

Thank you for showing me that there is a global fitness community out there and letting me apart of yours. @altafitgimnasios #hayrobbfitfindseurope @acefitness #acepersonaltrainer

These are my favorite kinds of people.

Lady on the left was doing squats on the beach next to her bike. Lady on the left, just sitting and enjoying the sunshine and water in her yellow tee.

That is all I need in life: sunshine, sand and squatz... 🌞
#hayrobbfitfindseurope and #sunshine

Been awhile since I’ve tried something new in the gym and this killer is one of my favorites now.

Definitely quad focused so if you’re trynna get on that quadzilla status—check these out!!
• Kettlebell box squats 4x20 (go as deep as you can, this exercise forces you to focus on keeping your hips square and teaches you not to allow the knees to cave in) 3 years later, I still have this issue, after ACL surgery.
• TRX jumping lunges (reminds me of a layup motion, it’s meant to be treated as a plyometric with a quick touch and jump movement) This looks so easy but makes you want to cry around rep 7.

Good luck friends 😈 #hayrobbfitfindseurope

Quick shoutout to a wonderful friend of mine and one of my success stories.

Hannah updated me today that she is 22 weeks in on her marathon training since we had our last session together. We set out to get her strength and power up so that she could then increase speed and overall time for her next race. She was also my very FIRST client – the first person to put her faith in me and I will forever have faith in her.

On her last long run (a 14-miler) she was running a 9:12 minute pace up from her previous 11:15 pace. THAT’S TWO MINUTES SHAVED OFF!!! That’s insane but I am not surprised.

I have no doubt in my mind that this girl is going to set so many personal bests and go way beyond her original goals. You inspire me @goodhannah7! Keep doing you thang girl 💛
#strongnotskinny @runflyingpig #flyingpigmarathon @acefitness

Ate some octopus, ran a little over 10 miles in crazy hills and watched the sun rise over Lisboa. Needless to say I’m kinda feelin like a bad ass portuGAL today...
#strongnotskinny #hayrobbfitfindseurope @acefitness

Resting is easy for some people. Some people love to sleep. They love spending the day with nothing to do – not a single thing on the agenda. Some people love naps. Me? I just don’t believe in them.

The first piece of advice anyone ever gives me is just to: RELAX. For me, it’s easier said than done. I am a routine person. I call myself a creature of habit. Like many of us, I have very high expectations for myself. Sometimes too high that I only set myself up for failure. I strive for productivity every single day. And when I don’t meet a daily goal, it’s natural for me to freak out.

Being abroad has taken me completely out of of my routine. It is forcing me to learn how to relax. I am taking unforeseen off days. I am learning to go with the flow (slowly....) I am learning that in the grand scheme of things, I won’t ever regret taking an off day to see the world. The things that ease your mind are supposed to do exactly that not stress you out more when trying to fit it in the schedule.

I’m not changing who I am abroad just evolving into a better version of myself to take back to the states. Nonetheless, this view was worth the off day.
#hayrobbfitfindseurope #acefitness #rest @acefitness @asics

Headed on my last run of Rome today.

I can’t describe what this 6 weeks as done for me as a person, a trainer and as an athlete. I’ve learned to adjust and to be flexible...at least a little. I’ve learned a new culture and immersed myself in it through my own ways – aka the gym. I’ve pushed myself to be uncomfortable, to consume a few extra calories than I should have in gelato and Nutella and I have learned to deal with it all and process it in a way that has changed who I am. I have seen things I could never imagine I would check off my bucket list. —
As I leave Rome and head for the family that is waiting for me in Madrid, I have only high hopes for what is to come. My host mom loves to hike in her free time and I can only imagine the new workouts and things I’m going to try out in Spain.

Here’s to Rome and to all the sets and reps completed, to @dabliufitnessclub for making me feel at home and just doing it all When in...

@acefitness @asics @katrintanja #strongnotskinny #hayrobbfitfindseurope

I wrote today that the one constant thing in this world is it keeps going with or without you. My mission and our mission is to find a way to make that time stand still – finding a way to appreciate and freeze the moments passing us by day in and day out.

Here’s to finding a standstill amongst all the motion. #strongnotskinny #hayrobbfitfindseurope @asics @acefitness #acepersonaltrainer

Been meaning to post this bad boy. My participants can speak on behalf of its difficulty. I was even hurting for a few days and the best thing about it was it was all body weight.

I am still teaching myself that I don’t need a gym, physical fitness is possible to do with any equipment at all. The simple things in life bring the best rewards. How about the reward from this one, @dieten @chiara_egidi @maddieham13 #strongnotskinny #hayrobbfitfindseurope @acefitness

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