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Lil Emo 🖤  Keep the blood in your head, & your feet on the ground.

Just look at how purrfect mot baby is🐱🖤

Ily Johnny 2 dicks can’t believe I get a bf who’s packing 2 dongs. How lucky am I?

I love it 🖤

Idk I just wish I got to do this more often, gonna try my best though 🤟🏻

The fact that females can sexualize a fat, old, white, man means we can do just about anything.

Burr ❄️

“I got so scared that I disappeared into my head for 8 lonely years and it killed me, but it hurt you too, and I’m sorry, I’m sorry but you weren’t there when I needed you most. I felt like I was a ghost of someone you used to love. But I was never enough to save us.

Are you happy?

Are you happy?

So tell me, is it serious between you and her?
I hope to god she makes you happy.
I hope I never hear your name again. (Thank you @caseytheband I’m so sad to see you guys go🖤)

“Don’t fear the reaper”


Support your local goth gf 🖤

Blink 182 said “nobody likes you when you’re 23” but I don’t recall anyone ever liking me anyway. Maybe this is my lucky year🦇🎃🖤👻 #halloweenqueen

Imma let you #goth girls finish but... I’m the real Queen of #Halloween 🎃👻🦇☠️ #halloweenqueen

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