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hage opo 

Confronting my fear of heights😁

Glorious sunsets

#waterfall in the jungles of #ziro

Came upon this sign board in #jodhpur last year.Meet Dr 'dove'😁

Views like these is what gets me through

At Siiro. 4km from Ziro town #magichour

Lake enroute #bumlapass #tawang

Lake/#tarn enroute to #bumlapass

Little Mongolian kid in the rolling grasslands of Mongolia.... Not!!. #bumla #tawang actually

So I got caught in a #snowsquall that freaked me out, had me swear and take to my heels😀😀

Came across this random dude on my feed, seen wearing almost the same outfit as I am😀

Spotted this beautiful birdie #himalayanmonal

Descending from this point at 14200 ft to the river valley(zemithang)below in the right corner at 7000 ft. Starting with rocky barren landscape then passing through alpine forest and finally to dense temperate/semi tropical forests,this was one of the most arduous solo treks undertaken so far...was extremeley hard on the knees! But was well worth it

Where mountain meets sky

Porter with load ploughing through knee deep snow.

Even the stray dogs of #tawang are cute

#cairns or #stoneheaps having religious significance are a ubiquitous presence in the high mountain passes and peaks of the himalayas where tibetan buddhism is prevalent.#tawang

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