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happy 21st birthday to my other gemini half! you may only be 364 days younger than me but you'll always be my child. i'm so proud of you and can't wait to watch you thrive at FSU without me the next two years (ok "can't wait" is a bit of an exaggeration bc i'm going to wish i was there every day). thanks for being the perfect amount of petty, having the biggest heart, always supporting me, telling me when i'm wrong, and for wishing me "happy birthday eve" when I call to wish you a happy birthday. you're the little sister I never had and always wanted. love you forever ❀️ here's to the july madso challenge and all the wine we're going to drink during summer c. xoxoxo

popping bottles because YOUR GIRL GOT A B ON HER ORGO 2 FINAL AND PASSED. I'm officially graduating in August and no matter how bittersweet that is, I'm so happy to say goodbye to organic chemistry FOREVER. here's to my last summer @ college with my best friends #co2017

when you need an army of chaperones to get you through your sr bar crawl πŸ’€

not to be dramatic but wtf is going on πŸŽ“β‰οΈ

not not down to stay forever

my senior year will be the year i remember for the rest of my life. it's the year i found the greatest friends i've ever had and more importantly, the year i found myself. i owe it all to florida state and the 6 people standing next to me (who i can't live without). i hope all of you find your own katreen, gabs, jess, mon, rach, and lil HG. i hope you find your passions, your purpose, and your drive. i know i have πŸŽ“ #co2017

to one of my favorite things I was ever apart of at florida state, thank you. so proud of this magazine and the friends i made helping to create it!

khaleesi & drogon take the iron throne 2k17

to the girl who i share first and last initials with, one of the sweetest people i know, the future of dz and prob the world, and one of my closest friends: happy 20th, lil HG. i couldn't love you more ❀

last one best one

mf TWERK IT Sosa!!!!!! i am the proudest dance mom πŸ”₯

can't think of a caption but stop letting us drink tequila @bartenders

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