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Hayley Brice-Nicolson  🤸‍♂️ WAG/MAG/AER gymnastics coach //🇳🇿🇸🇪🇰🇼 @jg_senior_artistic_team @jgaerobicgymnastics

A big thank you to @piasaxholt @tgdgymnasterna and @irinakliziene for a wonderful camp hosted by LAF in Lithuania. I have learned a lot and the gymnasts enjoyed participating.

Currently in Alanta Lithuania with two of my aerobic gymnasts from @jgaerobicgymnastics The girls are working hard to push their limits, and I have been fortunate enough to learn from some very experienced coaches from Russia, Lithuania and France. Big thank you to @piasaxholt and @tgdgymnasterna for inviting us!

Finally home after a successful first senior nationals for my club järfällagymnasterna. Although I will miss competing, I feel excited to be supporting this new generation of gymnasts and being part of their journey. The competition went great and we are looking forward to becoming a bigger and stronger club within artistic gymnastics in the future. @jg_senior_artistic_team @iekandersson #artisticgymnastics #gymnastik #gymnastiksm

These gymnasts look familiar... welcome to SM veckan - 2018- Helsingborg! #wearegymnastics #svenskgymnastik #artistiskgymnastik #aerobicgymnastics

When you finally find a use for that umbrella that’s been lying around in the gym for three years... 🤣🤣🤣#gymnasticshack #coachlife #smartgymnasts @jg_senior_artistic_team

My gymnasts are always inspiring me, and surprising me! #nevergiveup #strongereveryday #artisticgymnasticscoach

2018 // gymnast - Ida Andersson - no 444
1998 // gymnast - coach Hayley - no 222
❤️👌🤸‍♀️ 20 years ago ...

Today I have had the pleasure to work alongside Mojgan Tajik and @corina_constantin developing our next generation of Aerobic gymnasts. It is nice to meet with people who share similar interests and experiences from different countries ❤️ a lot to talk about...🤸‍♂️🎶#Gymnastics #aerobicgymnastics #artisticgymnastics #beautiful #trainingcamp #swedishgymnastics #lingvallen

🔜 off to the national judges meeting, and to coach at a camp for Aerobic gymnastics in the south of Sweden. Excited to see everyone again and do what we love ... gymnastics 🎶🤸‍♀️❤️#aerobicgymnastics #swedishgymnastics #aerobic #ventureli #lingvallen #coach #gymnasticscoach

Skånecupen Trelleborg 2018

Captured this funny moment just as my gymnasts started to regret taking the short cut to the other gym... @jgaerobicgymnastics 💪🤣❄️

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