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ya fav gal.🛸  started 11.12.16🌪| loml liked x13💙;💭x2;💬x1| zach follows🍼| love you so much -bhg🦕| 0.6k👼🏼

im a cheerleader and he’s waay better than me tumbling i quit. @hayesgrier

HAHAHAHAHA nash deleted hayes’s account im crying and im also sad cause i lost his follow but this is really fun. | @hayesgrier @nashgrier

i know i haven’t been active on this account for a really long time but it’s my baby’s birthday and of course i have to say something i just want you to know that i’m always gonna be here for you and support you and i want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me the past 3 and a half years i love you with all my heart and you deserve endless happiness happy birthday my little baby you’re becoming a reaaal ass man please stop growing i love you and i’m never gonna get tired of saying that, have the best birthday ever.💗🤩 | @hayesgrier

coachella 2k20 wait for me @hayesgrier

im officially dead @hayesgrier

a fucking man y’all

i think someone’s a bit jealous.. my heart is melted.🍼😩 @hayesgrier

im so happy right now.💗 @hayesgrier

i am so in love you have no idea, i still love you zan and i hope you are a good brother to this cute little baby.💗 also congrats for your new kid dude.🤩

we all stan a good looking man.🤤💛 @hayesgrier

im ending my little theme🔥 @hayesgrier

he makes me so proud omg.💥😩 @hayesgrier

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